The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 62

Marcus lifts me up and rushes me towards the special room we had made up for me to deliver Tobias in since no one had known of my pregnancy.
“Lucifer! Where is he Marcus?” I yelled out the pain as I felt more contraction coming.
“Luca has gone to get him Faith, I just need you to hold on a little longer okay, Mya is almost here okay.” Marcus says trying to calm me
I nod and try to remain calm until they both get here, but Tobias was having other ideas as the contractions kept coming faster and painfuller.
“Marcus he isn’t waiting!” I scream as I feel the urge to push.
“Hold on.” Marcus says ripping my trousers off along with my undies. “I’m so sorry Faith but we have no time, I have to deliver this baby myself.” Marcus says feeling embarrassed and slightly awkward.
“Just get him out of me.” I scream not caring that he was down there in full view.
With 3 more pushes and Marcus coaching me I push one last time and all the pain is gone.
I hear now screams “Marcus what’s wrong! Is he okay?” I asked worried, Marcus places him on my chest and starts patting his back which causes him to cry a little which calms my nerves knowing he is okay.
“Thank you, Marcus! Thank you so much!” I cry feeling happy that I finally have a baby boy in my arms, in seconds Lucifer, Luca and Mya both come through the door in a hurry and all pause at the sight of seeing me holding on to Tobias, Marcus down at the base of the bed trying to stop my bleeding.
Lucifer rushes to my side and doesn’t take his eyes off me and our son, Luca comes to my other side admiring Tobias, Mya takes over from Marcus who is sitting down trying to gain the colour back into his already pale skin.
“Lucifer she’s loosing a lot of blood, we need to get more into her now!” I hear Mya says as I start to get dizzy.
“Faith, baby drink my blood.” Lucifer says to me placing his wrists up to my mouth.
Luca walks over to Marcus to make sure he is okay. “How you doing man? How’s it feel to deliver your first baby?” he jokes.
“Never again!” Marcus sayings looking over at us.
Lucifer looks at his bother with so much pride and appreciation. “Thank you, Marcus, thank you for being here for faith, for delivering our baby boy safely.” Lucifer says meaning every word, he looks at me with a guilty expression. “I’m extremely sorry Faith, I’m sorry I wasn’t quick enough to be here for you!” he says to me, I hold onto his hand.
“Lucifer, it’s okay. He was not waiting for anyone! Do you want to hold him?” I asked watching his eyes go on to our son.
He grabs Tobias ever so carefully, and wraps a blanket around him as he holds him tightly while Mya finished fixing me up and helped me shower and get into clean clothes where I find all 3 boys admiring Tobias in a huddle just like they did with Ava, but with different expressions in their eyes, it’s a promise, a protection look they all shared.
I must have startled then as all heads turned to look at me instantly and a protective cover came over Tobias.
“Can I have my baby back now boys?” I asked nicely calming there already tense bodies.
“Of cause!” Lucifer says bringing Tobias over to me as I sit down on the seat, he hands him to me, I look over him, his eyes, he has mine, his hair Is jet black but he has Lucifer looks, he is beautiful.
“Hi baby boy, are you hungry?” I ask softly placing him onto my breast which he latches onto straight away.
“You’ll need to keep up the blood in take for a while Faith as he with drink the milk for a little but will most likely bite in to you and drink the blood until he is full.” Mya explains as he feeds.
“You have a beautiful healthy baby boy. Congratulations! I will leave you all to settle and will check up on you both in a few days.” Mya says before leaving.
“Thank you for everything Mya!” both Lucifer and I say as she leaves.
“Marcus did the hard work, but your both very welcome.” She says.
“So, does our Prince have a full name yet?” Luca asked looking at Tobias.
I look at Lucifer “Did you think of a middle name for Tobias?” I asked him
he smiles at me “Tobias James, the same middle name both Marcus and Luca have.” He says with a smile, that is followed by two others.
“Wait we have middle names and you don’t?” Luca asked confused
“You both do now. I made it official because I could think of a name to include both of you, I figured I would make you officially have the same middle names so that you both know how much you mean to me with the same name being given to my son.” Lucifer explains.
They both show a prideful look as they all look down on me holding him.
“Tobias James… I like it a lot, it’s perfect.” I say looking down at him, while he has a smirk on his lips.
“We will leave you two to settle in and go and prepared to announce the arrival of this little prince to the coven. We will meet you back at your room in a few hours for the announcement okay?” Luca says taking charge.
“Thank you Luca, I appreciate you taking the lead on this one, Marcus still needs to recover by the looks of it.” Lucifer laughing at his brother who still looked in shock that he delivered Tobias.
“Yeah, I need to lay down for a bit, I will meet you all when the announcement is happening.” Marcus say’s leaving us to ourselves as we take in the precious moments that we are now parents.

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