The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 8

The party has officially started, with people coming left right and centre, the hall is getting super cramped I wonder if Serion thought this many people would come? I mean he is the Alpha of all wolves, so I guess it’s understandable.

I slowly mingle with the people from my pack, thanking them for coming and the birthday wishes. Serion and Payton go and take a stand on the stage and signal for everyone to quiet down so that he could talk, I make my way over to the side to get comfortable while he does his speech.

“Thank you all for coming! This is an extra special occasion tonight. Tonight, we are celebrating an 18th Birthday, not just any body’s 18th either this is my little sisters’ birthday... your Princess.”
Serion eyes everyone while that make their gasping sounds from not knowing he had a sister; I mean only our pack knew about me, so this is a big deal. Everyone starts whispering to each other wondering who his sister was? How this happened? Why didn’t anyone know?
“As you all know about my father, your pervious Alpha King, He managed to unknowingly create another offspring except this one is more powerful than any creature we know, her mother was a very powerful dark witch who most of you will also know.” he looks at me as if to prepare me to get ready.
“With the status of the previous Alpha king and her mother they managed to create the only known creature we call a Tribrid. My Sister, your princess is the only Tribrid created. She is part Witch, Vampire and Were Wolf, she is the strongest of each kind and has been completely trained in all areas of her creation since coming into my life.” he pauses and looks at me.
“Faith come up now.” Serion says through the mind-link we have.

I stand and slowly start to make my way up, while he continues to talk. “I would hear by like to welcome you in meeting and getting to know your Alpha Princess Faith.” Everyone weirdly enough starts clapping me like they have just realised what I will be able to do for them.
“Faith has been gifted to us from the gods of nature, being the only one who can fully defeat our father, Your previous Alpha King. Faith now being 18 has just completed her growth in both Vampirism and Werewolf, giving her full power and control over all her abilities. Tonight, we wish you all a fantastic evening knowing very soon our pain and loved ones who were lost at the hands of your previous Alpha will be Avenged for good!” Everyone cheers excited about the last part of that speech. “And lastly Faith will be happy to meet and chat with anyone needing extra knowledge as she has a special gift; she can show in order to ease your minds. Let the Party Commence!” with that he walks over to were Payton had been sitting and heads down to mingle.

I can feel people still standing there staring at me, trying to get the courage to come and ask me questions and get to know me, I mean don’t blame them I’m a completely different species they know nothing about.
I walk off the stage and notice a couple of my friends from school waiting in the corner for me so I head over before anyone can talk to me. “Well, that wasn’t the most awkward thing I’ve ever had to do.” I say to Emma, who has just rushed over to give me a hug.

“Oh, please Faith, you love the attention!” she says giving me a wink.

“Only when you’re getting it with me.” I wink at her remembering time at the coffee shop where we both meet some random guys that continued to give us attention the entre time we were there.

“Oh, soosh you!” she sides eyes me because she has, he Beloved beside her listening.

“Come off its Emma you guys hadn’t eve meet, and he knows the story he’s cools with it now. Aren’t you Mason?” I say while giving him my best smile.

“Of cause Faith, old news she is mine now that’s all that matters!”

“Good Boy, now are you guys keen for some legal drinking?”

All of them nod excitedly since we are now all 18 we can officially drink with everyone, it is however quite hard for us to get drunk but my brother has drinks that can at least get you tipsy no matter the species, so we head over to the bar and just having a few rounds to get us started for the night.

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