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Slamming my head repeatedly in the snow I think I get rid of the strange thoughts about that book.
With that done I decide to take a quick trip outside and kill. I need something to get my mind sorted out.

Waving to Gerard, who is standing around on the wall as usual, I make my way to the snowy meadows and find a wolf.

-14-13 (95/120)

Aggroing it I sprint towards it before side-stepping as it pounces. Stopping and swiveling around I activate critical strike, landing my axe in the wolf’s cranium (it was turning round too).

Crit -54 (266/320)

Pulling the wolf towards me with my axe I put it in a choke-hold and jump to its back putting it into a full-body lock. Pulling myself to the floor I take the wolf with me

-5 (90/120)

With both arms locking the wolf’s throat and my legs locking the wolf’s front paws I slowly suffocate the wolf till the unconscious state pops up.

Pushing the wolf off I take my axe from its head and begin my chain of crits until it is dead.

Doing the same tactic for a couple of more wolves, I rack miniscule amounts of experience while I collect some more Frost Grass.

During this time Mickey sends me another message on my Skype.

Hey you sorted out your life and death battle?

I’m not too sure yet. I might have made a very wrong turn in my life

Seems he’s happy with that answer and like a good gamer doesn’t mention real life.

I hunt wolves for an hour gaining 1% xp after killing 4 of them. Meanwhile I collect a good 33 High quality Frost grass.

Returning back to the village I walk into my home and see Jöt and Husky log on pretty much at the same time.

With a “Hi” we head to Bezia’s and continue our mass leatherworking.

Clubbing us for every mistake we soon improve in our tanning skills (she provides a tanning knife to cut off the fluff and useless parts) and watchfulness in creating leather. She gives us pointers on how to rub in the salt better and gives us examples, with our work, when the best time to stop re-applying the tanning oil is.

After an hour has passed the 30 squares of leather are ready (10 for each of us). We immediately begin creating helmets. 3 of them are made and I finally made a mid quality helmet (the other 2 poor of course). Seems like the hide can lower in quality at the tanning rack. It can improve but that’s pretty much impossible for us to do.

Another 30 leather is finished and we repeat the process for boots.

See how we only have 30 ready at one time instead of all 120? Well Bezia gave us that pointer to stagger our tanning process because then we’d have time to fiddle with the pieces we’ve got with ease. I noticed in our last tanning session some of the leather hardened before we got to it…
making hard leather bend is not an easy task.

Anyways, we make some bracers next and the last batch is one of each.

All of us got another 30% on our leatherworking which is pretty good and we all have at least 1 full mid quality set (Husky has quite a few).

We inspect the mid quality gear and I see that it is a decent amount better than my beginner armor. Immediately changing my equipment round I gain 6 more armor as well most of my armor becoming grey. This is because the hide is white originally but due to the tanning process (oil and salt) it becomes grey.

Though, the armor feels a bit…oversized which is strange because it’s my creation so shouldn’t it fit me?

“Hmm, it looks a bit big on you Kal” good eyes Husky

“Maybe we have to make it so that it’s specifically for them?” Suggests Jöt

Willing to give that a try, we have Husky tan 4 pieces of leather and when ready make them into bracers.

He does this by using my arm as a model and builds the bracers around them. Thus my arm fits in the bracers quite snuggly.

Upon finishing it Husky makes an “Oho” sound when the item creation window appears

“Defense is 1 higher than usual” Hmm, maybe because it’ll absorb the impact better than a loose bracer? Sounds about right I guess

Doing the same for the helmet and boots (all mid quality of course) I am mostly decked with 9 armor higher than my beginner armor.

Husky looks me over a couple of times ‘hmming’ and looking mildly displeased with his work
“It still looks a bit thin”

“Well…how about we add another layer” Suggests Jöt

We look at him. Then at eachother. Hmm that might work. We look at Bezia and she confirms the idea with a nod (oh so she only helps us once we figure it out ourselves).

Husky does all the work because he’s the only one with almost constant mid quality work. I mean the hides we are using are already all mid quality (mostly skinned by Husky) so it makes the whole process a lot easier.

While Husky starts tanning again, Jöt and I go hunt some wolves.

Bringing back another 36 hides (also I brought out the 12 from the ones I hunted earlier), we see Husky creating in full swing.

Using 4 at a time (staggering the others to finish tanning for a few minutes after) he once again starts with my bracers: He just doubles their thickness by wrapping some leather around the bracer making it double the size. Luckily double its original size still isn’t that big.

The defense increased by another 4 which makes us all wide-eyed at the over 50% increase in defense given by the bracer.

Doing the same for the boots they look a bit thicker but this time look like proper boots ready to trod, as well as the 4 extra defense.

The helmet’s defense is also increased by 4 (by the way the helmets we make are just basic skullcaps).

So I just gained a total of 23 defense. We literally doubled my defense!

Next is the shorts.

As Husky is tanning the leather we discuss how we’re going to do it. After telling them a small idea I have they nod in agreement and we get working.

While Husky tans the leather, Jöt heads outside and I become a model (I’m useless I know).

As Husky tans the leather I ask Bezia a couple of things and she then directs Husky with the tanning somewhat.

After a while the first batch of 8 leather is done. He quickly moves to the table in the centre of the room and uses the measurements I found myself to be (I had nothing better to do so it was a flash of ingenuity and also to stop the awkward building of shorts around that area), to create the shorts.

Well I say shorts but in reality it’s a skirt. A kilt is the official name for it (No I haven’t got Scottish pride running in my veins) and I asked for that because I thought it’d look better on me than shorts. Also it’s a lot more liberal (but not like I’ve got anything there).

Wait a second… I touch myself and confirm I HAVE NOTHING THERE! I didn’t exactly realize this till now! The wind suddenly felt so much colder as it blew between the empty space in my legs.


They all turn to look at me confused

I shake my head “nothing” as I try to get rid of the red on my face
I feel so…empty.

However putting the issue of my manhood aside (I’ve been without it quite a few in-game days now and it feels strangely non-peculiar…) we continue building the skirt.

Husky finishes with it and I quickly move to Bezia’s room (with her permission of course) and quickly change into it. It feels comfortable.

Changing back out I put the skirt back on the table and receive the estranged looks from Husky and Bezia.

Ordering them back to work Husky rolls his eyes and starts on the second layer of the skirt.

As he puts on the finishing stitches, Jöt comes back in dragging 2 wolves inside.

Husky passes me the skirt and Jöt takes up the table with a wolf.

Asking Bezia on what to do, she begins to give him a couple of pointers.

Leaving my boots, bracers and helmet to Jöt, I head on in to Bezia’s room to change.
Wow. Skirts are comfortable. There are no restrictions down there and is surprisingly nice with a breeze (but it gives a painful reminder).

I jump and move around in my skirt and find that it’s still soft and not as tough as my other leather armor making it easier to move around in. According to Bezia using the oil for too long makes the leather too soft however it can then be used for pants in the usual case (since no one wants leather pants that are tough to move in). Also there’s cuts in the side so there are virtually 0 restrictions (I mean a high kick might be out of the question but even then).

Taking it off and transferring to my older, more restrictive shorts, I join the others to see what they’re doing.

Jöt and Husky are using skinning knives to take off the wolf’s fur while Bezia is overlooking them keenly giving pointers to cut more cleanly.

Why are we doing this? Well you may have suspected already but it is to add a little design to the leather pieces, because just dull grey leather doesn’t look that nice (also it’s a bit of protection from the cold so I’m grateful).

Now we really should be getting adverse effects from the cold due to our lack of armor but we don’t because of one special reason: We run everywhere and eat truckloads. We literally give our body no time to cool down so we don’t ever feel cold.

But back to the task at hand. The two of them finish taking a sizeable amount and they begin with the braces as usual: They line the inside with fur, stitching it, and leave a small ring of it on either end of the bracers. Giving them to me with a wide-eyed smile I check the bracers

Winter Wolf’s Bracers (bracers) (mid quality)
These bracers were made with leather from a wolf and was cushioned with a wolf’s fur
Defense: 11, Durability 30/30, AGI +2, VIT +1

Oh my god. That is Amazing. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if the others decide to wear leather armor for the moment, because that stat boost!

So of course I equip it and tell them to do the others excitedly.

“With pleasure” They chorus and start on the boots.

They find a problem pretty much instantly: They can’t get fur in the sole of the boots or anywhere past a couple of inches down the leg of the boot.

Start again!

This time I do the tanning while Husky and Jöt fur-up my hat (looks like a Christmas hat without the long bit). Giving me the +1 AGI +1 VIT hat makes me extremely happy.

As I tan some leather from scratch they have about an hour so they go and collect a couple more wolves (Hah collect, pretty funny seeing as though we’re treating them like groceries when they were massacring us just a couple of days ago).

After 30 minutes they come back in with 4 wolves in tow. It seems like they wasted quite a bit of fur, or didn’t get good enough pieces/big enough pieces when they cut it. So 1 wolf has enough fur for 1 piece of equipment.

Husky asks for my bracers and hat back and when he explains why, I give them back without a problem.

Jöt starts to spend his time slowly cutting large pieces of fur, trying to get the whole wolf of fur.
Another 30 minutes pass and my first batch of leather is done; mid quality whoo!

Husky takes the leather and quickly stitches the fur onto the boots but gets about halfway done before all the pieces harden

“You can stitch fur onto the tanning pieces, especially those with only a few minutes to go” Bezia advises us.

Doing as she says I give Husky the leather pieces that have a few minutes before they are ready (and don’t need another application of oil. Just so you know only 1 use is used per leather square, no matter the times it is applied which our purse is grateful for. Game technicals are the best).

He quickly stitches with Jöt’s help the fur on the inside of the leather.

Then Husky builds the boot and with strips and thread binds it all together. A ring of white wolf fur lines the top of the boots while a small line of fur travels down the side (where the two pieces got stitched together. It actually looks quite nice). Then they add on the second layer but keep the fur visible.

Taking it and seeing it gives +2 AGI and +1 VIT I’m very pleased indeed.

Next on our list is the skirt. Husky covers it in fur but it looks a bit too white. Asking Bezia if we can somehow darken the wolf fur she uses a bit of tanning oil on a small unused piece of fur to show us.

Ah! We get it.

Taking some strips of fur, Husky colors and, after Jöt cleanly removes the other fur from the skirt, stitches the light grey fur onto the skirt. Letting that fur dry we watch Jöt skin some more.

Once dried (about 10 minutes after re-coloring), Husky takes the white fur and stitches it onto the skirt but makes some small gaps letting zigzagged thin grey lines appear in the skirt. Much better.
However we’re not done there. We flip the skirt and because of its cut sides Husky can open it up to get access to the whole thing. First things first, he lines the interior with fur. Then he makes a thin wall of fur but cuts two holes after checking my leg proportions a couple of times.

We all look at him as he adds the underlayer of fur
“Well I was thinking that you roll and dive quite a bit so I didn’t want to get an upskirt every time that happened y’know” He said quite sheepishly with a jokey grin.

OH GOD. I hadn’t thought of that at all. I would’ve been upskirting them two almost every fight. That would have been so embarrassing! Oh thank you Husky, I knew I could rely on you.
Letting out a maniacal laugh when he finishes it, Husky hands it over to Jöt who does the same…I can’t wait to try it on.

Jöt passes it to me.

Winter Wolf Skirt (trousers) (Mid quality)
A skirt with cut sides made from wolf leather as well as its fur which lines its exterior, interior and with some thought hides any possible shaming views
Defense: 18, AGI +4, VIT +2

TH…THAT’S AMAZING! That’s a whole 3 levels worth of stats!

“heheh Hahah HAHAHA” 3 stage maniacal laughter just like them. How can I not. I am to wear monstrously good armor.

With that finished. Husky takes a break. He deserves it. Although his leatherworking did go up a level for making such good equipment

If I said we were finished there I’d be sorely lying. I mean we’ve spent 8 and a half hours in this shop with virtually no breaks and no meals (we simply forgot). On that note, we eat some bread and take a quick 10 minute break to catch our breath.

Then we all head out and hunt wolves for 2 hours and a half (until the night wolves came for us, then we ran away as a sign for us to get started in leatherworking again. After dragging a total of 36 wolves back into the village (not all at the same time of course. We just dragged it and left it at Bezia’s), we start our crafting anew.

As Jöt and Husky tan some leather I offer to cook for her. With her consent I get to use her cooking pot. (I also buy some more oil and salt off her).

Heading to Linda’s general goods store I spend 1 silver 36 coppers on some vegetables and some rabbit meat. (Costly but we still have 3 silver 70 copper left).

Heading back after being complimented multiple times on the quite nice skirt I’m wearing (she definitely knows I’m a woman), I drop off at home telling them we’ll be busy for the night (Bear hugged half to death in the process). I then go back to the rest and I start cooking for Bezia.

In short its edible. And it luckily classified as cooking.

Through successfully doing the action you have learnt a new skill

You have learnt the skill: Cooking
SKILL:Cooking [lvl1]
Allows you to cook dishes in your recipe list. Quality is dependent on skill proficiency and user’s skill

Rabbit Soup

Wohoo got the cooking skill! Bezia looks pleased with the food so I am pleased too. Oh also I ground up some antler and tasted some

Ground Elk Antler
The grindings of elk antler is often used as a condiment in cooking due to its spicy addition (Consumable) (Crafting Material)

Crafting material?! I’m going to play with this later for sure. By the way I make about 6 lots of it every antler.

So anyways. I take over Husky’s tanning work and he heads off and begins to de-fur the 8 wolves we didn’t skin for their hides.

After 30 minutes of maintaining the leather (do we talk to eachother while doing it? Of course not, we’re too busy concentrating!), it’s almost finished so I switch with Husky and take up half the table.

Taking my time, I slowly stitch the fur into the boot lining and then start piecing it together as it begins to harden around Jöt’s leg.

Finishing the boots, they look similar to Husky’s and are mid quality (thank god for good crafting materials).

Husky passes me some more leather and I make the second layer for the boots.

Finishing some mid quality boots, I quickly move onto the bracers as Jöt puts the finishing touches on Husky’s boots (Yes we are doing a strange crafting centipede. It’s proving a bit challenging but we’re getting there).

Fitting his bracers to him I then line it with fur and layer it with leather. Husky is having his bracers made for him and I start making the skullcap on Jöt’s head.

The skullcap is as easy as I suspected and I quickly line it like a Christmas hat. That too is mid quality.

Lastly is the skirt but we have a few minutes before it’s done so I measure Jöt and record everything on the table (Just etched it in on the side, Bezia looked mildly unpleased but let me off with just a glare).

Now working on the skirt it’s pretty easy to do; just 2 separate pieces, the back and the front half stitched together to make the cuts at the sides.

I double layer it and then while I de-fur a wolf, Jöt begins on Husky’s skirt. I convinced them the skirt is worth it.

Taking my fur and oiling it up, I then stitch it onto the skirt exterior. I continue de-furring my wolf.
Stitching the fur onto the skirt zigzagged and leaving some spaces I create a similar looking skirt.
I work on the inside and give it the whole works.

I finish with a “phew” at seeing its mid quality state. After a few more minutes Jöt finishes his up too.

Husky finished tanning all the leather about 20 minutes ago so since then he’s been in a corner fiddling with my bracers.

But when I look at him he seems to be screwing around with my boots.
Walking over there I check up on how he’s doing.
His artwork is surprisingly delicate and once again I’m surprised by his delicacy despite his huge build: He’s etching howling wolves on either side of my boots. I peek at the bracers and see a wolf running across each bracer.

Dropping off Jöt’s boots and bracers I take out some bread and snack on it.

Jöt comes and drops off Husky’s stuff looking a bit surprised at Husky’s handiwork.

We all sit down in the corner for a short while relaxing and letting Husky etch the same pictures onto our bracers and boots.

After a good hour he finishes the running wolf on his own bracers and with that we’re all done.

Well we’d love to think so but we all shake our heads as we look at our finished product. Why? Well the Christmas hats looks freaking terrible that’s why.

We need to get some more wolves but we’ve got another 9 in-game hours before we can start hunting normal wolves again (it wouldn’t do to get night wolf fur which is only slightly different, but it’d make it look weird).

So with that in mind we all head back home and sneaking in we all log off in our mattresses.
I do actually log off because I’m starving. I didn’t eat breakfast, I didn’t eat lunch and what a surprise, I didn’t eat dinner. So yeah I’m starving. Why no one has come up to help me out with my hunger problems? Well because I’ve taught the house that when I’m gaming, I’m gaming. No distractions.

Dragging myself to the kitchen I grab the jar of peanut butter (I bought it with my own money so I can do this) and start guzzling it with some bread. Washing down the one large meal with some water I sneak back upstairs and back to the game.

Only 30 minutes past in the game so I’m at Thalia’s a bit before midnight.

Back to my reading sessions…and other things (Surviving her attacks I mean).
Today we get into bed the other way so that I can write on her right leg instead.


Through the 8 hours I finished writing another 31 pages (my speed increased quite a bit) getting through 6 positions


I also had to write on both her lower arms and just finished her right lower arm with the last page. *Gulp* where am I going to write on next? I know what she’s doing but there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I’m already writing it as small as I can.

Leaving Thalia once more with heat sticking to my neck and back, and sides and front (She’s pretty much touched almost everywhere. Almost), I head outside.

Walking into the house I take a quick snack while I wait for them to log on.

We head out and begin the mass hunting. Well I say mass hunting but we stop after 11 wolves which we got in barely under an hour (dragging them to Bezia’s included).

Taking them inside, Bezia greets us with a tired smile and we head on in, getting back to work (we left our new leather stuff there for the night).

We talk a little about what our helmets should be and well to all of us it’s quite obvious what it’s got to be.

How we make them though is a whole other problem.

Asking Bezia if we can do it and she gives us a bit of help and suggestions which we eagerly soak in.

Skinning 8 of the wolves we start tanning our leather.

An hour passes in the blink of an eye we all start to make our helmets (Bezia is kind and takes care of our tanning leather for a few minutes).

First we create the skullcap shape like before but we add a long point to the top of it as well as a flap at the back of it.

Double layering it we then grab a wolf each. First thing we do is snap its jaw and then cut through the mouth a bit.

We do this to expose the gums and thus we cut through them and take the whole row of upper teeth in one piece.

Working up the head we pick out the eyes and then cut off the ears, taking those too. The nose gets picked off and then we take the fur from its head too.

With all the ingredients I begin building the cap bit by bit. Firstly I use fur to make a large ball, placing it on the skullcap, and a slightly triangular shaped fur mass.

Softening the triangular shape with the wolf nose, I stitch the two masses together creating a wolf like shape.

Creating eye slits (I look and copy Husky who seems to know how to do it), I pop in some angry eyes which gives this wolf head an air of terror.

As the final touches, I stitch the ears on and then reshape the head. After a while it looks like a really angry wolf head.

With the hardest part done the rest is a breeze; I stitch fur onto the neck part of our head and do so around the whole wolf head. This soon turns into long pieces of fur that runs down our shoulders and covers quite a bit of our back.

Then as I finishing touch I stitch fur in the interior of the hat and finish it at that.
Soon Husky is done and then I finish with Jöt a few seconds after.

Winter Wolf Head (Helmet) (Mid Quality)
A helmet mad with fur and parts of a winter wolf’s head to closely resemble a wolf.
Defense: 11, AGI +2, INT +1, VIT +1

“Beautiful” All 3 of us agree that our wolf heads look absolutely beautiful, although all slightly different; Mine is an angry wolf while Husky’s is a happy one somehow? Jöt’s wolf head looks bored (wow that’s even more impressive, what did he do to make it so).

Bezia told us earlier that we couldn’t just rip off the wolf’s head; we needed to make our own but could use the materials from the wolves. And thus we had to spend a good 4 hours making our wolf heads.

We breathe a sigh of satisfaction and putting on all our new equipment I have a look at my new stats

NAME:Kal (Iskadi)
TITLE:The Conqueror
Class Tree:Wanderer
Gender:Trap (female)
Level:9 Experience:86%

STATUS:Remaining Points (16)
Health Points:170/170
Hp Regen (out of combat):1/sec
Rage decrease (out of combat):1/sec
STR: 10
TGH: 10
AGI: 10(+11)
VIT: 10(+6)
INT: 10(+1)
MND: 10
ATTK:Phys 11-14
Satiety:100/100 (well fed)

One-handed Axe Mastery [lvl7]
-Critical Strike (Active)
Unarmed Mastery [lvl3]
Leather Mastery [lvl3]
Speedy [lvl4]
Cold Resistance [lvl5]
Herbalism [lvl3]
Alchemy [lvl4]
Skinning [lvl5]
Leatherworking [lvl3]
Clothtography [lvl1]
Cooking [lvl1]
Racials [Max]
-Radiating Charm (Active)
-Nature’s Safe-keeper
-Nature Attuned
-Man’s Desire
->Woman’s Desire

Those stats bring me close to tears. So beautiful a whole 18 extra stats from my equipment.

The other two also put on their equipment and look pretty badass. Although it’s strange to not see them in their usual clothing and Jöt with his extra blue satyr hair looks a bit strange.

Eating a celebratory apple we give eachother a bunch of high-fives.
Grinning at our new look we thank Bezia and go outside.

Time to go hunt some wolves.

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