Willows Salvation

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I just entered Willows Salvation into the Inkitt writing contest. Please share my book with your friends, family, and werewolf loving friends. Also dont forget to comment on the chapters. Its all based on reader engagement so every little bit helps! Thank you and enjoy my first novel! Willow has seen the worst life has to offer. With an abusive father and a mother who never wanted her to start with, she prays to the goddess for her 18th birthday to come. She wants so badly to get away from them and finally be free of the cruel fate they have planned for her. Little does she know that she gets away from one cruel fate to run into another. Christopher is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack. Recently losing the only family he has left and he wants revenge. When a small beaten girl shows up unexpectedly on his territory he finds she is from the same pack that killed his father. He hates her for where she comes from and she is just glad to be away from her parents. What will unfold between these two? Keep reading to find out. ©Registered, Protected and Monitored- Copyright 2020 *Trigger warning* A few chapters in this book contain sexual and physical abuse. Please read at your own risk. I recommend this book for readers 18+.

Lisa Brill
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Chapter 1

She slowly crept up to the door to her father’s office. Willow knew better than to eavesdrop on his conversations with his Beta, Stephen, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to hear what sinister plan her father had hatched out now. Holding her breath hoping that he wouldn’t sense her outside the door she leaned in closer to the frame. The pack recently took on the Crescent Moon Pack and though they killed their Alpha they still lost the battle and many members of the pack. She was hoping that they could let it be for a while but there he was forming a plan of attack to take over a small pack just south of their borders. Her heart ached for those that were lost, and she felt the need to do something. The more she sat and listened to their conversation the angrier she became. Trying to find her courage she took a deep breath and barged in his office to try and get them to stop.

“Don’t you think we have enough land? Seriously can’t you just stop? Our people are hurting and mourning their lost loved ones because you can’t stop these ruthless no-good power-hungry attacks. Where is it really getting you? You take over one to gain members just to lose them. I mean my goddess it’s not like......”

He cut her off mid-sentence with a swift slap to the face causing her to fall backward. She didn’t even have time to register what had happened it all happened so fast. She scrambled to her feet and knew that his anger had no limit. She always seemed to receive the brunt of it and had received much worse than that growing up.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Did I ask you for your opinion? No, I don’t think I did. I told you to keep your mouth shut! What the Fuck are you doing snooping around in my business anyways. Such matters as this do not concern you. You are nothing but a mere meek little slut. A little bitch and if need be, I will show you your place again!′

Putting her hand to her face to make sure her lip wasn’t bleeding she slowly backed away until her back bumped into a table.

"I just think we need to stop for a while. Our pack is hurting, and they need time to morn their losses. Can’t you just see that?”

Dominic’s fists were balled, his eyes dark with fury and hate, anger crossing the features on his face, he started to stalk towards her. Turning on her heel, she started running out the door. She knew that the slap wasn’t the last of his anger and she had to get as far away as she could for now. Though he would find her he always did. As she ran through the house, she could hear his laughter in the background and didn’t miss the comment that went with it.

“That’s right. Run you little bitch. This is far from over. You have nowhere else to go you will be back and I will be waiting!”

She kept running until she was outside in her secret garden. It was a beautiful calming place that she often retreated to. With high shrubbery walls and lots of overgrowths that kept her shrouded. It was truly a sight to behold. Although it hadn’t been properly maintained the vines bloomed all around her. Butterflies floated on the breeze and the birds sang. It was the only safe place she had in this house. Her parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon Pack. Neither of them cared for the safety and well being of the pack, just themselves. Her father hated her and was in a constant power struggle to become the most feared pack although he was far from it. Her mother hated her for causing her to lose the love of her mate. Giving the Alpha a female heir instead of a male caused them to fall into ruin. She always made Willow feel like whatever Dominic did to her she deserved and never was there when she truly needed her. The only friend in this whole place she had was Tilly. She was a maid in the house and was also Willows keeper. She had always been there for as long as she could remember.

She looked up at the sky watching the sun play hide and seek with the clouds. She tried to remain calm and not overthink what her father had meant. When he let out a wicked laugh like that it was never good. Closing her eyes, she counted the hours until her 18th birthday. "24 more hours she thought. I have the right to choose where I want to be. If I don’t want to stay, I don’t have to. Once I hit 18, I can leave this place and never look back”. Although it made her happy to think of leaving she technically had to have the Alphas permission to do so.

Looking back to the sky the sun was slowly starting to go down. She knew it wouldn’t be long until she could go back inside and be safe for a few hours. The pack would leave soon to go back out on a pointless takeover. She rolled her eyes thinking how things would be so different if she was the Alpha but sighed as she knew that it was a pointless though because that would never happen.

She leaned against the wall and waited patiently for them to leave so she could go inside and figure out how she was truly getting out of here.

Christopher took over his role as Alpha with sadness and pride. He knew everything his father had taught him was leading to this moment but he wished his father hadn’t had to die for him to be where he was. He was a very fair leader and loved his pack so much. He would do anything to ensure their safety and well being. He commanded respect and gave it. Looking out the window of his new study he couldn’t help his mind drifting back a few days. He knew when his father had been killed, the whole pack knew and could feel the shift of leadership. He didn’t remember much after that. At that moment his whole world went black and he became ruthless and vile in his attacks. Taking one down after the other from the Blood Moon pack.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose he thought about his conversation with his father that day.

“Dad please don’t go. We can handle this honestly. Let your wounds heal and rest. We need you back in tip-top shape for when the idiots decide to strike again.”

“Come now, Christopher. Do you really think that a few cuts and scrapes are going to slow me down? Its time that the Blood Moons learn whos superior and where their place really is”

“They are more than cuts and scrapes and you know it. I know you are healing fast but it was an awfully deep wound.”

Holding up his hand to get him to stop talking, Christopher’s father placed it gently on his shoulder giving it a small squeeze before embracing his son in a hug “Chris you worry too much I am fine honestly. Let’s go put this pack down and show them who they are truly messing with.”

Pulling back he looked at the smile his father was giving him and smiled back. “I love you, dad. Let’s do this.”

“Love you too son, After you”

He wiped a silent tear off his cheek. He knew there was no way he could bring his father back. He hated the blood moons for sending his father to an early grave. For hurting his pack and him in a way that would take a long time to heal. His father was a great man and he vowed if it was the last thing he did he would get revenge, one way or another.

Hey everyone! What do you think of Chapter 1? Will Willow ever get away from her awful parents? Will Chris get revenge for his father's untimely death?

Let me know what you think by dropping a comment below!

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