The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 61

A few weeks had gone by and our little boys room was completely finished, Luca hadn’t left my side so he helped me with most of the room, all that we needed now was to work out the name for our little prince.
“You know Faith if you picked the name Lucifer would agree to it.” Luca says as we put the last of his clothing away.
“I know but I want him to be more involved in that, I want his name to have meaning to both of us.” I explained
“I get it, he really is lucky to have you. Do you have any names in mind then?” he asked me which got me thinking.
“Honestly I have a few but one keeps jumping out to me whenever I try to think of another.” I explain.
“Then you don’t need Lucifer, the baby prince has already decided.” Luca says smiling at me
“what do you mean?” I asked
“If you keep trying to think of names, and only one keeps popping up to take over that is something he is doing to tell you what name he wants.” Luca says pointing to my stomach.
“You think so?” I asked rubbing my belly.
“100% say the name out loud and if he kicks you then, you have your answer! Lucifer can pick the middle name.” he tells me, so I do just that.
“Tobias.” As soon as I said that name out loud, I felt like I was glowing, radiating with power almost, I got several kicks of approval which caused me to smile.
“I like it! What’s it mean?” he asked
“Gift from the gods.” I say smiling back at him, Lucifer walks in looking worried.
“What happened up here? You guys okay?” he asked us
“Yeah were good, Baby prince chose his first name and lit faith up like a Christmas tree when she said it out loud.” Luca says like its nothing.
“Sorry what?” Lucifer asked confused
“Faith say his name.” Luca said
“I think he likes the name Tobias.” Again, as soon as the name left my mouth, I was actually glowing with power surrounding me, I looked shocked as did Lucifer.
He looked at both Luca and myself and smiled he came over and touched my stomach as he said “Tobias, I like it.” Causing our little prince to give his dad strong kicks of approval.
“I want you to chose the middle name.” I tell him
“Really?” he asked sounding surprised
“Yeah, I wanted his names to mean something from both of us.” I explain
“Middle names aren’t really a thing for us, so let me think on it.” He says looking like he is debating names. In his head.
“Told you.” Luca said
“Any news on what happened last weekend?” I asked Lucifer before he went to leave
“Still looking on some leads but once we know I will tell you.” He said giving me a smile before leaving to finish his work.
“What’s the bet he knows something but isn’t telling me?” I say to Luca
“What do you mean?” he asked looking stupid.
“What’s the bet you also know but have been told to keep me out of it for now.” I add looking at him suspiciously
“Faith, everything is for you safety I promise.” Luca says
“So I right. That man wasn’t here for the twins was he.” I asked
“No he wasn’t here for the twins.” Luca let out
“Only few people know I am pregnant so they couldn’t have been here for him.” I state
“No, they thought the twins were Lucifers, so they planned to take them as hostages for Lucifer to have no choice but to work with them.” Luca explain feeling defeated that I got it out of him.
“Who is them? And how did they know the twins weren’t his?” I asked confused
“Rouges Faith, he could sense that the twins were pure wolves, so he knew they weren’t his, that’s why he tried to retreat.” Luca explain
“Oh, so we should be fine until Tobias is born then?” I asked
“Yes, and no. We cant work out what they want with Lucifer, especially when they would know we are full allies for the Alpha king.” He says trying to put the pieces together.
“Unless they wish to over through my brother?” I state thinking about it.
“There would be no point, no matter how many rouges try they would never get through your brothers defences, let alone would Lucifer allow them the chance to try and ruin the alliance’s.” Luca explains.
“Lucifer’s blood then. Lucifer, you and Marcus are now the only pure royal bloods which have the ability to create Hybrids, Lucifer’s blood is more valuable now that he is King, and the oldest.” I state feeling uneasy
“You know what Faith; I think you’re on to something. This is why I told my brother to include you in our discussions.” Luca says getting up fast to go and talk to the others.
“I am a Tribrid after all Luca, you boys need to stop underestimating me.” I say smirking at him.
“And you my brother need to learn to keep your mouth shut.” Marcus says angerly walking in the door.
Luca stops in his tracks with a slight hit of fear but regains himself “The Queen asked the questions and gave her advice brother; I take it you were eavesdropping on the whole subject. Thoughts on anything?” Luca asked with confidence. It made me so proud.
“Just want to point out that pregnant or not I could still take the both of you out, so if you plan to fight, I might remind you Marcus that I trained Luca personally?” I says feeling the tension in the room building up. Marcus smiles at me “Well my Queen when you put it that way, I guess there is no harm done, as long as Lucifer survives for not telling you.” Marcus states eyeing Luca.
“Lucifer will survive, I understand he is just trying to protect me and save me from the stress, however not knowing causes more…. so, what do you think of my thoughts?” I asked him
“I agree with Luca we should have had you in the discussions from the beginning, my only question is why do they want to become hybrids?” Marcus asked
“They want to create an army; however, I can’t help but feel they have other agendas as well.” I say feeling really off, both boys notice as nearly fall but Marcus caught me.
“Faith, are you okay?” They both asked me.
“Yeah I guess I don’t know what just happened. Maybe I need more blood.” I suggest.
“On it!” Luca says running to get more.
“Do you think they want to create more of you Faith?” he asked me
I look at him and nod, “They have to have witches somewhere that they plan to use as experiments. I doubt they would be doing it willing. The only way to find out is if that rouge is still alive.” I state Marcus looks at me.
“Why?” he asked looking uneasy.
“I can plant a tracker on him, which allows me to hear and see everything he does. If this is there plan, then we can out smart them and ruin it.” I answer, Luca comes back with the blood and I start to feel better. “Can someone call Mya? I don’t think I will last much longer.” I state feeling like I just pissed myself as I look down, I guess my water just broke…
“What why?” they both asked me before looking where I was looking, they both formed ad “O” and started to panic.
“Call Mya! Call Lucifer!” I yell gaining both of their attention again.
“On it!” they both said causing me to yell out for “More Blood too!” I says starting to feel contractions.
Well this is not how I planned to give birth, but I guess it is how it will happen…

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