The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 60

“MUMMY! DADDY!” the twins yelled as they spotted Serion and Payton pulling into the driveway.
As we were all standing outside watching them play in the cars, Serion and Payton asked if they were good and of cause they respond with a “YES!” which everyone giggles at, even though they weren’t wrong.
“How was your weekend away guys?” I asked.
“It was great, I feel so much better and more relaxed.” Payton answers.
“That’s great!” I says.
“What di you all get up to?” Serion asked looking at his son, who was looking right into his eyes like he did with Lucifer.
“Well, we did lots of outside play we had a movie night last night too.” I say braking off Serion’s stare into Theo.
“Anything we need to know about?” Serion asked Lucifer
Lucifer nodded and signalled for Serion to follow him to the office again.
“Wait! I need to talk to you about something too.” I say stopping them from moving
“What is it?” Serion asked
I look to see the twins are both playing with their cars again and Payton is having baby cuddles with Ava.
“Theo sensed what I sensed yesterday, it wasn’t until I made them come inside but he was staring right into the direction I had done, he told me it was a bad man, I only sensed an uneasy presents. When we were waiting inside, he changed and said they got him. We didn’t even know, until Luca had come back.” I explained Serion just gave me a proud smile.
“I will fill him in on the rest babe, you go hang out with Payton.” Lucifer says which I do just that.
“It was a rouge wolf.” Lucifer starts off as Serion sat down
“A rouge! Where is he? I will kill him!” Serion said looking mad
“No need, he is currently chained in the cellar. I think he is alive but barely.” Lucifer says
“Was he after my kids?” Serion asked looking a little calmer
“That is what we all thought when we found him, as you know those two have made their way into everyone’s hearts here so we take any threat seriously, we thought it was to get at you with Theo being the next Alpha of all wolves. However, your kids are safe.” Lucifer answered honestly
Serion looked at him confused “If he wasn’t here for my kids, what business did a rouge wolf have with a Vampire kingdom.” He asked
“Someone had given the impression that your children were my children, his plan was to hurt them when he thought they were mine, He heard Theo call Faith Aunt Fai! Which made him stop his original plan.” Lucifer explained
“We have a traitor around here, causing trouble. You and Faith do not need this stress right now.” Serion said understanding that yes, his pups were in danger until knowledge that they were not Faith and Lucifers.
“The rouge was after leverage from Faith and I. He wanted my child.” Lucifer says with so much hate.
“I’m confused as to the business a rouge wolf wanted from you guys?” Serion admitted.
“The whole world knows about Faith, what she has done, what she is capable of. They wanted to take something of our to guarantee our corporation in their plans.” Lucifer explain.
“Faith isn’t aware of this.” He adds
“That is for the best fir now Lucifer, until he is born you need to keep an eye on her closely and minimise all stress.” Serion stated “Is that all you know about the rouge?” he adds
“That’s all I could get before he passed out from the pain, I plan to ask more but I feel he is only a puppet in this game and doesn’t know the full details.” Lucifer admits
“I will have my warriors on high alert around the area, and we will do the digging to ease the stress for you. Any information I find out you will be the first to know.” Serion promised
Lucifer accepted the offer “Your boy will make one hell of an Alpha King.” Lucifer said gaining Serion’s attention
“Yes, he definitely will. I noticed recently he had picked up on things I was not even able to do until I had shifted. He can sense danger and unwanted auras; he can also track them until they are out of his range. That is how he knew that you guys had caught him.” Serion explain.
“What about the looking into your eyes and getting every detail he was after?” Lucifer asked amazed
“That is new, I knew something happened because of the way he was looking into my eyes telling me his story.” Serion explain “If he did that to you, he was reading your emotions to make sure it was safe, and he didn’t need to worry. Each time something happens he picks up something new.” Serion admitted.
“If your boy is this smart and intelligent at the age, he is Serion, I can not wait to see what he becomes with time.” Lucifer admits.
“Now this is sorted we should be heading off, I will keep you informed in what I can.” Serion says as they make their way towards the girls.

“Bye guys! I will miss you.” I yell as I say goodbye to the twins.
I had promised Payton to keep her informed on everything which she was happy with just knowing right now that she not only got to be a Mummy, but will get to experience the Aunty part as well.
I help Claire with Ava for a couple of hours so she could rest while the boy’s were off doing so work, which I can only assume it had to do with yesterday’s events which I am still unsure off.
“Hey Faith, I can take it from here Lucifer is looking for you.” Jack says taking Ava
“Claire is still asleep, but she is feed and changed but wide awake so have fun.” I say heading out the door.
I make my way to the kitchen where I find Lucifer cooking up some food for dinner, he has even set the table with candles.
“What’s all this?” I asked
“I just wanted to do something special for my Queen.” He says bringing over the food and leading me towards my seat.
“Thank you.” I say as he hands me a cup with the blood in it.
“Anything for you.” He says as he starts eating.
I must admit that after the meal and desert, and the effort Lucifer had taken I was so turned on we barely made it to the bedroom in time before I had ripped off his clothes as he did mine.

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