Insanity Online! The Forging Of A TRUE NORD

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Lore Time! And A Love-NO HORRIBLE Encounter...

My eyes open to a light brown wooden ceiling along with the soft fluffy sensation on my back.
Ah, I died didn’t I.

Sitting up, I see Husky and Jöt sitting in their respective fur mattresses looking a bit shaken. I mean who wouldn’t if you got one-shotted by a giant black wolf. Hell even I’m a bit shaken up

“So how’d it kill you two?” Ask Jöt

“Sliced me up, did 483 damage with the one hit” Damn Husky I feel for you

“Landed on me”

“BWAHAHAHAHA, OH MAN DID NOT EXPECT THAT ONE COMING, HAHAHAHA” Husky seems to have regained his vigor, jeez too loud. And did I just see Jöt smirk, that sneaky little…

“By the way it did 4021 damage” That shut them up…for about half a second before Husky started rolling on the floor saying “my sides oh my sides!”

It sounds pretty silly, but actually feeling it was terrifying. I mean who gets overkilled by over 3900 points in one hit! Just how much does that freaking thing weigh?!

Well at least we know the boss’s final trump card; squishing us with its immense weight.

Giggling a bit myself, I notice out of the corner of my eye Jöt staring at me and when I look at him he turns away and looks towards another side of the room suddenly interested by something else

Hmm what was that about?

I have a feeling something bad happened…

Luckily(?) Cindy distracts me from my thoughts as she comes into the house, Varg behind, and rushes over to me “Eeeek”ing

“Oh my darling Cutesy Kal you look absolutely adorable. I just want to gobble you up”

My shivers return.

I quickly escape the deadly bear-hug and make my way over to Husky, hiding behind him slightly. Husky raises an eyebrow at me before giving a knowing smile to no-one in particular. Jöt just shakes his head.

Varg stops Cindy, before she gets another attack, with a basket of supposedly their shopping and she huffs slightly before heading to the cooking pot (I sometimes forget she is an older woman the way she acts).

The rest of us excuse ourselves and say we’ll be back shortly.

We exit the house onto the dark street, the only light source being the 3 moons illuminating the snow quite beautifully. We walk down the street and head into the general goods store.

Linda; a petite brown-haired wood-elf of maybe 150 years (she looks 15 to be honest) greets us with a cheerful smile and waves at her goods before taking out a bread box, with a slight dent in it.

“I’m assuming you’re here for more. I know you’re all growing…boys-” she makes eye-contact with me and smirks (well 150 years and you’re bound to tell woman from man easily?) “-but still to eat so much bread within one day has got to be unhealthy for you”

“Well Linda my darling worry no more, for your sake I will make sure we will eat other types of food, and I would be especially pleased to have one of your apples”

Oh no, it’s not me speaking. That’s Jöt. Yes it seems he has a thing for pointy eared creatures; He actually did quite a lot of talking and coercion to get Talia’s ‘reward’ added to the rewards tab on the quest window (Apparently it’s an extra…I am scared). And every time we stop for bread its Jöt who does the bargaining with Linda. Why? Because he gets to chat up a young looking wood-elf while improving his ‘bartering skills’ as he put it (although we have not gained anything out of it yet, not even a single piece of bread).

Wait now that I think about it…I touch my slightly pointed ears


I go over to the counter and haul my 20 pieces of rabbit meat and 5 pieces of elk venison to which Linda looks quite happy.

“Oh thank you, here’s some payment for your help” She hands me 3 silver. 3 SILVER, IM RICH!!
So of course I immediately spend 2 silver on buying 80 pieces of bread and 10 apples (because I need a bit of diversity ok).

Husky, seeing the great reward trades his meat in too and gets the same number of bread and apples too.

Jöt mildly miffed about having his starting repertoire ruined, collects his reward and buys 50 apples, or tries to at least.

“I’m sorry Jöt but I’m all out of apples today, come back tomorrow for some more ok?”

It was quite pitying to see Jöt’s face drop and his body sink to the counter (guess he really did want those apples but alas that is the fate of one who flirts with many women?).

He does send us a slight evil eye but he quickly recuperates and laughs it off with Linda promising he’ll buy as many apples as he could tomorrow.

With that we head back down to our temporary place of residence (well more like spawn point. Funny thing, apparently when Cindy set up a bed for us it became our spawn point). With bright faces as completing our first quest we each munch on a 4 copper apple each (I give Jöt one so that he may join in).

Actually having a taste when eating is such a reward and the three of us enjoy that apple to the fullest; our first tasteful food since the beginning of this game (I did omit to the others about my breakfast, but it didn’t taste as sweet; didn’t taste of satisfaction of a hard day of work).

My satiety was at 3 by the way so I actually needed to eat it or I might have died on the way back but nonetheless it was still symbolic.

We arrive back to the house and a lovely spicy smell comes from the fireplace. I love spice and it seems Husky does too by the way his eyes are almost drooling with anticipation.

Sitting round the table, we silently watch Cindy roast a line of 5 rabbits. We all breathe in the spicy air that wafts from them and she makes sure they stay that way by continually crushing a brown powder above them (note to self, if see brown powder, pick it).

Finally dinner is served and she serves us all, starting with Varg of course. We ravish the meal letting the soft meat nestle in our mouths.

Ah Cindy’s looking at me quizzically. I feel sweat pouring from my eyes. Ah damn even here Lady Luck continues to curse me.

I am a lover of spice but I have one slight problem; I can’t handle it, at all, like not even a little. So throughout this delicious meal I am continually sweating vigorously through my eyes as I eat.

However no one really takes much notice because water is brimming their eyes too (even Varg, wow never thought I’d see that face of his).

Though Cindy looks completely unfazed when eating her dish…

Our meal ends quite quickly and after wiping my eyes with a ‘cloth’ (rabbit skin square really) I look a lot better. Although I hear a collective gulp around the table.

Stealthily checking my face with my axe-reflection (hidden on my lap) I notice that my eyes are slightly puffy, however this doesn’t make me look ugly. Nope it almost makes me want to hug and cuddle and console this cute slightly puffy-eyed person, almost. That’s only because it’s myself so I can deal with it (also the knowledge that I’m a guy playing a girl who may or may not look like a very cute guy does sort of help me keep my cool). But it seems like everyone here is ready to console me to their fullest, how scary.

I try to hide my eyes a bit with my hair and it seems like that lessened the effect on them as they did finally regain their senses…

After this avoided incident, Cindy starts to clean the plates while the rest of us sit around the table discussing what to do now.

“I’m going to head off to sleep now, I’ll take a quick kip for 3 hours and then when its morning we can start on one of our other quests.” Jöt tells us with small yawn.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea, but I might come on a bit earlier to do a bit of rabbit hunting to push myself up to level 4” Comments Husky

“Hmm you got a point Husky, you’ve got a whole level to go while I’ve got about 60% to go” I point out to Husky, maybe he should come on a lot earlier to kill things, although he should be fine.

Due to Gannor killing us, Jöt’s on 0% level 4 while Husky is on 0% level 3. Me? I’m 40% on level 3 so I’ve got a ways to go.

Ah thinking about Gannor…

“Um Cindy, have you heard of Frishha and Gannor before?

She looks back at me with a smile

“Do I know them? Why of course I do, everyone who’s lived beyond The Ice Needles knows them.”
She coughs and sits down as if signaling this will take a while.

“They used to be lovers or so the legend went. Frishha was a house-maid in the Alberaqui household, the Rulers of the Northern cities in that time.

She was just one of many maids but she stood out due to her albino skin and hair which drew the gazes of many. However only one gaze truly stuck to her. A noble; Gannor of the Faren house got caught by her visage and his eyes never wondered else-where ever since.

This noble was renowned for his constant black attire no matter the occasion earning him the name Gannor the Black. However that was not the only reason why he was called such.

He was a known skirt-chaser in the kingdom and constantly searched high and low for a maiden of beauty for him to sink his fangs into. Those who had been conquered by him had a neck-scar of a ferocious bite, as this marked his territory. He was a wolf in his demeanor and in his conquering and like a wolf he had set his eyes on some new prey.

Thus he was entranced by Frishha and tried his utmost to catch her. Days upon days, months upon months passed and Gannor met this woman day by day passing the corridor or catching her eye from afar. His gaze never left her and when he spoke to her his sentences were short. Not because he wasn’t a talker, no he was known for his smooth tongue but he always had trouble speaking words to her. They got stuck in his throat and he ended up ending the conversation seconds after it started.

The wolf had not found its prey but it had found a mate and before he realized it himself he had fallen in love with Frishha. Frishha was not idle either as she always taunted him with a slip of the tongue or a look in her eye as she led the wolf towards her but kept her distance as he tried to chase her.

They were happy with their love even though it could not be blessed they could share a look or have a moment in the corridors as they spoke trivial matters. This was all they could do without being damned by the kings and their kin.

However this could not last forever as time always takes its toll. Frishha finally succumbed to her sickness at the age of 18, 2 years after the two first met. She wanted him to continue chasing her because it made her happy but she did not want him to catch her so as to spare him the pain of losing her.

However she did not fully realize how madly in love he was for her. On the eve of her death Gannor cut his throat that that he may follow the woman he loved in death. At the age of 30 Gannor the black died but his death was not reported until many years later to uphold the reputation of the house…. Now that is the legend of Frishha the White and Gannor the Black but it doesn’t end with their deaths.

Soon after Gannor’s death was announced a hunter saw a glamorous white elk with white antlers and white hooves race across the forest with a gargantuan black wolf chasing after it. The hunter saw the elk stopping to let the wolf catch up but bounded away before it was caught.

The masses speculated what they were, but an unknown figure in the nobility, who knew of the story of Gannor and Frishha, for it was known among some, wrote it down and had the story told across the kingdom making these two strange beasts the reincarnated spirits of Gannor and Frishha, forever chasing but never catching and becoming happy.

There have been records of sightings of this pair over the past 2 centuries and it is said to this day, Gannor still chases after Frishha in hopes to catch her.”

After that decently long story which was beautifully summarized, thank god, by Cindy who noticed poor Husky dropping off after the introduction of Gannor, we all had a moment of silence for the lovers who never were.

It’s strange how such a general story felt so emotional to me, maybe it’s the game setting or maybe it’s because I saw the two with my own eyes (and was killed by one too) but whatever the reason I felt this didn’t just seem like lore or a hidden quest only found in special circumstances. No it felt like…history, as if it really happened and was not just words from a script. A question popped into my mind.

“Cindy, how many years of history does this world have?”

“Thousands, but only a bit over 300 years ago was any history recorded.”

It didn’t seem like they created a script for events. It seemed like they really did have that history happen and the world has actually gone through all those things? An odd thought, but I’ll remember it.

Shaking Husky awake he thanks me and I recap the ending beautifully: “Gannor’s a wolf chasing Frishha an elk”

“Eh why’s Fishha an Elk? Isn’t she a woman, elks are male right?” Husky replies half-sleepily

That’s right…and everyone around the table is doing a bit of soul searching wondering why Fishha a woman is an Elk and not a deer.

Husky, quite oblivious to the atmosphere says bye and hits the fur mattress going still. He must have logged off.

Jöt, with a suppressed yawn shakes his pensive thoughts away and logs off too after resting his body on his mattress.

Now they don’t need to do that but I understand them, it doesn’t feel much like a game, except for the obvious stuff.

Following them in their footsteps I drop off onto my mattress and log off too…NOT

Jeez, don’t you remember I SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL (minus that one maths lesson mind you) SO THAT I COULD PLAY THE WHOLE NIGHT!

I make my way out the house as Cindy and Varg ready themselves for sleep(?), I mean one must wonder when they hear “Oho, you naughty girl” come from a closed door. The selling point of the game is that it’s a very free world but still, I wonder…

Shaking the thoughts away, I make my way to the north exit. Time for some night-time gaming.
Heading out the exit I wave a greeting to the Orc on the snow wall and he grunts a hello back to me. Seems like he hasn’t changed when looking at me so I guess I’m safe in an Orc’s eyes

“mmm good piece of meat” My ears twitch as they pick up the mumble

NEVERMIND, maybe I shouldn’t go out alone at night, or should I buy myself some pepper spray? Wait, what’s the alternative to pepper spray in this world?

Taking my axe out and holding it close, I feel slightly better. I’d feel a lot better if the orc didn’t ogle at me as I disappear off into the darkness.

Jeez its strange to be in the dark and still feel a gaze on your back.

It’s quite dark outside but there is still a decent amount of moonlight so I won’t be snuck up on, hopefully.

Sneaking my way through the snow I find an elk grazing(?). The elk is a decent bit bigger than it used to be, as well as its antlers look a decent more sharp…

Hmm, maybe not a good idea to approach…but I’ve got to do it nevertheless.

I start to slowly move towards it…

Obviously it hears me/sees me and bolts off in the other direction. However I do not bother chase it.

Instead, I start to push the snow away from where the elk was grazing. And voila, I am a genius!
Why you may ask? Well if you still remember, we had a quest to find 20 snowberries and 20 frost grass. However the quest didn’t tell us where they are. Thus using my great powers of intuition and observation I figured that the elks would be eating frost grass since they were grazing. Seems I was right.

A small bundle of grass with a blue edge sticks out of the ground and I, with care begin digging the earth around the grass.

I don’t pull it out directly like some amateur (I do gardening club at school so I kind of learnt how to treat plants right) and ruin the grass, but I slowly uncover the whole thing down to the roots and make the hard-packed frozen earth break off without damaging the plant.

After a good two minutes of freeing up the grass I am left with the grass itself in perfect quality (I am an experienced green-thumb after all).

A window pops up in front of me

Frost Grass x6 (High Quality)A blade of grass grown in a frozen environment (crafting material) (consumable).

Oooh 6 of them and High quality too! Wahaha my many hours of being forced to pick potatoes and carrots off the fields for my dinner at my grandparents have finally paid off (They made me eat what I picked so I learnt to pick well or I’d have to eat bruised food which just tastes wrong).

But wow I’ll only need another 3 of these and then I’ll have finished half the quest. Also it says consumable but I don’t want to waste a high quality for that, IF I make a mistake when picking I’ll try out what it does.

Feeling happy with myself, I almost miss the hungry howl from behind, almost (well it’s kind of hard to miss a howl from nearby, more so when you’ve had to run away from said sound 61 times in a day).

Swiveling round to see the overgrown wolf (almost twice the normal size jeeesus) staring at me with blood red eyes my heart stops for a moment and as I regain my senses I’m already running in the opposite direction.

Running across the snow I quickly enter the forest with the wolf on my heels, but it seems it has lost a bit of speed due to its size; since it can’t quite catch me as I weave around the trees.

But I don’t play around because I see it rip off half the tree’s trunk with 1 paw. I am definitely not messing with that.

I have to find a way round the wolf because if not I’m not going to be able to get back to the village.

So I begin curving my run as I go and am soon going parallel to the forest’s exit with the wolf behind me howling as it smashes trees I barely passed a second before.

Running for another minute, I feel by fatigue build up but with a giant ass wolf behind me I don’t pay it much mind. I zig zag through the trees and see a flash of red by the base of a tree I just passed.

Raising my eyebrows in delight I look more closely at the base of a tree and I soon pass another red dot by a tree. This time I grab the dot on the move. Feeling something in my grasp I have it dissolve into my inventory (pretty cool mechanic) while I continue to run round the forest.

Sadly all runs must come to a stop, usually when you run into another wolf. And thus I died, brutally.

The wolf opened its humongous jaws and bit me in half with ease.

…Wait didn’t that happen already before with another wolf? Yes it did, and Lady Luck really does have me on her naughty list as I met Gannor again and he seemed extremely annoyed when he saw me or maybe that’s just me seeing things?

But I still died nonetheless. However… when I respawn in the silent house (no wait someone’s snoring) I take out my new item from my inventory.

Snowberry x1 (Disastrous)A berry which grows in the frozen environment. The quality is so poor that this is unusable but still somewhat edible (consumable).

The snowberry is a light crimson which I think makes it go with the snow quite well. However there is a slightly frosty exterior to the berry but that might just be due to the cold.

I take the almost squashed berry and pop it in my mouth.

Have your parents ever told you don’t eat strange herbs and berries from the side of the road because they might be dangerous? Well I never listened to them and it seems like they were completely right. Never eat some random berry you’ve picked up.

-100 (10/100) + Poison

STATUS:Poisoned (mild)
Lose 1 health every 10 seconds till cured, natural healing is cancelled

Ah so I’ve got 100 seconds left and I can do nothing but wait for the end.

Well, might as well try out the Frost Grass just in case its poisonous too ( I did think they’d be healing ingredients due to the quest reward being health pots but nevermind).

Taking out my High quality Frost Grass I have a chew on one and feel slightly better

Frost Grass (High Quality)
A blade of grass grown in a frozen environment (crafting material) (consumable).
Restores 30 health over 1 minute.

Wow that’s some good stuff (no I don’t mean the taste I mean the health regeneration). So eating it will essentially triple my natural healing that’s pretty good.

Although I don’t think I want to die now. I do like having xp and in case Gannor comes and murders me again I’d like to have a little backup of xp or I’m going to lose a level.

…Ah I can do that but is it really worth 20% xp? Damn it is because 20% is something we spend hours on getting so I don’t want to lose that to some poison berry (Also dying to a poison berry is a bit pitiful).

Sneaking out the house, I make my way two doors over and then lightly tap at the door

“Ah what suicidal lunatic is knocking at my door at this hour? Come in come in, I’ll feed you my best poison.”

Thalia opens up the door with a scowling face that magically transforms into her predatorial face (casual smile with a glint in her eyes and licking her lips. I think I should have just died).

“Oh hello there, Kal (she did finally ask my name when I went with the others) would you like to come inside”

She didn’t say it as a question, no it was more of an order, subtle but strong.

Quite frankly I’m terrified but sometimes one must step into the dragons’ mouth to live (although that makes absolutely no sense to me).

Walking inside the house, I find it to be unkempt as ever except for the fact that I can see a cleared path through the books on the floor. Subtle, yet perfectly leading towards her room.


Maybe I should get Chorny to play the game; I might have found his teacher.

Thalia is sitting on her alchemy table and fills up my view quite easily; her body is delicate but well built in the right areas, as well as her being naturally skinny her figure is quite alluring indeed. Wait, no, this is just a trap of hers. Devious indeed but a trap still to make me look at her body. This woman is indeed dangerous!

“So…Kal…What is it you need, you know I can provide…anything”

*Great Shivering*

Maybe it’s because its night but it seems like Thalia is sending me a really strong vibe. DANGER DANGER!!

“U-uh-uh right what I need. What do I need? Aha! I need an antidote”

“Antidote? Oh I have some but how shall you pay?” She flashes a predatory smile.

“Money, I have money to pay for an antidote for mild poison”


She sways her hips as she walks up to me and stops a few inches from my face (I’ve seen this before, I swear I have).

“Well I do have some, but…I’ll need to administer it”

Administer it? I’ve only been to the doctors a few times and the last time they had to stick a needle on my butt to administer the medicine.

The image of me having my pale perfect ass bared to Thalia as she administers the medicine is just too embarrassing and I start holding my head going nononono, feeling the heat rise.

I see out of the corner of my eye Thalia wipe some drool that escaped her lips.

Oh god oh god do I look that cute when I’m trying to fight off an embarrassing image?

“Don’t worry, it won’t be painful, well maybe a little bit” She bites her lip slightly


…All that’s going through my head right now is the moment when the guy says to the girl: it’ll only hurt a little bit then it’ll feel real good.

Oh god nonononononononono and I’m in the girl’s role too! Oh god oh god oh god.

-1 (4/110)

I gulp audibly and then I decide my fate by nodding my head. I do not want to lose that xp but what shall I lose in its stead, I fear.

With a winning grin, she raises her arm above me to grab something from above the door and when she raises her body I get a good view as well as a fragrant smell which makes me feel calm, relaxed…

Too relaxed as I can’t seem to move anymore and I suddenly drop down only to be deftly caught by Thalia.

“Oh dear, seems like your poison has numbed you, you may not be able to swallow the potion. But don’t worry I have you covered there” She grins as she takes out a vial from her pocket (she had it the whole time!) and drinks it herself!?!

That shocked me but it was nothing to what happened next.

She lowered herself and her vision filled mine. I couldn’t move my body but I could feel her warm lips on mine as well as a soft liquid pouring down my throat, being forced down by her tongue, which does a bit of exploring of my own on the way.

Whyyyyyy? That was my firstttttt!!!! It was good…but AHH NOO! I spent so long saving my first and now some dark-elf lady stole my first by force! though I didn’t really mind that. Wait what am I saying Nonononono WHYYYYY!!!

After about a minute, I feel my body responding to my thoughts again but that was still a minute of Thalia ‘administering’ the antidote. I have never felt so embarrassed yet so good in my life. Just what she did with her tongue was soo. Aaagh wait this is so embarrassing, why am I thinking like this??

She let me go once she saw I could stand by myself and told me “I’m feeling generous; I’ll give this one to you for free”

For free? You already stole my first kiss! My precious first kiss!!! I was going to keep that safe and secured until the day Missy decided to stop making me her bitch and then I’d be the happiest man on the earth by now you’ve stolen my very first kiss, and I liked it is what’s worse!!!

Luckily/unluckily my face is still numbed, so I don’t actually say anything to Thalia just look at her with my angry eyes which are being welled up with my tears at having my first kiss stolen, although I liked it, nonono I don’t wanna like it!

I feel my muscles fully regaining control and I open my mouth to let out my thoughts but Thalia beats me to it

“I’m sorry”

“Eh?” Well, that was easy? Wait what?

“I had mixed the antidote with a pheromone elixir so that you would like it, so I’m sorry but I wanted you to like it”

EHH? So…so it means I only liked it because she used a pheromone elixir?

Ah…that’s a load off my chest. I don’t know how I’d feel if I actually did like it…

But wait what if she’s just lying to me to make me feel better. What if I did actually like it? Aah…I don’t wanna but I have to I want to make myself at ease. Whyyyyyy?

“U-uh-ummm Thalia”

“What is it…Kal”

“C-c-can I......…Kiss you without the pheromone elixir?”

“W-well of course” she smiles sincerely this time

Stepping next to her in two steps, I raise my head and with my trembling hand take the back of her head. I raise myself to my tiptoes getting closer to her thin red lips and I feel her breath on my lips. I draw her closer and closer until I feel her moist lips push against mine.

She takes control sending her tongue and skillfully wrapping it around mine making me feel soo good.


I back away from her with a thin silver threat left between us and tremble as the woman had stolen my second kiss too!! Ah god whyyyyyy? I feel soo….good Aaaaah nononononono I don’t wanna feel this way, it’s just too embarrassing!!

I notice her smile turn devilish

“You-you tricked me!”

“Well I never thought you’d fall for that so easily, ah so naive and adorable. It makes me want to kiss you till you don’t have the air to breathe.

Ah that sounds goo-No! Horrible horrible horrible. Why am I thinking in such a way, what happened to me. Is this what they call-NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.

Holding my head in my hands, I shake vigorously feeling my face burn and my heart beat loudly while butterflies seem to flutter in my stomach. Aaaagh whyyyyyy? She had to steal not only my first kill but my second too!! And now I…I think I’m Nonononononono!

“C-c-can yo-” Her soft finger seals my lips
“Shh, you don’t need to ask for what is already yours”

And with that my third kiss was stolen from me. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? It felt really good but whyyyyy mee? I was only going to ask ‘can you tell me whats going on’ but instead she kisses me again whyyy? And I feel the butterflies in my stomach, is it because NOOONONO!! Kal, have strength for Missy’s sake. Although you’ve had your first, second and third kiss stolen in quick succession there is always a 4th and the 4th is the special kiss, it has to be.

Thalia ends the kiss leaving me in acute shock as my brain has fried from the heat of embarrassment and thoughts that I’m trying fervently to get rid of.

She gives me a serene smile before leaning in once more.

I feel no invasive tongue to give my stomach butterflies but I still feel her lips pressed firmly on mine.

She withdraws after a second and with that comes a *ding*

You have earned a title for being the first player to have a woman swear devotion to you, whether it be verbal or physical:
The Conqueror
You can only have one title equipped at a time
Since you have no title, this will be set as your default title.

Conquered women will give you a bonus (only latest conquered woman will give bonus):
Thalia Dakrhart: +10% potion potency

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Oh god oh god oh god, whyyy meee? Although the bonus is absolutely amazing it’s…it’s just too embarrassing to…Conquer other women aaah!

Why is she even doing this? Devotion? Do relationships move that quickly? Wait! why am I in a relationship? AAAAAAHHHH I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!

I take my head out of my hands and go teary eyed as I look at Thalia and she just smiles and gives me a wink before she heads to her room

“You know if you don’t want to go home…” She doesn’t need to finish the sentence and I feel myself burning up once again

“AH-AH SORRY, bu-but I must go and train”

“Oh a shame, but my door is always open” Thalia sways back to me and drops a key in my hand.


Thalia’s House KeyThe spare key to Thalia’s house

“Eheh eheh” I try my best to smile and with a burning face walk outside the house.



I can hear the snow melting with my burning face as I plant it in the snow. Must calm down, must lose the heat and must remain faithful to Missy.

Phew…only about half an hour later…

Ok, I think I’ve calmed down somewhat.

Back to herbing then I guess. Something to occupy my mind, well remove the other occupants I mean.

Stalking out into the field I meet and greet the Orc who ogles me for various minutes before I’ve gone too far out of sight. At least he just looks…

I make my way round to where an elk is and gather another 6 mid-quality Frost Grass; my hands are still shaking from earlier.

No wolves are in the vicinity though so I end up going to another patch and with utmost care, free the Frost Grass…5 this time, high-quality, good.

A growl from behind, I’m out of here. Didn’t make a mistake this time and kept my front towards the gate. The wolf is behind me so I don’t have a problem getting back

DIVE. Ah that’s feels better, though I feel the Orc’s gaze upon me.

Standing back up I go back out and go for another patch of grass…7 high-quality, good.

No wolf so I head to another patch. Middle of freeing the grass and damn there’s a wolf. Leaving the grass I sprint back to the town.

DIVE. Ah another safe.

Feeling hungry, so I take out some bread. Munch on it while sitting on the snow and feeling the Orc’s gaze upon me.

Get up get out back onto the snowy plains.

Sneak back to where I left my grass.

Still in one piece, good. Carefully remove the Frost Grass…5 pieces mid-quality, bah.

Find another elk; find more grass…5 pieces high-quality.

Wolf, oh damn. Getting out of here. Sprinting *Ding*, sprint level 7, nice.

DIVE. Safe again

Waving to the Orc whose gaze has turned from desiring to confused as I head back outside.
Find another elk find some more grass….6 pieces, high-quality.

Ok I have enough for now.

Look around, spot a bunny.

Go fight it.

I sneak up to the bunny and it turns on me with blood red eyes and canines. Oh Jesus. The bunny jumps at me biting my hand.

-5 (105/110)

My god the bunny hurts; a whole 2 damage more than in day.

I take my axe and slash the bunny

-10 (110/120)

40 health more??? Jesus this bunny is nasty.

Thankfully I can just tank the bunny while I slash it with my axe

-5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 (60/110)

-10 -10 -10 -11 -10 -15 -10 -10 -11 (13/120)

-5 (55/110)


-15 (-2/120)

Sending my axe into the bunny’s cranium I revel in the victory that is mine, along with the 2% xp that I got from the level 2 bunny (seemed it was a higher level due to it being night).

Satisfied that my night is planned, I execute my plan.

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