The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 7

It is hard to believe that I am officially 18 today, looking back at how much my life had changed for the better I am forever grateful to all that has help me become the person I am today.

Being Halloween, my birthdays have always been dressed up party’s and because I’m 18 today I figured it would be best not to have a kid’s theme like I have every other year! I’ve had Marvel, Dc, Toy story, Harry Potter you name it I’ve had it. So as discussed with Payton we were going to do just a formal theme with the exception of me having to stay in the dress all night, instead I have to stay in her masterpiece for 3 hours then I can change into my favourite outfit!

“Faith are you up? It’s almost noon?” Payton bellows from the other side of my door.

I mentally groan” Yes Payton I’m awake and if I wasn’t, I am now.”

She laughs like I’m joking, but I’m not I’m being 100% serious. “You need to come and get something to eat we have a big few hour ahead and you can’t back out now.” With that she walks away from my door.

Mentally face palming myself for even agreeing to this big of a party, but it’s for the best I’m at my strongest now anyways. I make my way down to the dining area and find Payton sitting there patiently waiting for me so she can eat her lunch, the rest had already started eating Payton could never bring herself to start until everyone was there.
“I’m here now Payton, you can start eating.” I say
“I thought you was never going to make it down.” she says sarcastically.

Once lunch was finished everyone went to finish getting the house ready for tonight, Payton and I made our way to my room so she could have her way of dressing me up and telling me what I can and can’t wear after he time was up. Little did she know I was going to stay in the dress the whole time, I couldn’t let all her hard work go to waste now can I? What kind of sister in-law would I be then?

Payton starts by doing my hair into this beautiful French braid, half up some down with nice flowy curls, she places a tiara on my head that had beautiful Emerald green stones throughout the whole design the tiara itself was just amazing. Next, she does my makeup leaving it as natural as possible because she knew how much I hate make up, with mascara, eyeliner, and a bit of a natural coloured lipstick I look flawless.
I notice that she is being very hesitant with showing me the dress she picked, like she was worried I would hate it or something.
“Payton seriously just show it to me.”

“But what if you hate it! I worked so hard on this what if I have completely messed this up for you especially when it’s your birthday!” She is almost in tears worrying whether I’m going to like this dress or not.
“Payton, you know me better than anyone! I going to love anything you have picked for me regardless what you think.”

With that I grab the long black bag from her hands and hang it on the back of my door ready to unzip it. Payton looks at the bag then to me and back to the bag second guessing herself again, so me being me just rip the band aid straight off and unzip the bag and remove the dress from it so I can see it better.

I have tears threatening to escape my eyes, but I hold them back afraid of ruining Payton’s hard work on my makeup. The Dress is absolutely prefect, it resembles everything about me. It’s a beautiful emerald green long flowy dress; with unique A-line sweetheart neckline that was sleeveless and had a corset style back piece that gave the dress a nice tight shaping top half.
It has some black with diamond lace through the whole flow of the dress that gives it character of a badass princess with multiple personalities.
“Payton this is amazing! It’s perfect!”
“Are you sure you’re not just saying that?” she practically crying with happiness.
“I’m 100% sure! This is better than I ever imagined, you’ve made me the happiest girl around today. I don’t know how I can eve repay you.” I cannot wipe the smile off my face then suddenly it hit me...
“Payton I have a cure! I promised you I would find one and I did!”
“Faith are you serious right now? this is your day you can’t be making this about me.” she says but I see the hope in her eyes.
“Actually Payton, the only way this will work is today, you see my blood can act as a healing object for 24 hours after turning 18.” I run over to my desk and grab the potion I had made with the spell wrapped around it. “You need to drink this; part of the potion required my blood on my 18th birthday so I finished it first thing this morning. It’s already for you.”

Payton looks at me “Are you sure about this Faith?” “Yes, Payton this will work. I promise.” with that she took the potion, so I started my chant to get the potion to spread and work it’s magic.

“Oh, now to complete the process you and Serion need to do the dirty before midnight.” I say with a wink “Now let’s get me in this dress then you and Serion can go have some time together before the guests start arriving.” With the biggest smirk and smile Payton thanks me and legs it out the room to go and find Serion before they were needed to greet everyone.

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