Insanity Online! The Forging Of A TRUE NORD

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Everyone Wants A Piece Of Me, But This Time It's...Weird

Waking up on a soft fur mattress I immediately feel a crushing bear hug. Ah can’t breathe!

*Sob sob*

“Oh thank goodness you’re all right”

“…You don’t need to worry I’m alright” Well I am immortal in this game

That didn’t have an effect; it actually increased her hug strength

-3 (167/170)

OH god, I’m actually going to be hugged to death.

“Don’t say that, you died again right? You are immortal but that’s no right to get yourself killed again and again!”

True…I peek around as Cindy sobs on my shoulder. Seems like Husky and Jöt both got the bear crushing experience too by the way they’re rubbing their sides.

“I-It’s a necessity…Rule number 4; I do what it takes to be victorious”

“Victorious? You died! What are you trying to achieve?”

“To-gah- become a True Nord”

She lets off some as if the wind was blown out of her.

Varg suddenly enters from outside carrying the groceries

Jumping up she heads over to Varg who is sitting at the table and begins poking is chest repeatedly
“YOU! You’re a terrible influence on the kids. Look at what you’ve done! Having them die over and over again to follow this ‘path of the warrior’”

Varg just shrugs his shoulders…meekly

What unfolds was quite the spectacle for all of us:

Varg is almost 3 metres in height while Cindy is about 1 metre 70 at most. Taking that into consideration, she berates him and accuses him of turning us into ‘suicidal children’ to follow the Path of the Warrior.

Thing is, even though Varg is looming over her, he looks small beside the raging Cindy.

After a good 20 minutes she finally takes a breather and Varg is just standing there unable to utter even a single word in response. He was completely and utterly destroyed.

QUEST:Path Of The Warrior II
SUB-QUEST:Convince Cindy
Due to dying an innumerable amount of times, Cindy has decided to stop you from going on the Path of the Warrior for your own good. Until you can convince her to allow you to follow the Path of the Warrior, the main quest cannot be further completed

Cindy’s blessing to follow the Path of the Warrior

Well now we all know Cindy makes the rules in this house…

We all look at eachother pretty dumbfounded at the sub-quest we just received. Our quest has been blocked by dying a whole bunch of times, who knew. (Jöt still looks surprised but he didn’t take the quest so he doesn’t mind as much)

As Cindy stomps off out the house, Varg sits down at the table holding his head in his hands
“What…I did?”

Wow Varg, just wow. You don’t even know what you did to cause all this (well he is right there, it isn’t his fault directly but oh well).

Grouping up we have a quick chat between one another (leaving the half-despairing Varg to himself of course) about how we’re going to convince Cindy.

Talking was out of the question because we’ve just watched a one-sided verbal beat down of her doing and we don’t want to be victims of that.

On the other hand we could convince Varg to help us, buuut…well we’ve seen his uses in this house already (none, nada).

Guess we’re on our own here.

After about 10 minutes of frantic debating, we end up with a decent(?) idea.

Finished up we tell Varg our plan and he agrees that it may work.

Cindy walks back in with a sweet smile on her face (well that was a quick change!).

“Everybody how about some lunch” It wasn’t a question, it was an order it seems
Obeying we sit down at the table and lick our lips at the charred meat and bread placed in front of us.

Of course we do not waste even the slightest crumb of this meal and make sure to hoover every last bit of food (It’s been a while since we’ve had anything but bread).

After finishing our meal we collectively gulp and begin the plan

“So…mother…we’re going out to hunt a couple of lynxes” Jöt begins nonchalantly
“Now wait a second-”

“You can come with us if you want” Husky buts in before she gets going

“I could but that still doe-”

“Please mother, pretty pretty please? If you come with us and see it’s too dangerous for us, then we’ll stop following the Path of the Warrior for your sake” Extremely large puppy eyes activate, I even…*Gulp*…activate radiating charm for a second to convince her.


“Eh?” I look behind me and see Varg and Jöt had stabbed their hands to the table for some reason, while blood runs down Husky’s forehead (he’s muttering something too).
What’s gotten into them?

“…gobble you up

“Huh? You said something Cindy?” I turn back to Cindy not quite sure what I heard.


“U-Um Cindy? Are you alright?”

Her eyes are wide as she stares unblinking at me. I see a little drool slip out of her mouth. She quickly regains her sense when I speak and wipes off the drool hurriedly.

Something is not right...,

“Y-yes. It’s nothing…I-I’ll allow you to hunt as long as I’m there. But Varg is coming too to protect you” Her tone gave no room for negotiations.

“Why do I need guarding?” I’m a little confused

“…” I feel everyone’s gazes of disbelief

“Have...have you never looked at your own reflection?” Cindy gives me an incredulous look
I feel some heat crawl up my face.

“I know I’m somewhat cute but-”

Her hands grip my shoulders (owie!) tightly

“Cute? CUTE? Oh Kal you have no idea...I CAN’T let you be on your own because if someone finds you and and……they’d just do this and that and mmm that too…”

She starts to drop off into her own world before shaking and blushing deeply as she looks away (Just what was she thinking of?)

“So that’s why I need Varg to guard you...and don’t worry you can trust him”

She gives a quick glance to Varg and everyone in the room collectively shivers at her burning gaze.
“With my life” That is quite sweet of him...but seeing him stab his hand once again I’m a bit worried.

Due to Cindy’s large worries about you being alone and unprotected, she has made Varg accompany you as a bodyguard.
You have gained a Companion.
He will follow you wherever you go and guard you with his lif. He shall stay your bodyguard until you ask him to leave your service or he dies.

COMPANION:Varg [lvl 46]
Varg is one of the Warriors of Glacia and the partner of Cindy. He is known for his short sentences and brutal hunting

OH MY GOD THIS IS INSANE (both good and bad at the same time)!!

Jöt and Husky just look at me in as much shock as I am in…I mean who knew you could have companions. And LEVEL 46 TOO!

“U-uh…o-ok?” I don’t know what I should say in this situation…

“Great. With that settled I shall watch you all hunt. Let’s go!” Cindy immediately starts ushering everyone out the door.

So we all head on a family trip(?) to the forest.

Though before we get there, Husky and Jöt both say that we must kill some wolves urgently!
With a raised eyebrow I accept and we hunt some wolves.

Killing the first wolf within seconds we do let it call 3 more before it dies and then we all split to our usual one on ones.

My wolf bounds towards me with a howl

-628 (0/320)

“U-um Varg?”

He turns back towards me and I see his arm had gone through the wolf’s head.


B-bbut it didn’t even touch me!

The others are looking in shock too at the insta-kill punch. Never annoy Varg…ever.

That wolf just got massacred. Completely and utterly massacred. And all it did was come towards me with intent…

*Gulp* I fear for anybody who tries to kill me.

But…I don’t get any xp which I find out after Varg massacres another couple of wolves.
“Varg…can I fight?”


Whyyyyy? Why do I have to have an overprotective guardian? I’m not going to get anywhere with him killing everything!

Seriously, both he and Cindy are like overprotective parents.

With tears brimming my eyes we head to Bezia’s and we watch Husky and Jöt work silently on something?

While they’re working I start to do some leatherworking myself with the Lynx hides, after repairing my skirt somewhat first.

After an hour and a bit I’ve made a set of lynx boots (+4 agility wow). The other two however have been working fervently on something on the table and with a loud sigh they mark their finish.

Turning to me, Husky hands me a piece of armor.

White Wolf Armour (Chest) (Mid quality)
Creator: Husky
Thick fur chest armour that covers the entirety of the chest and shoulders as if it were its purpose.
Made with fur of white wolves
Defense: 25, AGI +5, VIT + 2

I look down at what they’ve given me; A thick-full body shirt which covers my chest and stomach completely. Why are they so worked up with making me chest armor?

Oh…I forgot to mention to them about my ideals so they just thought that I needed some more armor after experiencing that blizzard huh? That’s thoughtful of them.

“Guys… It’s nice that you’re making some armor for me but it’s against my ideals.”


I take up a proud pose chest sticking out

“A True Nord does not wear chest armor but bare their chest to the world in pride”

What’s with the strange looks guys?

“Oh right…I’d almost forgotten…” Husky looks down in embarrassment as Jöt looks away awkwardly. Forgotten what exactly?

“…Give us another couple of minutes” Jöt tells me as they swipe away the armor and start working with an extreme pressure.

A few minutes later they turn back and Husky hands me the remodeled armor.

“This should be good enough right?”

I look and see it to be a white shirt which seems extremely short.

I check and see that it lost 3 AGI, 1 VIT and 10 defense. Ok so I lost quite a few things but the shirt seems alright. I put it on and see that it leaves my shoulders open while covering a bit of my upper arm. Also it is extremely short and stops just below the chest.

Tapping a finger on my mouth I question whether it is alright and I end up accepting it as within my ideals…

“How do I look?”


I look at the two of them; Husky is repeatedly bashing his head on the table for some bizarre reason while Jöt’s put his hand on a wall and is stabbing it repeatedly.

Are they possessed or something?

“D-does this not suit me?”

Husky swivels round, his wolf head dyed red.

“No no it suits you just fine. It’s just…” He looks away awkwardly leaving the sentence hanging
Just what?

Seems like he’s not answering as he starts walking out the door, followed quickly by Jöt saying “let’s go hunting, now!”. Cindy drags Varg who looks like he’s in a daze.

Why is everyone acting so strange around me?

With about 2 hours wasted getting me some armor for no particular reason we finally head to the forest.

As we enter, no Gannor appears (right he was running away from the blizzard so he must be quite far away by now).

“Ah Cindy. What was with the blizzard?” I ask out of curiosity as Varg grabs an attacking lynx in midair and rips it in half.

“We call it Carestia’s breath. It happens once every 10 days. But I forgot to tell you all sorry!” She bows towards us and we all wave her off saying “no problem”. Hmm Carestia’s breath. Well if that dragon can make a blizzard with its breath I don’t ever want to meet it, ever.

Since I’ve got nothing better to do as we walk through the forest I ask Cindy about what the two of them do all day.
According to her-
-Varg is one of the 4 village Warriors; so he quells potential dangers to the village (so that’s where he is everyday). She on the other hand is just a normal house-wife.

After an hour of hunting lynxes (well it was mostly Varg ripping them in half. At least they allowed me to pick some berries) we stop in a safe spot and start dividing labor:

Husky and Jöt collect some firewood, Varg lights the campfire and Cindy prepares the vegetables.
Me? I sit on the snow twiddling my thumbs because both Cindy and Varg tell me to do nothing.
Husky and Jöt give me some pitying eyes as they head off. WHYYYYY?

“Let me cook, please” I look at Cindy with pleading eyes. I want to be of some use!

“O-ok, sure. I’ll let you cook” What’s with the gulp Cindy? You’ve never tasted my cooking.
Raising an eyebrow at her I start to prepare the meal.

Cutting the vegetables my hand slips a bit and I skim my index finger with the knife

“Owie” I place the finger in my mouth to lessen the pain


I turn over to them and see Varg AND CINDY(?) have stabbed their hands once again. Is it some weird trend that I missed or something? It’s really strange and scaring me some.

Turning back to the cooking I start to prepare a nice lynx stew.

After a short while the soup is going nicely and I take a sip with the ladle Cindy provided
“Mmm” Closing my eyes to the deliciousness.


I open my eyes to see everyone but Husky stabbing their hands. Husky meanwhile is bashing his head against a tree causing it to shake violently.

I’m seriously scared now. What is going on? Did I do something?

Putting the thoughts away as the soup makes a bubbling sound; I send my attention to it and complete it without a hitch.

Serving the food they all thank me but none of them look me in the eye? Husky and Jöt both look away awkwardly while Varg lowers his head and Cindy too?

Is there something on my face? I pat my face but nothing comes up…

Anyways, we eat our dinner round the campsite and then begin hunting once more.

Well I say that but once again I’m being surrounded by everyone and the lynxes have no chance getting to me. Varg is doing his job as bodyguard extremely well…too well. He doesn’t let any lynxes even land close to me.

Cindy does let Jöt and Husky handle a lynx on their own and nods quite impressed at the ice wall stun and murder tactic that they do to easily dispatch their lynxes.

After about 6 hours of watching merciless slaughter, I finally reach my limit. After 75 lynxes we’re slaughtered we still only reach just past 50%...Why? Because VARG KEEPS KILLING EVERYTHING!! Only 22 lynxes were killed by Jöt and Husky and Varg stole the rest.

I know our hunting efficiency is usually quite bad but with Varg. It’s impossibly slow! With our speed it’d literally take us half a day to get to next level.

As Varg rips his 54th lynx in half I stomp up to him.

He drops the two pieces and looks at me with a perplexed expression


I repeatedly jab a finger into his stomach (that’s as high as I can reach really) with every word.


Varg and Cindy look at me for a short while as I huff

“Honey, we simply don’t want you to get hur-”

“Son-“ She goes to grabs my shoulder gently

I step back causing her to grab air
“Don’t call me that…you are no mother of mine”

I turn my back and walk into the darkness leaving a stunned Cindy behind.

Your companion has left your service

Seething with anger I walk until I feel a presence rush up behind me.


I swing round


STATUS:Broken Hand
Your hand has broken due to excessive force. Cannot use hand

The Lynx’s eyes roll back till they’re fully white and its scrunched face lets out a small yowl before it drops to the ground

I let my broken fist drop to my side while I squat down beside the unconscious lynx.

Grabbing one of the Lynxes oversized teeth (about half the size of night wolves); I rip it out and then mount the lynx from behind.

Stabbing it repeatedly with its own tooth feels brutal yet satisfying at the same time.
The lynx dies before it can regain consciousness.

Sitting on the lynx’s corpse I receive a message from Jöt

Harsh but necessary. Was wondering when you were going to finally crack.

I can almost hear him smirk when he wrote that

Anyways we’re taking Cindy, who is in shock, back home. Me and Husky will be doing a bit more hunting in the forests to hopefully get our level.

OK. Good luck.

With me updated the conversation ends…Or so I thought:

Hey Kal…Don’t hate her, she’s just trying to help you.

Husky sends me a worried message

I just don’t understand why she’s being so overprotective of me

…She’s really worried about you, because if you encounter the wrong people…killing you is the best thing they can do to you

I don’t understand why would that be-oh…I understand. But that’s why I have to get stronger so that I can protect myself

I know that and she does too but we were worried when we saw you earlier

Saw me earlier? What do you mean by that?

…Nevermind that…just be careful…and try reconcile with Mother, please.


With that our conversation ends.

I’m still quite confused with the whole ‘seeing me earlier’ notion. Did I look different or something? I mean all I did was…oh

Suddenly everything fell into place. Why they were all stabbing/bashing (Husky’s case) themselves, why they made me a shirt and most importantly; why Cindy and Varg were being so overprotective of me.

2 words: Radiating charm...

I never used it before so I didn’t know how effective it was or what it really did (except for make me look prettier(?)).

I open up a window and open up the mirror feature (for people who want to look at themselves when they clothe themselves).

I look quite pretty, especially with my top; which accentuates my shoulders and smooth stomach. I do like to look at myself but I don’t think I’m worth getting super overprotective over. I do look a bit more feminine than usual…must be because of the top.

After checking myself out I activate radiating charm

-1 (169/170)

I think I should rename myself Narcissus…

Wiping off the slight blood trickle from my nose I close the mirror window.

At least I know now why everyone was stabbing/bashing (In Husky’s case) themselves: I shine, like literally start to glow and it’s not just that, but my face becomes recognizably more feminine, a lot cuter, making me quite obviously a girl…

So for people who firmly(?) believe I’m a guy, this is a bit of a twist on their minds.

Turning off my radiating charm I see that the only thing that fades is my shine. My soft feminine features are still apparent, more apparent than when I looked the first time in the mirror. Ah, guess once seen it can’t easily be unseen.

Though to know that my 4 closest people in this world have been conflicted over my gender for a day is mildly hilarious. Still…to stab/bash themselves whenever they looked at me doesn’t really fit perfectly.

I think I’m missing something but the idea that they stabbed themselves due to confliction of my gender sounds like a decent explanation.

One other thing too that’s been bugging me.

I take off my top and check my chest.

Phew, I wasn’t naked. That would have been extremely awkward to me and everyone around me.
Seems like I have a thin, almost invisible bandage around my chest that just covers the important parts, though I see there are fake ones painted on the cloth. So unless you look from a couple of inches away you won’t see the difference.

Right, guess walking around almost topless is not a good idea, especially if people look at me like I’m a girl. That’d be awkward.
Re-equipping my top, I sit back down on the lynx for another 20 minutes or so until my hand repairs itself.

Cracking my knuckles I go to look for another lynx.


STATUS:Broken Hand
Your hand has broken due to excessive force. Cannot use hand

Another lynx for the killing.

I repeat the process of ripping out and then killing the lynx with its own tooth.

As I wait for my hand to heal I feel a bit bored. I mean lynxes aren’t really a challenge for me, even though they are 7 levels higher than me; they always attack from behind in their first attack, because it’s the natural weakest point. Also I’ve got a good sense for danger so I can tell when it’s coming.

Thus after 1 punch (which does break my hand from the impact) the lynx is out of this world in spirit and I just make its body go there too.

I wait a short while before killing one lynx and then a last one.

Dragging two lynxes in either hand I walk through the forest and back to the plains.

Sadly the lynxes that I pass by aren’t generous to leave me alone so I end up killing them too.
However because of that the 20 minute journey out of the forest became a 2 hour journey.

Reclaiming 4 of my 8 lynxes I make it to the snowy plains.

Lady Luck seems to have finally put me on the good list as I don’t get attacked by any wolves as I head back.

Walking through the north exit I feel the usual gaze from the guarding Orc as it travels down my back.

Ignoring it as usual I drag the lynxes slowly towards Cindy and Varg’s.

The sun is rising behind me casting a nice shadow of me as I kick the door open.

Both Cindy and Varg are sitting at the table looking melancholically at their hands and look up startled to see me burst through the door.

I walk into the room and slowly raise and drop the lynxes in front of them.

Stepping on their bodies I head to the table and place down 8 night lynx teeth.

“I couldn’t carry all 8” I shrug my shoulders indifferently

Both look at me, then at eachother and then back at me.

Varg nods

Cindy looks down at her hands trembling


“I-I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been so overprotective, I-I just worried so much about you; I didn’t want you to get hurt”

“Cindy…I understood what you did…but it was too much. I can protect myself just fine…and I have Husky and Jöt too”

“I-I know…I’m sorry”

I turn round and walk to the door.

“I’m sorry…about that”

With that I walk back outside

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