The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 6


I am sitting here thinking back over the last seven years, my brother Serion and his wife Payton had taken me in and raised me trained me and been there the whole time through all my training and schooling.

It had taken me 1 year to catch up to everyone my age with school which everyone had blown out about Serion had planned to get me extra tutors, but they were not necessary as I was a really quick learner as myself and everyone else found out.

I am now 17 almost 18 and I am the most powerful person in my pack that’s including all the vampires that are a part of it to.
Maxwell had taken me under his wing and trained me with no mercy against my brothers wishes.
He Only did that because I begged him to as I wanted to get stronger no matter the cost so I pleaded with him because I can heal faster than the average wolf and vampire, so it was only necessary for Maxwell to train me harder in order for me to be able to handle anything thrown my way and it had enabled me to learn from it.

There was no room for mistakes, so I had to deal with the consequences of injury when I failed my training in order to win and become better.

Drake had kept his word on helping me find out as much information as possible when it came to who I was. He would often help me study so that we could do some more research together, he was so fascinated by me he made me one of his priorities.

However, for the last year it hasn’t been as often as usual because we had found out as much as we could. He also ended up having a kid of his own, so I told him that his mate and child come before me and my brother regardless what my brother thinks.

Elliot also got me immense training with his friend. Her name is Anna we became quite close while she was training me to control my magic, turns out she knew who my mother was and was disgusted with what she had done.
She had said that she was out casted by the witches as she was only seeking more power to stay young which meant she would use to much black magic and witches knew better then to mess with black magic.
Anna said once you start it becomes addictive and if you’re not strong enough to contain yourself, darkness takes over and you start to hurt innocent’s to drain more power.
Anna had shown me everything she could and once she was convinced I had excelled at her training she made me do more training with her elder, who was so powerful I thought my mother was powerful well this witch was next level. You would never of guessed though she was the nicest person you could ever meet, but her training was harder it took me longer to master her training then it did with Anna.
They had both given me some great ideas and spells that I could try out on Payton in hopes of helping both Serion and her in having their baby. I decided to keep that to myself for now as I have a plan in monition for when the time comes to revel the cure.
However, I am so grateful for the training of both Anna and her elder. They both have asked me to become a part of their Coven once I turn 21 as that is when a witch has become a fully fledge witch, as they believe I would be a great asset to them even with me being a Tribrid.

Charlette the maid I had first meet was indeed a Vampire, Once she had found out everything about me she called in a few favours with her Vampire family and I had one of the strongest Vampires training me with my enhanced speed and strength, he had shown me how I can, I guess you could say flick a switch in my head to activate it and turn it off, whenever I needed it as I can be dangerous for others if I stay in my vampire form too long. Meaning if provoked I could turn someone without even thinking about it, so we only ever practice control with vampires for everyone else’s safety as no one really knows what will happen with me being a creature of 3 different species.

Now that I am soon to turn 18, I will be classed as a full-grown adult wolf and vampire as I will no longer age. I will also be of age to sense my mate or in vampire terms my Beloved, that of cause is if I am granted one. My brother and Payton have decided to throw me a celebration for my coming of age and also because it is my birthday party where they will invite all of the surrounding packs and also all vampire and witches to help celebrate.
I will also officially be announced to everyone as the princess Serion’s sister which means that our father and my mother will eventually hear of the news and work out what I am. That is what mine and Serion’s plan is, to lure our father out for the battle.

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