Uniquely White.

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Carter is a young misunderstood teenage werewolf in her pack. Almost 16 and never shifted. But she is about to become the most unique wolf known. After finding her mate she lets him in on his secret, but someone else was listening. Will Carter live her life with her mate or will the unspeakable ruin her chances

Fantasy / Mystery
Chloe K
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Chapter 1

My Name is Carter Morgan and let’s just say I’m not your average teenage girl, I’m actually a werewolf, however I haven’t actually shifted like everyone else yet.
my father is the head warrior for our pack the sliver moon, my dad helped train the alpha to his full potential, so basically my dad is super strong! Like most dads he wanted a son so that he could train him to take his position when the time came, however he was only blessed with yours truly... ME!
I’m 5 foot 5 so I’m not overly tall or short, I have long wavy black hair with bright Green eyes and long thick eye lashes like my mothers. Being a werewolf gives you great genes when it comes to figures & looks but for me, I wasn’t really anything special I was literally just your average teenager.
My mother died when I was 5 saving out Luna. So, both my dad and I took it hard, my dad was stronger, so he took it upon himself to train me to be his warrior. He wasn’t gentle about it when training he went full force brutal, but I never hated it because it helped me deal with everything. I started training young probably about a year after mum died and I have trained ever since! I’m stronger than the Alpha’s son now which is a massive accomplishment! However, no one else knows about it except for my dad as he says its uncommon for females to be stronger than males, especially when your stronger than the Future Alpha. He was proud though super proud of his warrior!

I attend a more traditional high school called Sliver Moon High, we have a mix of werewolves and humans as it’s only a small town, but mostly it full of our kind here. I have two best friends and because I’m not like most my age they are both human. I have Maney who is a boy we have been the best of friends since preschool, I would honestly be lost without him! We did/do everything together. Maney is on our High School football team so I guess you could say he is like a jock; he just choose not to act like the rest which thankfully they respect otherwise they would have me to deal with which I think Maney realised.
Then there is Charlie who is a girl, we have been friends since Grade 1 when her and her family moved to our town; Maney and I were the only kids that even gave her a chance so we have all been super close ever since. Charlie is on our High School cheer squad and luckily for Maney and I she also refuses to act like your typical cheer leader; since the cheer captain is a werewolf she doesn’t try and make her because she is friends with me and everyone kind of knows not to mess with me, especially after the last time someone tried to come between us! We have an unbreakable bond and when people mess with my family they mess with me.
Everyone thinks I have some serious anger issues but really I just love fighting it’s like my own personal training ring at school, I get to test my bad ass moves out on different people that are not my dad, I have to know he isn’t lying to me when he tells me how good I am somehow!
Maney always tries to stand up for Charlie and I with the boys when they are talking crap about us but Charlie always tries to keep the peace as she absolutely hates any type of fighting! Maney always loves a good fight like me, we both encourage each other along, sometimes he will try and jump in and look the hero type with me, I have trained him well I’ve taught him everything he knows when it comes with fighting because when we were kids he was always picked on and bullied when I wasn’t around so once dad taught me I taught Maney. Obviously, he isn’t as strong as me or any werewolf but with humans we can’t use our abilities, so he doesn’t know any better. He would always question me on how I learnt how to fight so good but I always told him that after mum died dad let me take so self-defence classes to help me cope, secretly now he kind of knows there is more to my story but is waiting patiently for when I am able to tell him everything.

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