The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 55

Lucifer and I made our way to the kitchen where the boys were already making some food, Lucifer went behind both of them and wacked them both on the back of the head.
“Didn’t think you would get away that easily, did you?” he says laughing as they both stand there shocked.
“We didn’t even do anything?” Luca complained
“You gave me lip and bolted. That’s doing something.” He says with a grin on his face.
“I’ll give you lip in a minute.” Luca Grumbles
I laugh as I heard it clear as day, but Lucifer missed it
“What’s funny babe?” he asked me
I looked at Luca who looked at me with pleading eyes not to say.
“oh, nothing it just sort of slipped out.” I say taking some of Luca’s food
“HEY!” he yells but stops as I look at him with a smirk. “it’s all good I will make more.” he adds going to get more food.
After a bit of a feast we make our way to see Claire and Jack.
“Hey Guys, how you all doing?” I say heading in first
“We are good, she’s asleep at the moment.” Claire says looking exhausted, I look over to find Jack holding her tightly as she sleeps.
“We brought gifts!” the boys said and handed them to Claire who was smiling brightly at them as she opened it.
“Awh, guys you didn’t have too.” She says pulling out all the chocolate and sweets that were for Claire and then a cute little outfit and teddy.
“We have more at home, but its all set up now for her so we figured we would give you these for now.
“You brought more?” Lucifer and I say
“Yeah, this isn’t going to make us the cool uncle’s now is it?” Luca says smiling
“I’ll give you cool uncle.” Lucifer says slightly annoyed
“Now, now boys Ava will love you all equally.” Claire says smiling at Jack
“AVA!” we all say
“Yes, Ava Hope to be exact.” Jack adds
“We wanted to include Faith in on the name for everything she did, and we came up with Hope because Faith and Hope go together.” Claire says smiling brightly at me as I start to tear up.
“Oh, guys that’s beautiful!” I say as the tears are running down my face.
“Can I hold her?” I asked Jack
“Of cause you can.” He says handing her over
“I dibs next hold.” Luca says shoving Marcus and Lucifer out of the way.
“Anyone would think you love babies or something.” Lucifer mumbles
“I do love babies, one day I might be lucky enough to have my own, until then I will spoil every baby that is in my life and this princess is in my life.” Luca says in defence
“Awh Luca, you will make a great father.” Claire and I say at the same time.
It broke my heart as I heard him mumble under his breath “Maybe.” As I handed him Ava
I let it go for now but made a mental note to chat with him about it when we could.
The boys took turns holding Ava but only I managed to get a look at her eyes as she would only open them as I held her, however in that moment my boy was moving around like no tomorrow, I could feel every movement.
“You alright babe?” Lucifer asked as he came over to me
“Yeah, he’s just moving around a lot.” I say and hand Ava back to Claire, as soon as I do that, I feel nothing, its like he has gone into hiding again.
“For a moment there I thought you had finally popped out Faith.” Claire says looking me up and down.
I look down and see next to no bump like normal, considering his size I should be showing somewhat.
“Now you say that I saw it too Claire.” Luca says looking confused.
I now have everyone’s eyes on me, “Take Ava again.” Claire says I look at them all like they were crazy but sure enough as soon as I held on to Ava, I could feel him moving again I smiled at that as I love the feeling, he gives me.
“Wow.” Was all I heard come out of everyone’s mouth as I look up to them all staring.
“She really did pop.” Marcus said looking shocked
Lucifer came over and started rubbing my belly looking confused I saw no difference.
“Quick Jack take a photo.” Claire said point at me, he did as she asked and then showed me, I looked at the photo then back at myself.
“I honestly can’t see it, but I can in the photo.” I say confused
“Here give me Ava.” Luca says taking her and earning himself a shock as his hand brushed against my stomach.
“Wow, already protective of Ava are we.” He says to my stomach, I laugh as he gives a look.
“You all saw that right?” Claire said looking shocked
“Yep.” Was all they managed to say
“Take another photo Jack.” Claire says unable to believe what she is seeing.
He showed me the phone and then the other and 100% there was a belly then there was not.
“I think Ava has a protector.” Marcus said
“Or he feels safe when she’s near?” Luca said
I looked at Lucifer who has not said anything, as he studied me closely.
“For how big he is, how does he squish back down?” Luca asked
“He’s protecting Faith and himself by hiding Luca, he knows that while he is inside, he is at more risk of being hurt then he would be when born.” Lucifer says looking closely
“what do you mean?” Claire asked
“if the wrong people find out Faith is pregnant, they could hurt her which would hurt him, in order to protect them both he is hiding his scent and all.” Lucifer said
“When he is born, he will still be in danger but from what I can see, he will be able to sense it and protect himself more when he is here.” he adds
“Wow.” Jack and Claire say
“We will talk to Mya at our next appointment.” I say
“Yeah, Jack and Claire will come too, she needs to see what he does in person.” Lucifer said
“If they are up to it yes, but you cant make them.” I say getting defensive out of nowhere, which cause everyone to look at me in shock again. “What?” I asked
“Oh nothing. Just let us know when and we will be there.” Jack says.
I suddenly feel light headed luckily Lucifer noticed as he grabbed a hold of me in time, “We will head off guys, give you some rest when you are ready to come home let me know and I will send the boys to come get you.” Lucifer says
“No worries guys, thanks for everything!” they both say as we head out.

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