Insanity Online! The Forging Of A TRUE NORD

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Night Adventures With NO Adventures

Walking out of town I once again feel the gaze of the Orc who stands guard at night. His gaze travels down my back which makes me shiver a little (or maybe it’s just the cold).

Making my way out until his gaze disappears I then go look for a nearby wolf.

I soon find one strolling about. Giant and menacing looking the night wolves are. Also their canines grow quite a bit. I really shouldn’t go against them because they look terrifying. However I still get close to it.

NAME:Winter Wolf (Night Variant) [lvl12]

Eeek! level 12.

I really really shouldn’t screw with this guy. However I still do because I have a chance to beat the wolf…I think.

I stand up and sprint to the wolf and it aggros on me. Turning and pouncing in my direction I jump to the side swiveling in the air and swing down on the wolf.

-5 (475/480)

NOPE! The wolf has a higher defense it seems but lower agility to I was able to dodge it. Problem is that it’s now between me and the village.

Snarling it turns back towards me and this time bounds towards me raising a claw as it reaches me. I immediately dive to the side getting a graze on my upper back

-98 (12/110)

Rolling to a stand I start to run in the village direction and with a 113% movement speed I reach the village without the wolf reaching me.


Sliding on the snow a bit I rest in the snow till my health gets back to full. Standing up I brush myself but am not able to brush the Orc’s gaze from my back.

There’s no way I’m going to be able to beat this wolf normally, so I need something to help tilt the scales in my favor-

Damn do I really have to?

Cursing my thoughts I head back out of town and to the forests edge.

Sighing, I walk around the outskirt till I find a snowberry bush and then sprint inside.

Taking my sweet time chop the berry bush from its stem and have enough time to hold the thing before my head seems to slide a bit.

Waking up on my mattress I head outside and with care remove the berries from the bush. 10 berries, all mid-quality (guess chopping the bush stem rather than ripping it out was cleaner and makes a difference).

With the first regret of my night done I take a quick walk two doors down and…pull out the key
Taking a deep breath I unlock the door and go inside.

Entering the dark, house lit only by a slightly glowing potion in the midst of the equipment I am greeted by Thalia who is wearing a black embroided gown (Wait where’d she get that from? I thought she just has that messed up fur clothing).

“Coming in at night, one may think you’re up to something…naughty” Biting a finger coyly she leans against the door frame revealing her smooth grey leg from a natural cut in the dress.

“U-uh no I just wanted to do something with you”

“Oh” she begins to walk towards me (oh no) swing her hips as she comes “shall we get started?” Shea reaches me and grabs my face pulling me towards her-


She stops and with a “tch” lets my heels touch the floor once more.

Phew (Wiping that sweat off my brow. That was a close one)

Following her to the alchemy table I watch as she slowly removes her works in progress and places them safely in a corner.

“So what are we doing?” she doesn’t sound angry so that’s good, I guess.

“I need some help creating a poison. I’ve got snowberries and Frost Grass but I’m guessing it’s going to be heavily reliant on the berries right?”

She nods and then moving behind me she starts to instruct me on how to make a poison potion.

“Now first you take two berries and crush them, here let me help you.” Her hand grasps mine and helps me crush the berries *Gulp*

“Good, now pour the juices into a vial. Now taste it, good right?” I take a taste of the berry juice, surprisingly sweet and no poison “but mine is better”

I drop the vial my face explodes into an inferno and my heart forgets to beat for a second, but no crashing sounds are heard.

“Be careful there, wouldn’t want me to get wet now would we” I feel her breath caress my ear (nonono) “oh wait…too late”


Nonononononononono this ain’t happening, not again.

She places the vial on the desk and procures another one, placing it into my hand and then grasped my hand gently from the back

“Now you take the skin of the berry and place it in this vial”

“Good, next you add some water and then set it above an open flame letting it melt in the heat”

“As it melts make sure to stir but be gentle, or I may get…excited” Her hand calms my shaking one but nonononono I don’t wanna be gentle, wait, nonono, I don’t wanna! Also didn’t you forget a ‘t’ please tell me you left out that ‘t’ accidentally. *Shiver*

“Oh you’re shivering…let me warm you up” Nonononono but I don’t get a choice as I feel her entire body press against mine. Ohh that’s a nice feeling, wait nonononono.

“Now keep shaking, mmm just like that. Oh you’re very good at this” It doesn’t sound like I’m shaking a vial! Nononono, get out of my head image. But I can’t because I have a veeery good feel of her body and warmth spreading on my back. Aaaah whyyyy?

The potion soon went blood red.

“Now add the two vials together to finish your poison”

Congratulations! A new recipe has been found: Mild Poison potion
Mild Poison Potion:

Ingredients: 2 snowberries

Deals 1 poison damage every 6 seconds until cured with an antidote

The potion I made was low quality but well….

“Oh that’s good, would you like to make another with me?”

“N-no I-I’m good. D-don’t worry about me. T-thank you”

I slide around the table and she lets me go. Half-running I go through the door and dive into the snow


Oh god, oh god. I never should have asked her. Oh god. At least I’m still intact and I can feel her heat on my back where here b-Nononono. I quickly turn onto my back cooling it with the snow.

The heat finally recedes from my face and I stand up still intact.

Never…ask…again. Too dangerous, waaaaaay too dangerous. Must stay pure for Missy’s sake. Yes for Missy.

Regaining my standings I head outside the gate and get a longing gaze at my back but after…y’know…the gaze had little effect.

I quickly scout a wolf and I take out my poison pot. Now what?

I hail mary the pot and it crashes on the wolf’s head causing the vial to smash letting the contents spill on the wolf.

A ‘poisoned’ symbol appears on top of the wolf. Ok, step 1 complete. Step 2 commence.


The wolf with a howl comes after me but I am a couple of percent higher than it.

I diligently run around the village with the wolf in tow. Usually the agro range of a monster is limited to a certain range, which just so happens to be the whole plain around the village (since it’s only about 4 kilometers to full circle the village).

After about 38 minutes (yes I’VE BEEN RUNNING FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT AND YES IT HURTS!!!) the wolf gives a howl and guess what? A whole 3 other wolves come running after me (thankfully they all started behind).


*Ding* huh?

Sprint leveled up
Sprint reached level 10
Sprint changed into Speedy
Due to leveling up sprint to Level 10 it has derivated into a new skill called speedy

SKILL:Speedy [lvl1] Active Skill
You have run so much that not only your feet have become faster but your entire being has sped up. +20% movement speed., +5 attack speed, +125% satiety consumption rate
Cost: none, Duration: Sustained

Great. More speed I do need that actually!!

Another 10 minutes pass and I hear the death howl as the wolf finally dies but I don’t celebrate due to a small pack of wolves still coming after me.

Getting no time to reclaim my goods I sprint for another kilometer till I reach the southern entrance

Phew. The wolves stop chasing me immediately losing interest at the sight of guards on the walls.

Panting I lay on the snow only rolling over to uncover my mouth. Taking a loaf of bread from my inventory I ravenously eat it to get my satiety back up from 28. A whole 72 satiety gone in just 48 minutes.

Hmm this doesn’t seem like a good method. For two reasons. The first is pretty obvious; 48 minutes continually sprinting kills. The second reason is that the wolf calls its buddies and then I can’t reclaim it.

Also it’s pretty cowardly to run away for 48 minutes till the wolf succumbs to poison.

But still! I have defeated a wolf all by myself.

I lay in the snow for a good 5 minutes before my sides stop burning like hell. In that time I have a couple of thoughts on what to do

I can’t seem to escape this fate of mine. Dammit. I need to go for another sexy alchemy lesson. Whyyyyy?
Shakily standing up I make my way over to Thalia’s and as I unlock the door once more I find her back against the door frame of her bedroom and her back arched emphasizing her twin peaks (they are nice and-Nono, get that outta my head)

“Back for another…lesson?”

“…Yes. I need to make a paralysis potion”

She walks up to me “Now why do you need that? I’m already willing”

*Shiver* Danger Danger

She giggles and takes me to the alchemy table.

“So what’s the ingredients you have now?”

“Ah you see I need to get that paralysis thing you used on me when you…”

“When I what? Did you forget? Do you need a reminder?”

“NO no no I remember” My face is burning up right now, calm Kal you can do it.

“Hmm we’ll I’ll be willing to give it to you but these things don’t come cheap”
“…How much?”

“1 gold per herb” Aaaaaaaah why so expensive?!?

“H-how…do I pay?”

*Shiver* her predatorial smile looms over me

“Tonight is quite chilly and I need something to keep me warm”

“…I-I’ll… be your…teddy”

“Oh I’ll be sure to cuddle you”

*Gulp* Help somebody please!

“J-just cuddles!”

“Well if you ever want more…”


“B-bb-b-bbut first I need to make this potion and make a few of them, 6 of them”

“Ah so you’ll be paying for 6 nights to be my…teddy?”


Missy I still love you, but I just sold my body for herbs. I do what it takes defeat my enemies…but still….I really Don’t wanna! Noooooooo. Ah so embarrassing. Why’d I have to say teddy!!!

As I cover my face in my hands I feel myself be dragged and as she presses herself against my back (Ohh that’s a go-nononono) she takes me hands in hers.

“Now we’ll begin with straining this Shock-Rock Leaf for the paralyzing agent is in its pollen, which sticks on its out layer”

“Oh you’re verrry good at this” Her hot breath tickles my ear (Nonononono, CONCENTRATE!)

“Next you shake the pot to mix the pollen with the water. Don’t hesitate to use force. Because it turns…me…on.” Her tongue licks the outer rim of my ear.

My heart stopped for a looong time there, NOnononono I don’t like using force, I don’t like using force, nonononono.

Congratulations! A new recipe has been found: Strong Paralysis potion
Strong Paralysis Potion"

1 Shock-rock leaf

Causes paralysis for 2 minutes

Mid-grade potion, 2 minutes 12 seconds paralysis. I can assure its effectiveness…

Quickly producing another 5 of them (all mid quality, flasks I’m getting for free…well not really since I’ve sold myself so it’s just extra).

I slide out of her grasp “I’ll….come back once I’ve finished what I’ve planned”

With an alluring smile she walks off to her room “I’ll be waiting…my teddy”

Whyyyyy? So embarrassing!!!



Burying my head deep into the snow I hear the loud sounds of sizzling as I melt through it.

Turning onto my back to get rid of that grea-nononono horrible! feeling, I let my heart and head cool down.

I did what I had to do to beat the enemy.

Getting up after I cool down I head out the exit waving hi to the Orc who ogles my back once again.

Finding a wolf decently quickly I take out one of my precious paralysis potions.

Moving into agro range I let the wolf howl and come at me. It pounces and I smash the bottle on the wolf’s nose causing it to immediately stiffen up and land in front of me.

Taking out my axe in glee I repeatedly chop the wolf’s head causing continual crits

Crit x48 -10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10…..(0/480)

Within 72 seconds the wolf dies without a single howl because it’s vocal chords are too paralyzed.

Ripping out the wolf’s massive canine (half-hand to elbow length, a good 20 cm maybe) I put it into the inventory after confirming it as a wolf tooth. I then try my best to skin the wolf with my axe (In short, disastrous) and after collecting the half-destroyed pieces I reclaim it for 12 copper (so no extra loot, just extra difficulty and xp).

Looking around I find my next pray.

Everything gets easy for me now as I smash the potion on a wolf’s head and nose area every time they charge at me. Thus they get paralyzed and I leisurely chop them with continual crits. After every kill I rip off a canine, skin it (horribly) and then reclaim it.

After repeating this another 4 times I end up with all 6 wolf teeth (3 left canines, 3 right. Doesn’t make any difference I think).

Also I gained a sub-skill:

After getting many continual criticals you have derived the new axe mastery sub-skill: Critical strike and it has replaced the sub-skill: Hack

Sub-Skill:Critical strike
Levels up with One-handed axe mastery
You strike in a vital area causing a large amount of damage. 200% damage
Cost: 25 rage

Ooooh. 200% damage. Exactly like a two-handed axe’s ‘Slash’ then. And also seeing that I can still crit with it…that’s 400% damage! That’s amazing!

Although compared to Husky I’m still way behind on damage, but to other one-handed axe users I’ve got a 50% damage advantage to them.

Well this is what I get for 288 continuous crits (it popped up at 200).

Returning back to the village feeling completely ecstatic I wave to the Orc and then stop…Oh god. I’ve just remembered.

Aaaaaaagh nooooo.

My rule is that I keep my promises, however…embarrassing they are.

Unlocking the door I enter the house


I walk inside and see the subtle opening in the books littered on the floor. The road leading to the bedroom.

*Gulp* Stay strong, I’m just there for warmth. I belong to Missy and Missy alone.

Thalia appears in the doorway and moves behind me pushing me ever so gently into the room.
Inside is a bed *Gulp* with a smooth mattress and a fur duvet that is scrunched up leaving a space where some pillows are.

“Can you take your things off? Or would you like me to help?”

WHA-nononono, I forgot you wear less clothing to bed, nononono. Also why does everything make my face flush?!


I un-equip my boots and bracers and…finally my shorts.
I wonder if I can change my boxer colors in the loading screen. Wait…boxers? But I’m a girl. Well I don’t think anyone would be in their underwear often.

That calmed me down a bit

“Now how about you hop right in and warm it up for me”


I..climb into the bed and feeling quite revealed I curl up slightly.

“Just stay there and warm that spot for me. Don’t peek while I undress ok, well I wouldn’t mind if you did”

*Thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump* NO, HEART STOP!! Nononono calm down Kal, calm down. Missy Missy Missy. It’s just cuddles and she…she’s going to be nnnn-nake-

I almost jump right out of bed before I remember she’s right there…undressing…Noooo, I’m cornered.


I hear her slip in behind me and then…I feel…Nonononononono. Don’t think about it, don’t give in.
She doesn’t pull the covers over me but I’m burning in this cold night.

Breathe, breathe.

Her leg slides on top of mine trapping me


Her hands curl around my body, one below my neck and the other above my side. So soft…Noooooooo

Her hands slowly make their way downwards, her touch sending butterflies to my stomach.

I GRAB her hands as they reach my belly button. Phew that was close. BREATHE Kal.

“Don’t you like it? Don’t you want it?” I feel her move slightly rubbing against me and it feels so-Nonono, Grass and Ponies! Grass and Ponies!

I do-NOT want it, NO Kal, you don’t want it. Well I do but NO NO NO I DON’T NEVER. I BELONG TO MISSY!

Her hot breath tickles the back of my neck. RESIST!!

Her hands intertwine around mine and she pulls me closer squishing me aga-NO PONIES AND GRASS PONIES AND GRASS!!!

Her lips dig into the side of my neck and I feel the heat remain when she pulls back and puts her head back behind mine.

“Good night my Kal”


I THINK I have regained control. Although *Gulp* I am still in deep danger. She’s fallen asleep but if I fall asleep and she wakes up…Nononono.

Keeping my eyes peeled I think of the most eye-opening thing I can think of; Gannor. Yes Imagine Gannor coming to this house and coming to eat me. I must stay awake or she’ll eat me…She, NO, well yes BUT NO he, HE will eat me.

I wonder…

Slowly I turn my head back to check if she’s asleep.

“Oh naughty boy trying to get a peek, Can’t you feel me well enough” And she begins to rub me.

I keep my eyes looking to the black wall thinking of Gannor and not those soft and large- NO GANNOR, GANNOR, ONLY GANNOR.
This is the start of a very long night.

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