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Bonded by force.. That's what life mates are.. That's how the world is now. They came to our world from a far far away world. At first we thought nothing was wrong. But alas..! Only we were wrong! They invaded our whole world within two days. They launched their invasion at the same time around the whole world , making it impossible for us to get help from others. And soon we were defeated by their technology and their strength combined with their abnormal abilities. They overpowered us with their huge muscular silver bodies. Both males and females. Each and every one of them was over 6ft height and we were weak compared to them. Then they chose or rather forced us to become their life mates. And these aliens..who defeated us...they are called as, The... THUNDER CLAN..!!! A/N Each and every picture included in this book belongs to their rightful owners.

Fantasy / Erotica
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The Clash

It happened so fast..

No one knew what happened...


Only them..

The Thunder Clan people..

We were always aware that there was life outside of our universe. But we never found any proof for that.

One day...Changed it all!

We all woke up to the bombs explosions and to the sounds of utter chaos around us.

We fought with all we had...

But they were strong.

They were fast.

They were magical..

We were soon under their control.

It took only two days for us to loose our planet to them.

And after that our so called leaders gave up offering the human race for their own salvation.

At first they accepted it without any bargain.

But as soon as we surrendered, they killed our leaders. Leaving us with no one to guide us.

And soon they took control.

Humans were devided according to their abilities and were given the lowest states of the society.

I was small when the invasion happened.

And both of my parents died along the other humans who fought hard.

Afterthat I lost my childhood.

I was taken to the facilities and they took the human children who were orphans.

Everyday was a living nightmare to us.

We were constantly abused and was given hard work with bare food to survive.

We all slept in a huge hall.

Only a thin blanket and a hard mattress was given.

Many children died due to the lack of nutrition and rest.

Only a few survived.

Days passed into weeks.

And weeks passed into months. Soon twenty years passed and it was time for me to participate for the


A Ceremony where all the females and the males had go when they are twenty five years old.

There, the Aliens or as they call themselves; The Thunder Clan people will choose their "Bound Mates".

They choose their life partners in this ceremony. It was a tradition they kept for around years since they captured our world.

I can remember seeing how people acted before they went to this so called ceremony , "Rapier".

Some cried with sadness because they were about to loose their freedom.

Others cried with happiness because they were about to have a better life. And some even tried to escape resulting an immediate bonding.

Which was painful and cruel. They were thrown into the "Rapier Dungeon." Where the aliens who were near to loose their minds were residing. They were near the blink of craziness due to been mateless and they accepted anyone who were given to them , in cruel ways.

In short words the bonding with them was like ,suffering in hell.

I survived in this world for twenty-five years and this year it was time for me to participate for the "RAPIER".


I woke up to the harsh yellings and bangings from the outside of my room.

"Get up you worthless human!

Don't let me come and get you!!"

I grudgingly rubbed my eyes and opened them.

Welcome to another day in hell...

"Yes master I am up and getting ready."

"You better be whore!!

Get down in 10 minutes.

There is a meeting in ten minutes in the kitchen!"

"Yes Ma'am."

And with that I got ready with a ragged dress and washed my face.

Everything is changed.

I heaved a long sigh and stepped out into the narrow corridor. It led me to the common room. Soon I came into the kitchen area , and found my other friends there. They were all wearing rags and were dirty. I took a place in a corner and waited for the meeting to start.

Soon our master came into the room with his mate. Both of them were over 6ft height.

"As you all know you worthless humans, today is the day for The Rapier ceremony.

I want everyone of you to find a life mate and to get out from the facility.

We've been generous enough to provide for you until The Rapier. But we will no longer provide for you.

So it either you find a mate or die on the streets!"

At that he smiled cruelly. His silver body along with his bonded mates' body dominated the whole room.

"So get ready. You have been provided with an outfit and all. Now get lost!"

He dismissed us rudely.

And we silently went to our rooms.

The facility which I live in , is in the lowest sector.

There are five sectors in the world now. The bottom one, which is my one, is called as sector five. Which consists of orphanages and slave houses. Most of the humans in here are either slaves or orphans.

Then there is the forth sector. It is consists of farmers and workers.

Then the third sector. Where there are teachers, doctors and other humans who are doing professional jobs. These bottom three sectors are consist with only humans.

But they have a leader from The Thunder Clan to control them.

Then there is the second sector , where all the low ranking Thunder Clan pepole are residing.

Lastly the Sector One.

Which is basically like a Royal Domain for the Clan.

There all the higher officials of the Clans' army, like commanders resides. But these two Sectors , Sector One and Sector Two are the only sectors where you can find human mates.

As other three below sectors are only for humans and they have an appointed leader to look after the Sector.

The first and the second sector with their whole army and everything ,guards The Sacred Council.

Which is consist with five of the most powerful Clans' people aka aliens.

Some say that only a few have seen the council.

The Sacred Council is the head of everything. They keep everything under their control. And they issue new rules and regulations behalf of the entire Thunder Clan.

This is how the world works now.


I took the simple red dress into my hands and went into my tiny washroom to wash myself.

I quickly washed myself and got ready. Soon I finished my morning routine and went out.

A line was already formed and soon two large trucks pulled in front of the line.

We were then forcefully pushed inside the trucks.

This is the end of my freedom...

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