The Awakening: Spellbound

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"Copper" Jackson Deporte wears many hats. Currently part of an elite team of assassins of the Ural Mountain Pack. His mission, find ten missing alpha mate's that have been sold at the black market to vampires and sorcerers. He must go undercover to get behind enemy lines. To do this he must be captured and sold as well. It's high stakes with his life on the line in exchange for fame, women, and other privileges. Copper is bought into the world of witches and wizards, only to be standing in front of the very wizard who has been cursing his kind, turning them into zombies slaves. As his gladiator, will he earn his trust to unlock the mystery of the curse? His skills will be tested as he discovers a world of magic. Crystal Page also is a member of this elite team of assassins. A Delta's daughter of a pack in France. With a strict upbringing with zero tolerance shaped her to expect nothing less from others. Her hard work and perseverance landed her a transfer to the Ural Mountain Pack and a position on the team. Her water ability gives her an edge in the poisoning department. Although this mission is not her strength, she takes on this challenge regardless to find the girls. Will Crystal keep it together as the other females openly disrespect and belittle her? Or will she slip something in their drink? Will Copper's promotion cause him to loose sight of his mission? Find out.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Awakening Series

This is book three. It can be read without reading the first.

Spellbound, takes the point of view of two of Amber's teammates of assassins searching for the missing werewolf females sold to sorcerers.

This takes the point of view of Amber, a spy/assassin sent in to find missing werewolf females sold to Vampires.

Here's the Awakening Series:

The Awakening: The Beginning

The Awakening: Bloodlust

The Awakening: Spellbound

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