The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 57

As we enter the kitchen, I spotted a platter of fruits and egg’s and bacon are sitting on the table waiting. I look at Luca who looks as shocked as I do. “Wasn’t me!” he says with his arms in surrender.
“No, it was me.” Lucifer says coming out with another cup of what I can only assume is blood.
“Surely, you made enough for everyone right?” Luca asked
Lucifer rolled his eyes “Yes, Luca I’m not that stupid, faith gets first dibs.” he says smiling at me like he knows I am upset.
I sit down and grab a plate and start pilling eggs, bacon, Banana’s, Strawberry’s, lots of grapes. Luca and Lucifer both stare at me and at my plate like I have not left them any.
“There is plenty there!” I say which brings their attention back to the food, so they start filling up their plates.
“I take it big mouth over here told you about Mya being here soon?” Lucifer says
“Luca did inform me of something you should have spoken to me about, yes.” I answer as I smash down more food.
“Well, I would have I just didn’t want to wake you up, especially since the Twins will be here around lunch time, I wanted you to rest up as much as possible.” He says in defence of his actions.
“I know, I appreciate your consideration, but next time it comes to Mya coming and doing a check up at the kingdom maybe think twice.” I say as Luca clicks on to what I am saying.
“Oh, shit.” He says realising why I am slightly mad.
“Yeah, especially if she is bringing, he own scanning machines etc.” I add
“Let’s hope Mya is discreet about this visit then.” Luca says trying to finish the discussion.
“Yeah, lets hope.” I says finishing my second drink for the morning.
“Do you want another?” Lucifer asked
“No, were good for now.” I says with a smile, I see Lucifer get out a book start taking what I only assume are notes.
“What’s that?” I asked curious
“Mya suggested keeping a log of how many pouches you go through each day along with times etc.” he tells me honestly; I nod understanding why.
“Where’s Marcus?” Luca asked
“He went to pick up Jack, Claire and Ava and bring them home so they could settle.” Lucifer says
“Oh sweet I will have 3 babies to spoil with my presents tonight!” Luca beam’s
“Mya is here.” Lucifer said looking up
“How do you know?” I asked him
“I just know babe, do you want to head up to the room I will bring her up, so it can be done there.” He said and I agreed and started heading up with Luca by myside.
“Do you mind if I stay?” he asked
“You can stay if you like, I don’t mind at all.” I say smiling at him
“Sweet! Thank you!” he said giving me a big hug as we entered the room
“Can I ask you a question before they get here?” I asked Luca
“Yeah, anything?” he said curious
“When we all went to meet Ava, and we was talking about babies I heard you say ‘yeah maybe’ awfully low and sounded very much like you was hiding something. Care to explain?” I asked
he looked at me shocked, nervous and slightly sad, but he told me what he really meant in that conversation.
“Honestly, my beloved is no longer here Faith, she died a long time ago. Vampires are not given second chances. I technically cannot have any children unless it is to my beloved, that is the way of Vampires. Mine lost her fight before I got the chance to even get to know her.” He tells me, I feel tears steaming down my face as I feel his pain of no getting this gift ever.
“Oh Luca! Does anyone know?” I asked
“Nope, you are now the only one, I don’t need them babying me even more if they knew that.” He says
“Luca, I am always here for you! This is something you should not keep to yourself, if people do not know they can’ contain them selves from reminding you of a beloved and having kids.” I says truthfully
“I know, I just can’t find the time or get the words out.” He says as we sit on the edge of the bed.
“Luca, you may not have a beloved anymore, but you can still have the chance at finding love and having a life, I promise you the day you open up and find someone to love, I will give you guys the same gift I gave Serion and Payton. If you genuinely want a child, I will see that it happens regardless of the technical terms.” I tell him honestly.
“You always know the right things to tell someone Faith, Thank you! I will definitely keep that in mind. Now Lucifer and Mya are about to enter.” He says and sure enough they both enter the room.
“Faith, how you doing.” she asked
“Much better now.” I say with a smile
“Well, I will just take some blood to check all your vitals and then do a quick scan to check on him a little more, Lucifer said that he is monitoring the intake of blood you have each day, you may find that he is more Vampire then expected, but then again I have never known a Hybrid to have a baby either so this could be normal all round. You will find that as the weeks go you your intake will increase and then before he is ready to come, he will have less if that makes sense?” she tells me, I nod as she takes my arm and starts taking blood and placing it into tubes then into a little gadget that starts analysing the samples for her, she starts measuring my stomach.
“There is no point until Ava is here.” Lucifer says to Mya causing her to halt
“What does Ava have to do with measuring the stomach growth?” she asked him confused
“Oh, yeah! He only pops out for her.” Luca says with a smirk Mya looks at him weirdly
“What do you mean?” she asked completely confused.
“Do your other tests and you will see with your own eyes in 5 minutes.” Lucifer said which she listened and started to set up the portable Scanner she has.
“Okay, this will be a little cold to start with.” She tells me as she pulls my top up and applies the gel. With in seconds we see our little man on the screen, tears roll down my cheek as Lucifer squeezes my hand to comfort me, Luca looks so amazed as he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.
“The size of your stomach is mind blowing with the measurements I am getting, you are at least half way already.” Mya says printing pictures for us to keep.
Luca gets up and goes to the door, Marcus is standing there holding Ava.
“Where are Claire and Jack?” I asked
“They told me to bring her up quickly so they could settle and have a quick shower before the get fully stuck into the parent life.” Marcus said
“Well, these are all the scans I can get for now, and the blood samples have all come back with excellent results.” Mya says cleaning off the gel
“Marcus, give Faith Ava.” Lucifer said as I got up to hold her
as soon as she was in my arms, I felt him become so happy inside me,
“Oh my!” Mya says looking shocked
“That is what we meant, he only pops out when Ava is in her arms.” Lucifer said
Mya started measuring my stomach as I held Ava.
“Those measurements are better.” She says relieved
I hand Ava back to Marcus while I fixed myself up.
“Any ideas why?” we all asked Mya
she smiled “I can’t say for sure; it could be that he feels safe, or he feels he needs to make Ava safe or it could be what Luca and Lucifer are thinking.” Mya says, “Honestly you will know why when he is here, you will be able to tell with how he is with her.” She finishes
“What do you think it is?” I asked Luca and Lucifer who changed the subject as Mya was leaving
“Keep the blood up for every 2-3 hours but obviously if you crave more have it. I will get you in on Friday morning to have another check up but if you need me before you have my number.” Mya says leaving.
“Thank you!” I say just as she leaves, I turn to the boys and find them donating over Ava and I could not help but take a photo of them as this really was a beautiful moment.

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