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Wings of Death

By ughnotagain All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


This world of mine is full of light and happiness, however this world of mine is also engaged in war. We are at war with the Dark Angels, angels who are mirror images of ourselves; every angel is born with a mirror image who embodies evil and destruction, ultimately filled with hatred for their own mirror image. One could say that our ultimate goal is to destroy our other selves, or perhaps we are merely meant to overcome them. Since my incident I don’t really know.

This world of mine is called Heaven, and I am known by one name: Sky Azuri. That is the name I was given at birth by my parents simply because of the scarlet colour of the sky, said to bring good luck to those who are born under the colour of the sunset. My two siblings, my older sister and brother, died when I was three. My parents were also once part of the combat division, however they were murdered when I turned twelve. After that incident, I was taken in by the leader of Heaven, and when I turned sixteen I began living on my own. There was once a time where the jobs I did around heaven simply involved running errands alongside my job of being part of the Elite, a small sub-division of the Combat Division. The Elite are the strongest of the Combat Angels, and we are also known as Valkyries. This is my story of bloodshed and love, a love I never truly deserved…

We were running laps around the track for training again, with the occasional obstacle thrown in front of us to help us build up our reflexes and response time. I was running beside one of the other guys in the Elite, probably the only one of the division who could keep up with me. His name was Cameron, and he was really chatty, though sometimes some of the crap that came out of his mouth really pissed me off. Other than that, I didn’t mind the guy too much; he was only a year older than I was, so since we had such a close age range we usually spent our time training together. He was tall and decent looking, with dark messy hair and hazel eyes. He was well built thanks to our rigorous training every day, and he had two piercings in his right ear and one in the left. For some reason he thinks girls will be more attracted to him like that.

The others were all much older and had more experience, but I was still the strongest besides our leader, Gabriel. Gabriel wore an eye patch over his left eye because he had been injured during a battle about six years ago. He was a bit gruff, and heavily built. His sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and he always wore a heavy black trench coat with some kind of silver pendant around his neck. Gabriel threw something straight at us, and I only just barely dodged it.
“Fuck me,” I swore as I dodged the flying ball.
“It would be my pleasure.” Cameron said as we continued running.
I glared at him. “You’re looking for a good kick in the face.” I growled. I was used to this sort of talk from him, but it didn’t make it any less irritating.

“You practically asked for it.” Cameron defended himself.
“Less talking and more dodging!” Gabriel shouted at us.
I swore again and this time I felt one of the objects make contact with my head.
“Sky, you need to be paying more attention; if this were a real battle your head would be gone by now.” Gabriel chastised me.
“Right, I got it.” I mumbled unhappily as I rubbed my forehead gently.
“Take a break you two,” Gabriel ordered, “Back in ten.”
I watched as he walked away and I sighed with relief. Cameron and I walked over to the benches and I picked up my water bottle, taking a sip and sat down. I used my towel sitting beside me to wipe the sweat from my face, and Cameron sat down beside me.
“He is so brutal sometimes.” He complained.
“Well you should shut up more often then.” I retorted.
He laughed and slapped my back, “But it’s hilarious seeing your reactions. It must be tough being one of the prettiest girls in our age bracket.”
I shuddered. Yeah, that was another problem I had to deal with. Sadly, while I was popular, I also had the unfortunate luck of being deemed attractive. So therefore I was stuck with the other guys pining for my attention. Thankfully Cameron wasn’t like that-he just teased me for it.
“Shut it, Cam.” I muttered before taking another sip of my water. He laughed again.
“Right you two, back to work.” Gabriel said as he walked back onto the centre oval, ordering us back onto the track. I groaned and moved back to the track, and this time he started changing his method and pattern of training. Instead of throwing objects at us, he instead used himself as an obstacle alongside the objects. I wasn’t sure if I preferred this method of training or if I hated it. I periodically changed my mind about this sort of thing as sometimes I could be really good at it and other times I just ended up badly bruised everywhere. Today was one of the good days, thankfully.

After another hour of blood and sweat, Gabriel dismissed us from training for the day. Cameron and I walked to the change rooms where we split up and headed for the showers. Once I was clean of sweat I changed into one of my favourite dresses; it was hunter green with a v-neckline and the sleeves were fitted and made of lace. It fell just past my knees and I had a black ribbon to tie around my waist. I left my caramel hair down and pulled on my neat brown heels before picking up my bag and drink bottle, and then I headed out to meet Cameron. We both worked the same job of running errands, and we both started in half an hour.
“See you shortly,” Cameron said as I headed for my small house.
“Yep,” I replied, “And don’t be late!”
“Yeah, yeah, calm down sweet thing.” Cameron said, waving off my comment and disappearing around the corner.
I sighed and unlocked the front door; I dumped my stuff off in my room and stretched my arms before looking around my room. My room was a mess. Clothes had been scattered all over the floor and recently I’d pulled everything out of my wardrobe so I could find one small item that I had a panic attack over. I hadn’t bothered to clean since, so I decided to pass time by cleaning up some of the psychotic mess, and when I looked over at my clock I swore. It was five minutes until I had to be at work! I dumped what I was holding and ran out the door, running towards the office building in which I received my jobs. When I showed up breathing heavily from running, Cameron looked at me with a smug smile as if to say ‘now who’s late?’
“Have a nice run?” he asked.
“Shut it Cam!” I snapped, and stormed into the building. He followed after me and we walked together up to the head office on the top floor. We always took the stairs as the elevator could not be trusted-of course, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I don’t like the idea of it stopping between floors with no way to get out. We entered the office and we were given our list of errands to run; first we had to move a whole bunch of boxes full of fragile items to a new storage place. Then we had to deliver some confidential letters that could only be hand delivered by a trusted associate, and then we had to file some documents. Again.
We headed down to the unloading area and Cameron and I both picked up a box each; they were heavy, and the weight led me to wonder what was inside them. However, I did not look as that was forbidden, and we both headed for the Special Storage Unit nearby the office building. As we walked there, my second least favourite person in the whole universe stopped in passing.

Her name was Kylie; she had long straight jet black hair and dark eyes to go with her rather thin curvy figure. She was a bitch, always picking on my small mistakes.
“Hello Sky, I hear that you got in trouble yesterday for not doing your job properly. That just shows how irresponsible you really are; after all, this isn’t the first time is it?” Kylie smiled sweetly at me as she twisted some of her dark strands around her finger.
She was referring to how I accidentally placed one single file under the wrong heading. She only found out through her father, who was actually a really nice person in contrast. He pointed out my mistake and I immediately fixed it, and there were no more problems. But since he spoke about his day at home, it gave Kylie a bunch of reasons to pick on me. I’m amazed I haven’t punched her through a brick wall yet.
Cameron rolled his eyes. He was used to Kylie giving me needless shit as well, and I’m pretty sure if I let him he would do the punching for me.
I sighed, “You’re lucky I didn’t put your file under the title Trash.”
Cameron snorted and Kylie looked at me with shock. I smiled sweetly and then continued walking past her, heading for my destination. Cameron followed me and I placed the box in my hands down carefully. He placed his besides mine, and then we headed back. We continued walking back and forth until all of the boxes were stacked neatly and carefully in the Special Storage Unit, occasionally waving to passers-by and then we began our next task. I picked up my pile of letters to be delivered alongside Cameron, and we headed out.
“Do you ever find this job tiring?” I asked Cameron dully.
“With you around it’s hilarious.” He replied.
I kicked him in the back of the knee, causing him to fall flat on his face on the white pavement. He seemed undeterred as he quickly regained his footing and continued to walk with me. I’d kick him again, but that would take effort and I couldn’t be bothered kicking him again.
“I believe all of that training with the Elite has just made you more violent.” He said, trying to be fancy.
“I believe all of that training with the Elite has just made you slightly dumber.” I retorted casually.
He laughed. I just could not win with him-was he not upset by any of my insults I threw at him!?

We were heading back to the Head Office to complete our final job when an alarm sounded throughout the large halls and streets.
“Warning: There has been a breach of security in the East Sector. All Combat divisions are to report at once.”
At the same time that the announcement was being made, one of the messenger birds flew towards us. Compared to the birds on Earth, our birds usually have long tail feathers that curled up at the end and appeared in different colours and sizes. The phoenix and the blue bird were just two of my favourites.

The pale blue and white bird came to land on my shoulder and it was holding a note in its beak. I took the small letter and opened it to find Gabriel’s handwriting scribbled across the page.

It’s urgent. Report immediately.

I looked to Cameron and handed him the note; he read it and frowned. “Sounds like that announcement wasn’t just for show this time.” He said. He was referring to all of our practice drills, and few were ever actually real. I nodded and we headed straight for the Combat Division headquarters, a large building with several training facilities for authorised personnel only.

When we got there everyone was standing and waiting for their orders. Gabriel was standing at the head of the large oval table that was lit by a L.E.D light underneath the glass that changed colours. We took our places quickly at the table and Gabriel began speaking.
“As you know, we are currently at war with the Dark Angels. The East Sector has been infiltrated, and in order for me to look into the reason behind why, they are here I need you to hold them off. Do whatever it takes-I don’t care. Now go.” He ordered.

Running, we immediately headed for the centre of devastation to find that the main gate had been destroyed completely, and several homes had fallen victim to their devastation. The rest of the Combat Division was already trying to hold off the Dark Angels, and I watched as a couple fell victim to their enemies’ weapons. I felt a familiar presence behind me, and I span around just in time to dodge her kick. She landed in front of me, a look of pure malice on her face. I was looking right at my own mirror image, and my most hated enemy.

She smiled at me, “Hello Sky, it’s been a while.” She greeted.
She had the same long wavy caramel coloured hair I did, and the same ice blue eyes. She had the same figure and the same features. The only thing that wasn’t the same about us was our names.
“Hello Cerise.” I replied bitterly. She was everything I hated and couldn’t stand; hatred, malice, jealousy-every negative emotion that could potentially tear someone apart.

“Well now, no need to look so angry.” Cerise giggled.
I lunged at her with the intention of landing a punch, but she dodged. We engaged in a fight, both of us just as skilled as the other. I dodged her kick and landed a blow on her jaw-I really wasn’t suited to fighting in a dress. She looked at me with anger as she spat blood onto the pavement, and I suddenly realised something was wrong. I turned my head and made the mistake of tearing my attention away from Cerise; the Dark Angels were retreating-had they received some unknown order? Was their purpose merely to distract us? I was knocked out of my thoughts as Cerise kicked me hard in the side of the head; I fell to the ground, my vision spinning. She leant down beside me, close enough so that I could hear her.

“Next time you should pay attention to your opponent, Sky.” She said, and then left. I could hear her footsteps fading in the distance, and eventually I blacked out.

I woke in the hospital ward to find Cameron sitting on the edge of my bed and Gabriel standing at the end. My head was pounding and I felt nauseated. Cameron leant over to see if I was awake and he smiled, “Hey, she finally woke up.”
I groaned. “What happened?” I asked.
“You were knocked unconscious by Cerise. You have a concussion.” Gabriel answered.
“How are you feeling?” Cameron asked.
I sighed, “Like my head’s going to explode.”
“I’ll leave you to rest for a while. There’s something I need to talk to you about later.” Gabriel said, turning to leave.
“Wait,” I called out, “Something wasn’t right-it felt like it was only a diversion from their greater goal." I said.
Gabriel stopped and turned to me with a serious look on his face. “They’ve destroyed the Main Sector.” He told me.
I felt my blood go cold. The main sector was the control sector for Yggdrassil, which controlled and eradicated bugs from the four systems that held up heaven. One system was dedicated to the element of water, another to fire, and another for wind and the other for earth. I suppose one could say that the systems are like computers, only they weren’t computers. Not even I quite get it, to be honest.
“But if the Main Sector has been destroyed then what will happen to the Four Systems?” I asked.
“If the Main System isn’t restored, total annihilation of the gates between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.” Gabriel answered.
“How long do we have?” I asked quickly.
“Two years at most.” Cameron replied.
Two years? Two Years!? From what I could remember, it was going to take a lot longer than two years to completely restore it. If it were only minor damage, it could be fixed in no longer than a week.
“What are we going to do?” I asked. Gabriel seemed to be lost in thought as if he were fighting a battle to tell me something or not.
He sighed, “When you’re released from hospital, you’ll be sent on a top secret mission to Earth to find someone who doesn’t have a mirror image of themselves.”
I stared at him with disbelief and shock. Me? I was chosen? I watched him as he turned and left, and I could hardly think.
“Top secret mission-I’m jealous.” Cameron said, poking me.
I looked to him with horror, “Cameron, I have no idea what to do. What if I fail?” I asked him.
He smiled at me, “You don’t have to worry-I’ll be assisting you from up here.”

Well, that made me feel at least a little better. But that still meant I was going to be down on Earth all alone, and I didn’t like the idea of that. Where would I live-how would I get around!?
“Sky, stop winding yourself up for a panic attack.” Cameron said, “You’ll do fine.”
“Where am I going to live and what am I going to do about money?” I retorted.
He shrugged his shoulders, “I’m sure you’ll find something. Hijack someone’s house if you have to.”
“What? I would.”
I glared at him, “I know you would.”
“So what’s your problem?” He asked.
“It’s not fair just to barge into someone’s house uninvited and start using their things. It’s rude.” I said.
“Damn, you were raised too well.” He muttered under his breath.

I rolled my eyes. It was true to a degree, I suppose. When my parents died, Lady Alice took me in and raised me herself. She was kind and I loved her more than I did my own parents. I never really knew my parents since they were always out, and sometimes I actually wonder if they even cared about me.
“Well I was raised by Lady Alice.” I muttered back.
He laughed, “Yeah, that’s true.” He said as he stood, “I better get back to my little sister; she must be terrified. Get some rest-you’ll need it for the mission.”
I smiled, “Say hi to Celia for me.”
“Will do.”
I watched him as he left. His younger sister, Celia, was all he had left of his family. His parents had died in an accident when he was thirteen, and since then he had been working hard to provide for himself and Celia. She was cute and I liked her, despite her asking if Cameron and I were going out. Sure, Cameron was probably my closest friend and ally, but I didn’t like him that way. I closed my eyes and drifted back off to sleep, deciding to take Cameron’s advice to get some rest.

I was finally out of hospital after two days of horrible food and being poked and prodded at. Occasionally Celia had come to visit to give me something she had made; she was quite good at cooking, and I enjoyed whatever she made. I stood facing Gabriel and Cameron, having been given my orders for what I needed to do to complete this mission.
“We will periodically contact you to tell you of the progress that’s happening up here, and you will be informed of any matters concerning the mission.” Gabriel told me.
“Don’t be stupid and land in a tree or anything.” Cameron teased.
I glared at him and he smiled. I was about to ask something, but before I could everything turned black.

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