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Not What It Seems

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A spin off story to Heart of the Beast, Zeriah, is a mage in the large town of Laencaster. But strangely, she is limited to only use Light Magic. And so, she uses her abilities to help those around her town. One day, she finds a mirror at the local market that seems to have something unnatural about it. Turns out, there's a demon trapped in the mirror who only she can see. Now a difficult decision is ahead. Should she free the demon from the mirror? Because, if she does, she's in for the adventure of a lifetime with an unlikely friend.

Fantasy / Romance
Diana Hart
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Chapter 1

I don’t know who I am. And don’t take this as a simple amnesia story, it’s not. I remember my whole life. But the thing is, I don’t truly know to what purpose I have in this world. Most people don’t, but mine is a special case. While growing up, my teachers would even describe me as an enigma among people. At this point, I’m not certain if Romos Himself has a story written for me.

To explain, I was left at the Academy for Magic Users as an infant. No note. Nothing to explain who I was or where I came from. Maybe my parents couldn’t handle raising a Magic User. Maybe they died. I don’t know. In addition, I am limited in what type of magic I can use. I can only access Light Magic. Try as I might, I am unable to use any other form of Magic.

Truth be told, Light Magic has a wide variety of uses and abilities. I can cast something as simple as a light source to a protective barrier. I am limited on offensive magic though. Light Magic is seen more as something Holy, and thus protects rather than attacks. But one form of Magic that connects to my abilities is the Magic to heal. And so, I have stayed in my hometown to work as a healer to the people of Laencaster.

It is the largest Town outside the central part of the Kingdom of Alovia. And because we have the Academy here, we often get visited by Lady Zaria La Croix. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be alive. When I was still a baby, I became sick with White Fever. Though it isn’t often deadly when treated correct, Lady La Croix came to my aid due to my age and weak immune system at the time.

And because she saved me, to honor her, the teachers at the academy decided to name me after her, with a small change to the spelling. My name is Zeriah, and as far as I know I am the only Light Mage in all Alovia. For twenty-two years, I have learned to master my magic and have helped those in need. I never expected my life to change so drastically because one mystical mirror.

One morning, I was doing my usual rounds in the center of Laencaster. I had become a common face for most people in this part of the town. I greeted friends I knew as I walked along. Once the sun was high in the sky, I walked into a tavern that had become a common spot for me. My close friend owned and ran the tavern. Once I walked in, I was greeted by her warm voice.

“Zeriah!” She called out to me. “How are you doing today?”

I gave her a smile. “I’m doing well. Just finished my morning rounds. I should be finished with them all soon. I may be able to go to the market if I have time. How’s your husband and little one?”

“Erik hasn’t returned from duty yet with the Kings Army.” She explained. “But I recently got a letter from him saying he’s doing well. Lina is having a good time at school, made a few new friends.”

“I’m glad to hear that Elaine.” I stated as I leaned against the bar.

She placed a plate in front of me, steaming hot and fresh from the oven. It was my favorite item she cooked. Chicken with a side of vegetables and potatoes. It was simple, but filling and delicious. It became my usual order whenever I arrived at the tavern. We talked while I had my fill of food and enjoyed the company. Once I had finished my meal, I continued my way.

I considered myself lucky, I had finished early and had plenty of time to go to the market. I had heard that there was a new merchant who had set up recently, selling magical items. Whenever a merchant had come with magical items, I always tried to make it there to find anything I would find useful. Whether it be for potions, or study, I usually found something that I could either give to the academy or find some use in my job.

By the time I had reached the market, I noticed a large crowd around the stall I was seeking. Working my way past the large gathering, I glanced over the objects and smirked at them. Most of them were dime a dozen magical objects that were just dyed to look different. There were a few potions that were a little harder to come by, but otherwise, most items were things I didn’t need and had no purpose for. I was about to walk away, feeling disappointed in the lack of items. But, as I turned, a mirror caught my eye, and I was drawn to it. I was surprised that no one else seemed to mind it.

I caught the merchant’s attentions. “Please, tell me about the mirror.”

He smiled. “You have quite an eye, my friend. That is an enchanted mirror. It’s said to be a window to other realms. And others have claimed that it holds a magical spirit to converse with.”

I looked over the mirror. It was framed in black intricate designs and was shaped like a diamond. In one corner there was a crack that spread to the sides but didn’t damage the central part of the mirror. Something told me that I had to purchase the mirror. And without thinking too much about it, I pulled out my pouch and handed the merchant the desired price.

He handed me the mirror and I placed it under my arm and made my way home. There was something about this mirror that I had to learn about. Something pulled me towards it, and I needed to know why. Without waiting, I walked straight to my home with the wall décor in my grasp.

I opened the door to my domicile and entered the dark area. I a quick wave of my wrist caused a light orb to appear and float to the ceiling. The area illuminated and I took in my small living area. Though I had plenty of money available, I chose to stay in a moderate living area with only one bedroom. The rest of the home was relatively small with a connected living, dining, and kitchen. The only additional room, besides the bathroom, was a small study that had to make potions and to develop my abilities.

I didn’t hesitate to walk to the additional room. Finding an empty wall, I quickly set the mirror its surface and hung it there. Once it sat in place, I looked over the artifact once more. The design was foreign to me, but there was something familiar in it. I felt like I had seen the design somewhere. I just didn’t know where.

“What draws me to you?” I said as I placed my hand on the face of the mirror.

“Oh! So, you’re drawn to me?” A voice called out to me.

My eyes widened as I looked beyond my hand and saw a skull like face staring back at me. I let out a shriek and fell backwards. Out of everything else, I didn’t expect the mirror to have an enchanted being in it.

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