The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 59

Once Serion and Payton had left we began the exciting weekend with the twins, as always Amelia was attached to Lucifer while Theodore was attached to me, even more so that he knew I had a baby in my stomach, he would get protective whenever someone came near me that he didn’t know.
Luca and Marcus had brought the twins a set of tiny tike car’s so that they had move things to play with outside, since that was always what they wanted to do, so Luca and I were sitting out in the back part of the house watching the twins play in their new cars while Marcus and Lucifer did some work.
“Luca?” I called out sensing something was wrong, not exactly wrong but there was an unknown presents coming straight for us.
Luca must have caught on to what I was sensing as he seen me staring off into the forest.
“Get them inside now Faith.” Is all he said, which I was happy to do.
“Amelia, Theo, lets go get a snack.” I say making it seem normal and not out of panic.
The mention of food and those two were there regardless what it was, I smile seeing them fight to be the first inside it was actually the cutest thing, just as I got them in the door Theo turns his head towards the forest and changes his happy look to a look of hate, he looks at Luca who has the same look, Amelia hasn’t noticed thank god because those to on a rampage together is not fun.
“Come on Theo, Luca will be inside soon okay.” I try to explain.
“Bad man.” Is all he says while grabbing me by the hand and leading me towards the kitchen himself. Luca had called for a few men to go with him to search the forest while I find Jack is standing behind me with Claire and Ava.
“You 3 okay?” He says looking worried but protective of both us and his family.
“Bad man.” Theo says pointing towards the forest.
“Were fine, I sensed something and so did Luca, so I brought the twins inside but just before hand someone else picked it up and hasn’t stopped staring at the forest since.” I explained
“Luca, Marcus and Lucifer along with a few other men have gone in search, I am here to keep you all safe.” Jack said hugging Claire.
“I keep Aunt Fai safe.” Theo says while stuffing his face full of food.
Jack smiles “We can both keep your Aunty Faith Safe.” He says causing Theo to smile and nod.
Claire sits down with the twins while she feeds Ava, I take the time to talk to Jack.
“How does he know it’s a bad man?” jack asked
“Your guess is as good as mine, I sensed something was wrong and the presents of someone unknown before Luca picked it up, but as soon as I got them to the door Theo just turned around and became angry looking into the forest saying bad man.” I explain
Jack smiles “This kid will make the best next Alpha of all wolves that’s for sure.”
“Your telling me!” I agreed
“Aunt Fai! They got him.” Theo says with a smile on his face, causing both Jack and I to look at him confused at his knowledge when even we had no idea.
“How do you know that Theo?” I asked
“I know.” Is all he says, suddenly Luca barges through the door, giving Jack a nod that he was needed, and he would take over the watch.
“Luca get him!” Theo says looking at Luca with adoration, Luca smiles at him and nods as Theo hugs him tightly. Luca looks at me confused just like I was, this is definitely something I need to talk to Serion about in the morning.
“Who wants a movie night in the games room!” Luca asked, both the twins were over joyed about that, they even helped Luca set everything up so that we could all sleep in there too.
Claire decided to take Ava to their room and settle her for the night after we all ate dinner, so Luca and I fixed the twins up with the movies they had both chosen to watch, Amelia won the little game they played as to who’s movie was first to play so of cause she had chosen Frozen, Theo had chosen something a little more classic which was The lion King. While they were watching the movies Theo was curled up on me and Amelia was curled up to Luca who is her next favourite when Lucifer isn’t around, I hear the door handle turn in the games room so I looked up and seen Lucifer was standing there looking at us as we took over the place.
Amelia doesn’t move as her movie is on and she is glued to it in, so he comes and sits beside me.
“Everything okay?” I asked, he nods as he looks at Theo who is studying him.
“Bad man die?” Theo asked, causing us all to look at him and Lucifer who were now in a stare off like they were talking to each other through there eyes.
Lucifer didn’t have to answer as what ever Theo had taken out of his eyes answered it for him so he went back to watching the movie while placing his had on my stomach. Lucifer follows along and does the same thing. Everyone had fallen asleep at some point last night as we all start to wake up to the sun peeking through the curtains shining into our eyes. I spot the twins laying side by side holding hands which lead to me quickly grab my phone and take a photo. Luca was only just on the mattress laying side ways and Lucifer was by my side like always. I decided to let them sleep a little longer and go down to make some breakfast as Payton and Serion will be here to pick them up before Lunch.

As if all 4 of the had smelt the cooked food they all come running to the kitchen.
“Oh, Good morning everyone!”
“Morning Aunt Fai!” the twins called climbing onto the chairs
“Morning Faith.” Luca responds
“Morning my Queen.” Lucifer responds giving me a kiss on the cheek and starts to help place the food on the table.
The twins start to dig into their food like Luca and Lucifer do, I start by drinking the blood before eating, which gave Marcus, Jack and Claire enough time to come down and get some food as well.
“How was the movie night!” Claire asked the Twins who both responded with a mouth full of food, “Good!” everyone let out a laugh before finishing up, Luca and Lucifer decided to clean up while I took the twins to get showered and dressed.

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