The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 9

After having a few drinks and a laugh with Emma and the rest we end up bumping into so people from the Red Moon pack which is a highly respected pack in our community.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I guess I had one to many drinks already.” I say embarrassed I didn’t even see them, Emma just giggles.

“Don’t stress princess it’s is your night after all! Allow me the chance to introduce myself, I am Alpha James from the Red Moon pack and this is my beautiful mate Ella also our son Jayson and his friends Liam, Emerson who will be the next leaders of our pack.”

“Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, I hope you all are enjoying your night?” I smile

“We sure are princess, we were indeed surprised to hear that Serion had managed to keep his little weapon a secret for so long. You really are a gift Faith.” He says admirably

“When he took me in after escaping at such a young age, he thought it wo u I’d be best to give me a childhood before exposing me to the world, especially when I wasn’t ready to take on my father.” I respond

“I’m so glad he got the chance to raise you, we go way back, and I know how much he wished for a child of his own. You have defiantly done wond3rs for both Serion and Payton.”

" I’ll honestly be the one forever grateful, he saved me when he didn’t have too.” I say sadly remembering where I came from. ” But they won’t need to worry about never experiencing this for their own. I’ve given them the best thank you I can today, they should be announcing soon enough.” I proudly say.

“He saved you. I would love to know more if you’re willing princess. Also, how? We have all tried to help them with failed success.” Curiosity written all over his face.

" As corny as this is going to sound, I can show you better than I can tell you.” His so Jayson Laughs at that part, so I smile “As for Payton not being able to conceive I have become the most powerful witch, Vampire and wolf combined into one, I had been working on a cure for her as promised when they took me in and today I was able to complete it.” I proudly admit.

“Well princess I look forward to hearing the news when the time comes.” He smiles “As or the showing me part I’m quite interested in how you plan to do that.”

“May I?” I say holding my hand out to touch his face. He nods, so I do my specialty of showing him everything up until now of the events that happened, he looks taken back with the first few memories where he shows is sympathy but shows his pride along with it. I don’t miss the part of showing how strong I am as well just so he knows I mean business.

“I so sorry you had to endure that at such a young age princess. I wonder if once you complete your mission here would you be interested in coming to my pack and training with a couple of my warriors and son, your strength and training would benefit my pack a lot with your guidance.”

“If my brother approves Alpha John it would be an honour to help out in every way I can for any pack that is.” I gracefully say. “If you don’t mind me asking Alpha John what is it that my Father did wrong to you while he was around? It’s just I can sense approval for revenge off you which only comes from a loss.”

“You are not wrong princess; he not only took away Serion’s Mother and took away both my mother and father who tried to help the Luna Queen.” He looks at his wife and son “They were both amazing people, would help anyone who needed it, my mother would always say how she couldn’t wait to meet her grandchildren and spoil them. He took that right away from both as well as my son meeting 2 very special people who meant the world to me.” He sadly admits. “But you princess, you have given me full hope of revenge finally happening, I have wanted to seek it myself for so long but have known my pack and I would be no match to him, with your power and leadership I would be honoured to help you succeed in any way possible.”

“When the time comes Alpha James, I’ll give you the pleasure of taking his last breath.” I say with a devilish smirk.

“Princess you would make me the happiest Alpha alive if I could.” He says with happiness.

I look over at his wife Ella, who also has a smile of pure happiness on her face which confuses me, so I ask her as Alpha James and his son get distracted and walk away.

“Luna Ella, if you don’t mind me asking you, why are you so full of happiness?”

“Oh princess, you have no idea what you have done for my husband, the day he lost his parents he lost a massive part of himself because he was defeated when I came to avenge them. He had given up hope of ever being able to which made him a very unhappy man regardless the people around him. I’ll be honest I’ve never seen him smile so much since he lost his parents. Seeing him like this melts my heart I can’t wait for the day you heal his heart.” She reassures me

" I’ll do my best to make sure he gets his wish Luna. ” I say

“Thank you, Princess, now I’ll go find them and you enjoy your night.”

With that she walks off and I realise I’ve lost Emma, who is over with all my other friends who all happen to have met someone, I walk over and realise they have all found their mates, which means other than the two boys I’ll be losing them soon. Not wanting to ruin the mood for anyone I head off to get some much-needed fresh air, which got me thinking because of what I am would I ever have a destined mate or beloved made only for me?

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