Insanity Online! The Forging Of A TRUE NORD

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Playing With The Lynxes And Ourselves

Waving to Gerard who looks our away with wide-eyes, as well as many of the passers-by. They look at Husky with pride while I somehow get longing gazes. Do l look cute in wolf armor? (By the way we have allowed our helmets to be visible because it looks awesome).

So heading outside we quickly find a wolf. First up is Husky.

He charges in and the wolf aggroes and pounces towards him. Swiftly he sidesteps and then slices down with his axe using ‘Slash’.

-84 (236/320)

The wolf turning round to claw Husky misses as he jumps back and then embeds his axe on the wolf
Crit 162 (74/320)

Stunned for a second the wolf gets another axe in his face moments later and dies without so much as a howl.
Well that was something. My god this stat boost is amazing!

Next up is Jöt.
Crit -62 -62 -124 -62 (10/320)

His ice barrage just destroys the wolfs flank and one hits its face causing the wolf to be stunned for a second

-6 -6 (0/320)

Quickly sprinting over there he stabs the wolf two times with ease and the wolf dies with a pitiful howl.
Wow that was quick. Though Jöt looks mildly displeased as he comes back to us.

“Spell failed once” Ah. That is the usual though, any armor above cloth and there is usually a chance to fail spells (75% for the plate I believe). Although healing spells and other divine spells have a lower chance to fail.

We have Jöt kill a couple more wolves and we find the spell failure rate to be 10%. Which isn’t that high in the long run, but if your extremely expensive spell fails…
After those little trial runs, it is my turn.

-14 -13 (293/320)

Rushing in I axe the wolf before sidestepping and slashing across its flank.

Howling it turns to claw me but I run past it staying continually by its flank slashing at it a couple of times

-14-12-14-13-14 (226/320)

The wolf trying to get me like its chasing its tail abruptly changes direction catching me off guard
-84 (86/170)

A clean hit! I can survive 2 maybe.

Kicking the wolf in the chin I then critical strike it in the head
Crit -1 -56 (169/320)

Stunned for a second I slash it again with my axe before sidestepping and attacking its flank
Crit -55 -28 (89/320)


I slash at its side before jumping back at its claws kicking and axing it into a stun
Crit -14 -1 -26 (48/320)

Stunned once again it receives two quick blows to its head, but it gets a claw strike in between.
-26 -28 (0/320)

-85 (1/170)
Gulping down one of my heal pots I watch the ticker go down but after 2 seconds the called pack of 3 reaches us.

My wolf pounces at me but I roll to the side and run a distance wolf in tow.
I run for a couple of seconds
+6 (7/170)

Swiveling round I swing with critical strike onto the pouncing wolfs head.

Crit -55 (265/320)

Pulling it in I move to its back and put it in a hold. Dragging the two of us to the floor I keep it belly up.

-5 (2/170)

Choking it until the unconscious status appears I regain another 24 health.

Getting off the wolf I begin to hack away at it.

Finishing off my kill I see the others have already skinned theirs and watch my spectacle with a hint of glee.

“Who’d ever think a cute boy like you could make such an evil grin” Jöt points something out and I notice I’ve been grinning.

Embarrassed I turn away and remove the grin from my face. I’m not evil, I’m just happy because I can kill the wolves that made me run away 169 times since the beginning.

So our test of the new armor and stats ended after a good 30 minutes of hunting wolves (total count 9).

We head back to the village and there Husky and Jöt take the south exit while I take the north.
Yes we are going back out.

However we sort out a couple of things first: We have a ton of leather armor but nowhere to sell it. Well I say nowhere but Bezia offers to buy for 1 copper apiece (cheapskate). 30 coppers chink in the party purse.

We then go and spend pretty much all our money on bread. 240 pieces of bread is split between us evenly and we’re left with 28 coppers (once again almost broke. With the 60 from before we should be able to last almost 4 days.

Saying a quick goodbye to…mother...and Varg (I also pop in to Thalia’s telling her that I’m on a trip for a couple of days), we finally head out of the village in opposite directions.

With a huge sigh I sprint into the forest and assuredly enough one giant black wolf murders me a few seconds later.

Saying bye to Mother (god it still feels a bit awkward) once again I head back out the north exit.
Running into the forest again I do not get insta-killed and with a sigh of relief head a bit deeper.

Slowing down once I’ve gotten deep enough I turn to the right where we are going to meet up.

Since they are my party members I can see where they’re at on the map (cool feature, and there’s a blank map which tells you nothing but positions of your party members).

Making my way to the mid-point I soon feel a chill run down my back.

Eating the snow I hear a *Yowl* from the Lynx as it pounces where my head should have been.
Scrambling to my feet I face off the Lynx who quickly turns and pounces once again.

-38 (102/170)

Sidestepping just a bit too slow I get a graze to my right shoulder. But I turn round and ready my axe for the Lynx’s next pounce.

Almost like a ball it bounces about half a second after it lands on the ground yowling at me.
Crit -55 (545/600)

Getting an axe to the face it lands on the floor in front of me.

Quickly taking its back I start to put it in a chokehold.
-38 37 (27/170)

Its claws scratch my arm as I roll to my back and then finally lock its front paws with my legs.
In the chokehold the Lynx can’t do anything, it has got less strength than the wolves so I’m not too surprised.

The rest is quite obvious.

Skinning the lynx, I happily hum a tune as I got a whole 24% xp on my bar from this one kill. This leveled me back to level 10 (I dropped because of Gannor) and gave me a whole 12% to my next level.

Seeing the two still together and moving towards me I start to head off once again.

I meet another 2 lynxes on the way and they quickly share the same fates as the one before. It’s not that they’re slow but I’ve got a 21 agility as well as 123% movement rate. I’m pretty quick on my feet too.

Racking up the xp (because my party mates are too far away to share) I finally see them between the trees.

Waving them over, we meet up looking still ready for some fighting.

They seemed to have killed 4 lynxes on their way but it was much easier for them.
So we decide we should spend the next couple of hours in this forest and do as planned; While I pick snowberries in the vicinity, Husky and Jöt massacre lynxes.

Unlike the wolves who patrolled the whole meadow these lynxes have a set area and just hang around in the trees till we appear.

They’re not much of a challenge when Jöt locks them with ice chains. Once they cannot move they’re easy prey for Husky.

I find my herbing similarly easy and bountiful as there are around 2-3 bushes within 1 lynx’s area.
So we walk around the forest in a large circle to where the town is uncovered in our map (it has some details as such) and the circling takes 5 hours (mostly slowed down by me picking herbs). In that time we’ve killed 47 lynxes and I’ve collected 1410 snowberries! I know its crazy but compared to the Frost Grass there’s on average about 4 more and I collect about 3 bushes in the time it takes me to find and collect a Frost Grass patch.

So of course my herbalism went up 1 level before stopping once again (meh) and thus I had Husky and then Jöt switch out for picking the snowberries.

The leveled their herbalism up to level 4 as well and seemed to get better picking the berries.
In total we had 432 High quality (of course I picked those) berries and 877 mid quality. The other 101 were poor quality.

Items we collected from the lynxes were: 94 pieces of lynx hide, 11 silver 28 copper and 17 lynx teeth. And a level and half!

In short, we are very happy.

The sun is setting through the trees now so we find a spot where no lynxes attack us.
Settling down in the snow we munch happily on some bread.

We plan to stay on for an hour and if we don’t get attacked we’ll take turns logging off, so we can get some food and bathroom, etc etc.

Luckily nothing happens within the hour and Jöt logs off first. Me and Husky sit shivering in the snow, backs to a tree talking about what the night lynxes would look like.

Due to spending a long time out in the freezing cold without proper protection, you feel cold
STATUS:Cold+25% satiety decrease, 25% movement and attack speed decrease

Oh god! We’ve never gotten the Cold status before since we’ve always been running around (at day as well). But now that we’re sitting doing nothing in the freezing cold we’ve actually gotten cold.

“Well I guess we have to check out the night lynxes” Husky proclaims with a grin”
“Jöt won’t be back for another 2 hours so we’ve got time” I remark

Time for some night hunting…Not.

We wait the two hours for Jöt because these night lynxes may be nasty and if we die, we have to get past Gannor once again.

But waiting two hours in the cold isn’t our style (because we will freeze) so we start with a bit of tree running.
Yes, tree running.

We have 2 hours to spare so we decide to see how far we can run up a tree before falling.
I mean who doesn’t want to be able to run up trees?

Anyways me and Husky take a tree each opposite eachother and begin the running.

Result; about 3 steps before we lose momentum and drop on our backs. Still 3 steps makes us as good as a Persian prince. On that not we try to do the backflip at the end of the 3 steps

Turns out that doing backflips while at trees on opposite sides isn’t a good idea. We crash into eachother in mid-air causing more than a bit of pain as we smack into the round on top of one another (thankfully I was at the top).

Rubbing the pain from our bodies (we did a full body slam on eachother and then the floor), we give eachother a grin and continue the tree running.

We spend a good 30 minutes improving our tree running height and get to 5 steps which is over 3 metres. With that done we begin to do something really cool.

After a couple of tries…

It’s really cool as we thought but we found that it requires good timing or I end up headbutting or face-stomping poor Husky in midair.

Essentially the idea is to do the 3 steps and while I do a backflip, Husky just dives face up. Then with my feet I land on Husky’s hands and he pushes me up which causes him to go vertical. I then do a 180 in midair and quickly land on his feet. Using them as a base to jump to his tree pushing off sideways which gives Husky the push needed to curl up and flip his body upright. Then I would land on Husky’s tree much higher up while Husky would land on the snow in front of the tree.

That was the plan anyway… the execution turned out to be a little different.

After we got the timing and positioning right, from multiple headbutting and then face-stomping trials, we finally moved on to the next step.

This part took only an hour to get sorted.

Our next step proved to be disastrous as when both me and Husky are trying to do 180’s and then have me land on his feet. It’s like trying to put 2 spinning tops on one another, extremely difficult.
Our first trial I got my feet caught and ended up be bowled over and landing face between his legs (below his skirt thankfully) before we both dropped into the snow in a messy pile.

We had to take a break there. Not because we were tire, but because we finally took some proper damage. Husky ended up with a concussion and I ended up with a sprained neck and a concussion.
Now if this was the real world we would have probably broken bones and everything a lot earlier, but luckily we’re in a game. So doing flips and falling on the ground in bad positions we are still alright.

We’ll we’re not invincible either as if our positioning is bad enough like it was then, we take a bit of damage.

The concussion stuns us for a minute and then keeps us disorientated for 30 minutes while my sprained neck stops me from moving it thus limiting my field of vision quite a bit.

Games do have benefits though as it all heals up after 30 minutes of rest (although we got the cold status again in that time).

As our pain subsides we see Jöt move (we left his body by a tree) as he’s logged back in. Seeing us lying on the ground he raises an eyebrow.

“Cooold” We both whine at him

He snorts and tells me to go log off, which I do of course.

I head downstairs seeing Mickey chomping on some toast. Even though it’s about 5 in the morning he’s up and at it (well he never went to sleep in the first place obviously).

“Hello there stranger, haven’t seen you around in a while”

“Busy with some life and death battles”

“Must have been tough on you”

Oh you know nothing.

He doesn’t inquire further as I look a bit ragged so with that I get myself some toast.

Having 4 pieces of toast with peanut butter, banana and strawberry jam I fully enjoy my early breakfast.

We chat quietly about goings about in Mickey’s area (So I just listen really). According to him this ’Rered rumeht took claim of the whole beginner forest, so the guy is still there. But that happened a short while ago so It’s old news.

The more recent news was as system announcement telling everyone that Blaggifist was the first to make some superb equipment.

Good for him, looks like he’s spent a lot of time crafting though since no way someone can make that good a piece of equipment already if they don’t devote their life to crafting . I mean we spent a bit of time but I’d imagine that’d be his whole day; in a shop working with materials.

But I found that strange since I never got the announcement and I was on the whole time for the past couple of in-game days. How odd, maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of nowhere cut off from the world?

Absorbing the information about rumors and such I quickly finish my meal. After cleaning my dishes we head back upstairs and into our respective rooms.

I log back in.

I see Husky and Jöt lying in the ground whining “Cooold” as I log in. Ah, they must have been playing around as well.

Husky sees me and with a happy sigh logs off. I help Jöt up.

“So how we going to do this?” I ask him curiously. It looks like he’s got something planned
“Just wait and see” he says with a grin.

He starts by stabbing himself a couple of times (I’m use to knowing about it but watching him is still a bit freaky).

Once he’s down to 1 health and 179 rage we begin.

He starts by creating 2 ice squares a couple of inches off the ground and a small distance from one another. Jumping onto them I start to jump from one to another. Of course I slip on the first and fall to the ground whacking my head on the ice square in the process.

Jöt chuckles as I get up rubbing my head and he motions for me to try again.

Getting back on one of them I try jumping from still. It works slightly better and I do get to the other ice square but then I slip off like before.

Standing back up I begin to repeat the process another 8 times until the ice squares dissipate mid jump. Ah seems like Jöt ran out of juice.

Waiting for Jöt to heal back up I eat a bit of bread.

Stabbing and then re-casting the 2 ice squares, I begin to jump from one to the other once again…

Turns out the easiest way to do it is to jump and catch your feet on the edge of the squares so you get a firm push and landing. However I have to then lean forward to get onto the ice square I land on and thus I have often slipped and banged my head against the ice.

After about 6-8 times we take a 3 minute break for Jöt to heal up and cast the ice squares. He can hold the spell for literally just under a minute as each square takes 1 rage per second to maintain and because we’re out of combat he loses another 1 rage per second (so a grand total of 3 per second).

So this routine of me jumping from on to the other repeats itself for the better part of an hour; till I’m able to jump back and forth from edge to edge of the ice squares repeatedly. My record is 23 jumps before I miss the ledge and slip.

Jöt seems satisfied with this and moves me on to the next step.

I jump high into the air and as my momentum starts downwards I feel a thin line of ice under my left sole. Pushing off into the air I then feel ice form beneath my right.

Doing climbing jumps I go up about 5 metres until I start to walk down the sky.

Whenever you are jumping off platforms, never walk. That is true in many platform games and especially true here. When I stop at the top ice platform to walk down I immediately drop as if there wasn’t a platform there. Crashing into the ground my feet crack…I’ve broken both my legs (You see I didn’t notice before but with those 2 ice squares I’d flattened them to the ground when I was on them).

Since I’m injured again I take a short break while Jöt begins some self practice…

He starts jumping up ice platforms that he makes and is doing extremely well. But I mean he’s crating the steps himself so he’s going to have an easier time. However he slows down a bit and consequently the platform drops unable to sustain his weight. Though, when he gets off the platform it rises back to its original position.

So we’re basically doing an air walk since the minute we slow down we will come crashing down..
After my legs repair Jöt has me do running in a line…in the air.

It actually went quite well and I could run about 10 meters before I tripped on one of the platforms (it was kind of like running on branches) and face planted the snow.

After doing a couple more runs, Husky logs back in and gives a short chuckle at me face-planting for a last time.

Husky was pretty quick only taking 2 in game hours to do real world things.

So with a couple of hours of night to go, we finally decide to hunt some lynxes.

Walking for a couple of minutes through the forest we hear the swish of leaves as a lynx pounces on us from somewhere.

-87 (103/170)

I feel claws rip through my back but when I turn around…nothing’s there.
-86 (114/200)

Husky yelps and we turn around to see 3 red lines running along his arm…but no lynx in sight.
We immediately slam ourselves into a tight circle. A white shadow zooms past me lining my stomach with a cut

-88 (5/170)
Before we really register it, it’s gone.


A loud clanging sound comes from my right, Jöt! I look around and see a large but sleek white lynx, with overgrown claws and the whole row of top teeth sticking out of its jaw (about half the size of the night wolves but when there’s a whole row of them), lying dazed in front of a small ice-wall that Jöt seemed to have created in the nick of time.

Before the lynx could regain its senses Jöt locks its legs with ice. Husky and I come over with some mad grins…we take our revenge.

The lynx yowl’s a last time as we finish hacking it to death with our weapons. It took us 25 seconds but that was 25 hits from me and 16 from Husky. Not to mention almost all of them were crits since an immobilized Lynx has its head in the same place just waiting to be hacked.

The lynx itself was regarded as level 20 but only gave x1.5 xp more than usual. It had 800 health but that was still not enough for it.

Taking a quick rest and healing up we then continue on to find some more lynxes.

Our plan to take them on was pretty simple; go into a circle and have Jöt cast an ice wall when the Lynx jumps him.

How do we get the lynx to not kill the rest of us instead? Easy, we gave the lynx an opening. They’re beasts, they don’t think much, I think.

When we made our little circle we had Jöt be a bit out so his sides and back were exposed, only after the lynx had attacked us. Why? So that he’d know where the lynx would be coming from since we’d kind of yell in pain as the lynx attacked us, giving a clear direction.

Once the lynx was dazed by the wall, Jöt cast ice chains, immobilizing the lynx and then lets us do the rest.

Just so you know; he took off all his armor while we were doing the ice jumping since he did fail to make the platforms sometimes and caused a fall on that occasion. He hasn’t been wearing it since because to have a 10% fail rate in spells and going up against an unknown enemy? Not a good idea.

We hunt the night lynxes for a good 2 hours and a bit, killing only 10 of them but making sure we don’t die.

While we hunted the lynxes we didn’t just go in a random direction; we slowly headed towards the supposed cave that we’ve been asked to mine some ore from.

However on the way a couple of things happened.

First and most important: Jöt’s ice manipulation hit level 10 and turned into Ice manipulation mastery [lvl1], giving him a 10% discount on spell costs and upkeep as well as a 5% chance of causing the ‘cold’ status on attack spells.

Pretty impressive. Also his ice-wall became an actual sub-skill that cost 30 rage a second and is essentially a square the size of 4 riot shields.

Another important thing is that they finally changed their sprint into speedy which made them quite happy.

So anyways, we’ve now arrived at the entrance of the cave.

The cave itself has a small mouth with two ugly bluish beings sitting either side holding spears.
Yes that’s right, goblins are also enemies.

I had gotten used to seeing Bezia, a goblin, as an ally that I kind of forgot that goblins are actually monsters, pretty popular ones too.

However the difference between them and Bezia is quite apparent, not just their skin color; the goblins here have longer faces, their eyes are fully red and are accompanied by small pointed teeth.
Although I called them goblins they seem a lot more like hobgoblins due to their size. But it is still night.

We take a small bread break as we watch the goblins at the entrance sit lazily and pick their noses (not a fun sight). Opening my quest journal I check the supposed quest of ours

QUEST:Jearth’s ore collection
Jearth, Glacia’s blacksmith, has asked you to collect 30 pieces of Athterium. He told you there is a cave east of the village where he knows Athterium resides.

10 Silver
Increased intimacy with Jearth

Hmm the quest itself gives a pretty good reward, monetary wise, but because of that the quest might be pretty difficult.

Closing the window I take a peek at the ‘goblins’. Since the sun came out they withered somewhat gaining quite a few wrinkles as well as decreasing substantially in size.

With a nod we all stand up and head over
“Ah strangers…Kill!”

NAME:Frost Goblin [lvl20]

500 health at level 20? That’s a tad bit low.

With caution we have Jöt immobilize the goblins…But the ice chains are easily broken by the goblins.

With wide eyes we enter melee range of the goblins.

-32 (138/170)
-31 (169/200)

Their spears only do a bit of damage as they stab it through us, but that’s still way too low for their level.

Crit -82 (418/500)
Crit -55 (445/500)

We slam our axes into their heads since their spears are stuck in our bodies, they had a limited movement.

Getting momentarily stunned is fatal for them as we let go of our weapons tackle the goblins.

Hitting the ground they drop their spear and we mount them holding their arms above their heads with one of ours (their strength is extremely low, even my 10 strength is enough).

With our other hand we continually punch their ugly faces only causing small amounts of damage. But after a minute of punching them they die from the accumulated damage.

Jöt had just stood there as we beat the goblins, feeling pretty useless.

After reclaiming their bodies for no copper, only their loincloths (they only wore loincloths by the way), we look extremely unhappy. They gave 1% xp to all of us which is completely terrible seeing as though they’re 9 levels above us.

With mild rage we walk into the cave

WARNING! You have entered a dungeon instance: Frosty Caverns
DUNGEON:Frost Caverns
A cave in the middle of the woods
Recommended level: 25+, Recommended Party number: 3-5

My instincts tell me to back off but curiosity always wins doesn’t it.

We peek inside to see a large, dimly illuminated cavern void of any beings but with two paths going into the darkness.

Walking stealthily inside no traps set off or monsters come out so we guess this is a safe starting zone.

The room is illuminated by blue stones dotted along the walls. Making our way to the light (we all have the same idea), we see the stone is actually an ore.

Husky takes out the pickaxe and begins to pick away at the wall to try loosening the small stone (about the size of a thumb).

The *Tak Tak* sounds reverberate across the room making echoes of the sound.
Husky quickly finishes his work with 4 strikes and the ore pops out. Picking it up he gives a little nod before passing it around

NAME:Athterium nugget (no quality)
A tiny nugget of Athterium ore. By itself it is useless but with 9 more pieces it could be considered a full piece of ore

Ah, so we’re going to have to mine a lot more then. On the bright side, we’ve found our required ore already.

However it seems something found us too.

Possibly due to the loud sound of Husky mining, a group of Frost Goblins appear from the right corridor. A whole 6 of them.

Ah, this isn’t going to go well.
“Intruders! Kill!”

The goblins charge at us and we rush to intercept them. The two we killed outside were pretty easy so we shouldn’t have a problem with only 6 of them.

Taking 2 each is the plan.
-14 (486/500)
-14 (486/500)
Getting into range I hack the two Goblins before jumping and sprinting to the other side of the room. The others follow my lead.

Since we’re faster than the goblins we get to our spots safely (though Husky and Jöt got stabbed on the way out) and then start our individual combats…

Dodging their spears I run to the side of one chopping at its side
-14 -13 (459/500)

It turns towards me with a bestial growl but by then I’ve run away.

One of Husky’s goblins turn round at their friend’s call in the distance only to see an axe embed in
its face
Crit -28 (383/500)

“Run and Gun!” I bellow out to the others.

They get me and disengage from their fights.
Now the room is big enough to fit 100 people comfortably, so we have it pretty easy when we run around.

With 2 goblins chasing us (but quite a bit slower), we run around striking once at someone else’s goblins in passing.

Thus goblins keep changing their agro targets and quickly become quite confused on who to attack.
After about 5 minutes of running and slowly whittling down the goblin’s health and losing quite a bit ourselves (we’ve consumed a herb a minute to keep our health up), we get our first goblin down to 100.

No surprise; the bugger tries to scamper on us, so we all charge after it and kill it on the spot.
-35 +3 (41/170)

Dispersing once again, I get stabbed by a goblin but I still get passed it and to some space.

Apparently 4 are after Husky while 1 is after me. Husky is the dps in the party right now though.
Poor Husky gets tasked with running round the room taking the 4 goblins after him while Jöt and I tackle the other one.

While Jöt distracts the goblin I tackle him and after straddling it, I chop away. Once I’m finished I give the signal.

-20 (310/500)

Jöt shoot’s an icebolt at one of the Husky pursuing goblins and with that pitiful damage, the goblin agros onto him.

Repeating the process I happily chop away.

Husky is looking worse for wear with having to run continually for 10 minutes while hacking the goblins once every couple of minutes. Due to that his health has reached 14 points.

-20 (158/500)
-20 (260/500)
Jöt agros 2 of them and I run past them towards Husky.

Tackling the lone goblin I begin hacking away and I leave Husky to help Jöt.

As I hack I don’t really need to concentrate so I look over at the two of them; unsurprisingly they’re both mounted on goblins punching/stabbing them.

With that we wipe out our first goblin group.

This time for loot we got one of their slightly rotted spears so we just leave it there.

I still don’t fully understand how the goblins are level 20; because even though their magic resist is pretty high the rest of their stats are low. But then again in a straight fight we would have lost without a doubt. But due to our speed we were able to divide and conquer.

The goblins weren’t slow, it’s just that they didn’t have any movement bonuses like quadraped animals do. So we were at least 10% faster than them which makes quite a difference.

Though the dungeon recommends the level to be 25 at least so these guys are basically minions.
After we heal up Husky starts mining once more.

He does so pretty quickly getting a nugget a minute. We watch him pick away at the sides and as he does so the light slowly fades from the room.

Hmm maybe we shouldn’t pick them at the moment.
I mean none of us have night-vision, but the game does make dim-lit rooms a bit brighter than usual to help the players it seems.

So we watch Husky mine 5 ore’s worth of nuggets before the room visibly darkens on one side. We really shouldn’t mine anymore right now.

Luckily no more goblins have come this way so we’ve had a pretty peaceful hour.

However that ends soon as Husky puts away the pickaxe and we start walking down the right path.
The path leads to a small cavernous room where 4 goblins are sitting by a shining blue ore. Ah so that’s a full piece of Athterium.

I sprint into the room and they look at me with big eyes before I hack one of them causing agro on me. Swiveling round I begin to run out the room. All 4 of them follow angrily as I run through the corridor and into the big room.

They come into the room after luring them some more, Jöt aggros 2 of them. I have 2 running after me and I run away for a minute before one starts to turn towards Husky and Jöt.
-36 (144/170)
-14 (486/500)

Sprinting towards them I get a spear to the side before I chop and re-aggro the one who was about to attack the others.

Continuing my running around the room, the other two finish off their goblins in the middle and agro both of them with some more icebolts.

I turn and tackle one while Husky bites a spear to tackle the other. Their end was nigh.

Not even bothering to reclaim them we go back to the Athterium ore campsite and with glee collect a whole Athterium ore.

That was a mistake. We should have checked our surroundings first.

There were 3 different exits to this campsite (not including the one we came through) and at grand total of 12 goblins came in groups of 6 from 2 of the exits. Seems they were patrolling and happened to come back at the same time, only to see some random invaders taking the ore campsite (by the way the ore just shines, it doesn’t give off heat).



Sprinting back to the other room doesn’t really make much of a difference because there’s no way one of us can agro 12 of them at a time (well Jöt can with his ‘rain of ice’ but that’d cost all his rage and health).

We sprint out the exit and leave the instance flying out into the forest and escaping the goblins…well that was the plan anyways

You cannot leave the instance when in combat!

This dastardly system.

We stop and turn around to see all 12 goblins in front of us charging madly. With no visible gaps I do one last thing before I die

“ASCEND ME TO VALHALLA” Both me and Husky say the same thing (we’re two dead peas in a pod) as we raise our arms and embrace the spears.

“You morons”

Jöt follows us in death soon after.

Reviving in the cold snow the first thing I think is: Have I really gone to Valhalla?
Why? Because I haven’t revived on my soft furry mattress.

I look around and nope, turns out I just revived at the entrance of the cavern. Oh so dying in a dungeon will revive you just outside, handy.

I check my xp bar and see it’s only gone down 5% which is a quarter of the usual (so less xp loss in a dungeon?).

We all stand up and decide to leave the dungeon alone for now, because it did recommend level 25 and although we can fight 1 on 1, goblins always come in groups. In this instance in groups of 6 in the least. And that’s just at the entrance.

Turning our backs to the dungeon we head into the forest to kill some more lynxes.

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