The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 58

After Mya left, we gave Ava back to Claire and Jack now that they have showered and sorted themselves.
“Lucifer the twins should be here soon, we need to fix up the room for them.” I say
“Already sorted babe, Luca and Marcus are doing it now, you need to drink more and rest up until they get here, that was the deal.” He reminds me.
“Yeah, yeah... what do you think of this?” I asked him while showing the poster I made for Serion and Payton. “I also got this for the twins to wear.” I say showing him to matching tops saying ‘Promoted to Cousins’. He smiles at me seeing the excitement I have about telling them.
“How are you planning on getting that on them before they leave?” he asked
“Well, I asked Luca to take the twins up to the games room when they get here, put to tops on them and then bring them back down.” I respond with a smile
“You really thought of everything didn’t you?” he asked
“I did.” I say with a grin, turning to head to the games room.
“Where are you going?” he asked
“To rest while playing some games.” I respond
If it were not for my exceptionally good hearing, I would never have picked up what he managed to say. “Yours as bad as Luca with those bloody games.”
I must have fallen asleep because I am woken up by the twins yelling
“Aunt Fai! Aunt Fai!”
I open my eyes to see my two little devils staring at me with their big smiles drool coming out of their mouths with their baby teeth coming through.
“Hello devils!” I says bringing them both into a hug.
“I missed you!” I say putting them down, Theodore points to my belly straight away and says “baby?”
I looked at him shocked but smiled and nodded my head which made him smile even more.
“Here” I say grabbing the tops “Put these on and we will go find mummy and daddy to tell them to news.” They both put their new tops on with out any fuss and followed me down to where I heard Serion talking with Lucifer.
I turned to look at them “okay stay here until I give this to mummy and daddy then come out and show them okay?” they nod and stay put.
“Theirs my sister!” Serion says smiling at me, I give him a big hug.
“How have you been?” I asked
“We’ve been good, the twins have been giving Payton a bit of attitude lately but this weekend away will fix her stress.” He says, Lucifer comes over to me.
“Where is Payton?” I asked
“oh she went to the toilet.” As soon as he said that I looked at Lucifer then turned my head to the kids, where I find an extremely excited and loud scream yelling Payton “Oh My God! I CANT BEILEVE IT!” she yells. She found the twins.
“SERION! YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT THE TWINS ARE WEARING!” she says running into where we are all standing.
He looks at her weirdly “The same clothes they came in?” he responds
she spots me and runs at me to give me a hug “I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” she says with tears in her eyes.
I look at Serion who is standing there completely confused so I hand him the poster I made, which he looks at it and spots the twins coming out in their shirts, his face lit up like it did when he found out that he was going to be a dad.
“Congratulations guys!” he says hugging me and shaking Lucifers hand.
“So how far along are you?” Payton asked
“Well, that’s the thing we don’t really know because of how fast he is growing.” I say
“HE!?” she yells I smile at her and nod
“Yes, it’s a boy.” I respond
“How do you know? Your not even showing?” Payton asked confused
“Well, we honestly don’t know exactly why, but were only guessing it’s because he is in more danger while he’s inside then he would be when he is born, so he hides he has only shown how big I am with Ava, Claire and Jack’s daughter.” I explain
Serion looked at me then at Lucifer with a smile like he knew something.
“What is it?” Lucifer asked
“Let’s go chat in your office and let the girls finish talking.” Serion said to Lucifer which he was happy to do. At the time I did not have any thought to it and just carried on chatting to Payton who was so over joyed.
“You know something?” Lucifer asked as they both sat down.
“Elliot found out some information about your marks, why they shaped the way they did.” Serion starts “The markings represent the blessings from all 3 species that Faith has, The Moon Goddess, The Queen of the Vampires, along with the most powerful witch known in this world. All 3 combined in the after life to bless to mating of their creation.” He continued
“My mum?” Lucifer asked shocked, Serion nodded his head in agreement.
“Faith was a creation formed by all 3 chosen to take out the strongest of our kinds to restore the balance. When she completed her task she should have died, but they came to her and gifted her the chance at having a life as a reward for taking down the strongest.” Serion explained.
“All 3 agreed you were the strongest to handle Faith and Blessed you both when you marked each other.” He adds
“What does this have to do with my son?” he asked
“Faith couldn’t sense him could she?” Serion asked
“No, neither could I?” lucifer asked
“That’s because your son, my nephew is protecting the 2 people he cares for the most. If the wrong people found out about Faith being pregnant it could bring a war. He is already adapted to that knowledge which leads me to believe he has also be blessed by the 3. He will be the next King; he will grow with knowledge we don’t even know.” Serion explains
“He’s demanding blood. Faith would not drink blood she preferred her food; except he was draining her of hers to feed. It’s got me thinking he isn’t going to have the wolf.” Lucifer admits.
“Lucifer he may not have the wolf, but he will have the traits from his mother, he won’t need to shift being a vampire.” Serion says
“From what you have said I believe he is more Vampire then anything but, he is also a warlock. He is using the magic to hide himself not Faith.” Serion said “Honestly it takes children a lot to learn their magic, but we have ourselves an advanced learner.” Serion adds laughing.
“As for Ava, I think you already know why he feels the need to show when Faith is holding her.” He adds
“Do you really think so? How can we be sure?” Lucifer asked
“Honestly you will have to wait until he is born, they will both be driven to each other, he will be extremely protective of her so you must be careful who is near them.” Serion explains
“Thank you for this Serion, I feel a lot better now that I have been able to talk more about it.” Lucifer says with gratitude
“Any time! We should probably get back; I need to take Payton away before she demands to stay.” Serion said with a laugh.

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