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The Hidden Realm

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The Forgotten Past

When I first heard the alarm go off, I felt so lost. I had forgotten the events from the previous night, and for a few minutes things seemed normal again. As I got up to find a shower, Ashton was nowhere to be seen. His spot on the bed was ice cold. This was normal, every sleep over I’ve had with him he seemed to disappear in the night.

As I took my shower my memory began to recover. I was lost in thought. I began to recall the events that took place once again. Chills shooting through my body as I regret leaving such a cherished box just laying there. Ready for anyone to take it. But who would take a box like that. Granted, it was a beautiful, hand carved wooden box with gold tips and swirls throughout it. An elegant touch to the outside with a golden lock by the handle. Although I barely locked it, I always had the key around my neck. I haven’t taken it off since I had lost my parents.

After my shower, I wonder off into the small, spotless kitchen and see a box of custard donuts and a hot caramel mocha waiting for me with a handwritten note next to it saying “Had to run errands, stay here until I come back, don’t go anywhere.”

This note was a strange thing for Ashton to do. Growing up, he would always write notes on napkins and slip it in my school locker, backpack, or even my lunchbox to cheer me up. But they were always sweet and heartwarming, never telling me not to go anywhere. Maybe he just wanted to talk to me for a bit since I had fallen asleep so early last night, which was also nothing new.

Thinking nothing of his note, I quickly throw on jeans and a jacket, devour another donut and grab my coffee and head out of the door.

The air smelled of nature and rain, my favorite time of day. Fog stayed low only allowing me to see ten feet in front of me. taking in the fresh air while heading to the corner store down the street was such a relaxing feeling. After everything that happened yesterday, I needed a break and a clear head.

The store bell rang as I walked through the door, and the usual clerk was half asleep barely regarding my entrance. I grabbed some essentials I would need if I stay at Ashton’s and headed back on my way. This time, the store bell did not ring.

The air had turned cold as night and the sun had hidden behind the clouds. Wishing I had put on another jacket, I quickly pull mine closer to me to keep warm. Turning the corner back to the apartment, I hear footsteps around me. Not ordinary footsteps, but deafening ones in every direction of me.

I look around but no one is in sight, if I couldn’t see anyone, then surely they couldn’t see me. At least that’s what I kept telling myself. As I hurry along the path I can hear little whispers all around me, in every direction. Looking around once again, I refuse to stop walking. Walking turns into running as the whispers turn to screams and the footsteps grow louder and faster.

The world starts to spin as I struggle to maintain my balance. Losing track of direction and forgetting which way can lead to my safety, it feels as if I am barely breathing. Just breathing enough to survive as I gasp for more air. I drop my bags of groceries and coffee as I hold on to my throat begging for my lungs to work right.

My attention gets drawn to a long figure like nothing I’ve ever seen before, seemingly eight feet tall with long fingers dragging on to the concrete and bright glowing eyes shining through the fog. Staring right at me. Dragging it fingers across the street, slowly moving closer to me.

Just as the world turns black.

“What did you do to her? I said bring her back unharmed!” Almost yelling, a strange familiar distant voice makes no effort to hide how distraught and worried he was. Ashton?

With a booming voice, “I did not touch the girl, she has not seen any of her world before. She reacted as any human girl would. Nearly dying of her own fear and creating a fake reality.”

“There is nothing fake about what happened! She needs to know. We have hidden it from her for too long now! It is time she learns her destiny is bigger than she would’ve imagined.”

“But King Oberon said -”

“I know what he said! But we can no longer protect her in this world. She needs to be with her parents again. They found her.” They found me? How did my parents find me? That was simply impossible. They’re dead. Am I dead? My thoughts seemed to fade away as my vision blurred into an empty black hole once again.

The throbbing in my head was nearly immeasurable. Shining bright light I could barely open my eyes. As my eyes adjust to the brightly lit room I lay in, I slowly lift my head to look around. Getting my vision back, I realize that I am nowhere I’ve ever been.

The room was cold with a breeze causing me to shiver all over. Rubbing my arms I slowly try to stand. The throbbing in my head slowly resided as I forced myself on to the wall for balance. I was in a cave. With snow coming in from the bright entrance I could barely see a dark figure coming into the cave staring at me. This time, the figure looked more humanistic than the last. Walking towards me, I notice familiar features.

The dark hair falling just above the eyes. The frosty blue eyes. Long legs and a decent build. Ashton.

“Princess, you’re awake sooner than I expected. I just went to get some wood for the fire.” He nods his head in the direction of a burning flame, somehow I just now begin to feel its warmth aid me.

Struggling for words, the only thoughts I manage to make are “Where am I? What happened?” Nothing is right anymore, I’m lost and confused.

“You, my princess” He said with a smile forming on his face, “are in the Unseelie Court, Traveling to the Seelie Court under direct orders from the King Oberon himself.” He paused a moment in deep thoughts, as if deciding to tell me a huge detail. “Who also happens to be.. your father”.

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