The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 56

After getting dizzy Lucifer put me on strict bed rest for the rest of the day and night, which I did not protest because we was having the twins coming in the morning for the weekend and I was not cancelling that! So, I decided to do some online shopping for our little man, I ordered his Bassinet, Cot and Change table and a massive tall boy that all match, Bouncer/Swing, along with a car seat. I figured I had already brought enough clothes when Claire and I found out that I did not need any more of those for now. I also organised for someone to come and paint the room I have chosen for him with characters from the movies Toy story as I have been obsessed with then ever since finding out and I get the feeling it isn’t me sending that vibe.
I made a cute little poster saying ‘Promoted to Aunty and Uncle’ and printed it off to place into a frame with a scan for when Serion and Payton drop the twins off, which I can not wait to see their faces.
As soon as I finished the list of things I had given myself I decided I would take I nice long relaxing bath so I went in to start running a bath and getting that sorted and I spotted myself in the mirror, I honestly looked so drained and sick which got me thinking, this little man isn’t just any normal baby, he was double the Vampire with chances of being wolf and wizard because of myself. I continued looking at myself questioning what I am missing then it came to me.
“I need Blood.” I say out loud and to my surprise he started kicking which I took as his approval.
I rubbed my stomach and told him.
“Mummy will get Daddy to work out a way buddy.” He sends electricity through my hands which let me know he heard me. I smile, as I take one last glance in the mirror before turning the water off, sure enough he has decided to give me a proper look at him growing inside me, I finally see the bump myself like he is relaxing the same way I plan to.
I strip down and get into the bath and call Lucifer.
“Everything okay babe?” he says worriedly
“I think so, I may have worked out why I was dizzy, and looking like death. Thanks for telling me that by the way.” I say
“Why? What is it? Also, I did not know how to say it to be honest, I kind of just figured it was a pregnancy thing.” He admits
“Well, no your not meant to look drained and sick why pregnant, anyway I need blood a decent amount of blood.” I say
“Why the hell didn’t I think of that when you first found out!” he yells through the phone “Marcus and Luca will do a blood bank run now to stock up, I will come and bring you what we have now.” He adds and hangs up the phone.
“Okay then.” I say to myself realising he was not on the phone anymore.
I laid back and closed my eyes for a moment before I heard Lucifer yell for me in the room.
“In the Bath.” Is all I manage to get out, which he comes straight to me.
“I thought you was on bed rest.” He says
“I was, and I still am, I am resting in a bed full of relaxing water.” I say with a smirk on my face.
“Well, you got me there.” He says with a smile.
“Here, I put some in this cup, so it’s covered, and a straw is easier.” He says handing me the cup full of blood.
It smells so good, I take a sip and as soon as I feel it on my tongue I can’t stop within seconds I had finished and needed more, that went on for a good 20 minutes Lucifer would fill it up each time until I felt satisfied, when I had enough he looked down at all the empty pouches then back at me.
“I take it my boy was hungry.” He says smiling proudly.
“I guess so.” Looking at the floor full of empty pouches, I started to cry out of nowhere.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Lucifer asked concerned
“I don’t even know.” I let out “I just had this emotional burst of feelings and I can’t control it.” I add
Within seconds Lucifer was stripped off and sliding into the bath with me so I could cry in his arms at absolutely nothing but feeling him there holding me while I felt my weakest made me feel so much better and loved.
I must have fell asleep on him soon after as I wake up in our bed, I look at the light shining in the room and realise it’s morning, I see Lucifer has placed a new cup of my new favourite meal on the bedside table for me to down before getting out of bed, I manage to get dressed before Luca comes knocking on my door.
“Morning Princess!” he says coming in and sitting on the edge of the bed.
“What have I said about calling me Princess!” I say giving him the look.
“Sorry my Queen.” He says with a smirk on his face.
“Okay, Okay Morning Faith.” he says
“Morning Luca.” I say with a smile
“How are you and my nephew feeling today?” he asked me
“Much better since I drank 90% of the stash of blood, we had in the kingdom last night.” I respond.
“You didn’t go anywhere near drinking 90% of the stash but we have made note for daily fillings to ensure this little guy has everything he needs.” He tells me
“Well, that’s a relief the wired thing is I still want food, like the blood is amazing but I am staving still.” I tell him honestly
“That would probably be because he is taking most of the blood, and only leaving you enough to regenerate what he had been taking of yours to keep him growing.” He says like he knows what he is talking about
“Since when did you become a doctor?” I asked jokingly
“I did my reading, also Lucifer called Mya this morning to ask her, that was her explanation however she offered to come over and take some tests and scans today to make sure everything is looking good now.” He tells me “Oh and Lucifer said yes, so she will be here in about 30 minutes.” He adds
“Oh, okay, nice.” I say looking slightly annoyed.
“He’s just worried about you, wants to make sure you both are healthy.” He says noticing my slight change in moods.
“I know.” I say while nodding “Lets go get some food then, I’m starving.” I say getting off the bed and heading down to the kitchen.

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