A Skill Whore's Journey

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Working the Leather part 2

“Now you will each create some leather pants for one another. The best way to do it is to measure their sizes and create the leather around that for a proper fit”

So I’ve got a choice of doing Thrash and then having Miss Nameless do me while Thrash does her…or I do the princess and Thrash does me…

Either way…Sharpy is going to kill me. However I may be able to lessen the blow if I do Miss Nameless and am very careful…

Agh, I’m not getting out of this am I?

“Ok, I will make Princess’ pants and Thrash you’ll do mine”

I’m going to regret this…

They both agree with completely different smiles. I’m terrified.

“Everyone who isn’t making the shorts, put your leather back on the rack and lather it slower than before”

Ok, nothing to do with me, perfect..

So I get Miss Nameless to stand up and after kneeling by her, I quickly wrap the leather around in a skirt.

Ignore the killing intent, ignore the killing intent.

I then take my knife, cut off the tail, head and loose legs. Then slowly drag the knife up her inner thigh, cutting the leather.

“Could you be a little more careful please?”

Hmm? Oh she’s red…whoops. Sharpy added another finger across his throat…

The skirt with a split between the thighs is quickly divided into two different legs. I try my best but I still feel her quiver slightly at my touch…I’m so dead.

Wait…I have to hold it in place till it hardens…


I stand up, go behind her and grab both her waist and upper leg, to hold the leather in place…

“It’s a bit tight” I see she’s slightly out of breath…hopefully from the tightening of the leather…

Ah wait!


“Princess, I…need you to remove your shorts, or I may get the size wrong”

“Ok” So, innocent…why? Why did she not question that? Is she used to that or something?


Sharpy has gone up to 10, no 15?

Ah…I’m completely screwed.

She takes off her shorts, leaving a large set of underwear, almost like granny pants…phew. If they were like g-strings, I would have been killed right then and there…ALSO, where’s this girls sense of shame (even if her body is rotting and decently disgusting!)? I thought she would have at least asked for the changing rooms or something???


I move the leather back to its position and then stand up behind her, grabbing her waist and upper leg, holding the leather in place.

I hold the leather in place…for about a minute

Being in this position is not good for me or anyone around me…

I think I’ve literally gotten the evil eye from everyone but Jenna and Thrash…

“Good, at least you know how to hold the leather in place”

Jenna complimented me? Well that had the effect of stopping the evil looks from everyone…

“But you could just sew it in place”


Where’s the sewing kit??

“Where is the-”


But no one else did! Aaaah

“HERE YOU GO” she takes out a needle and thread from her short pocket and slams it on my workbench…

Well everyone gave me giant evil eyes and chuckled at my misfortune, while asking for needle and thread…to which she gave with little complaint


She really doesn’t like me for some reason…

Ok. Let’s ignore the killing intent and evil eyes and continue on my work.

Since the leather isn’t hardened yet, I have time to sew the leather into shorts and after about 5 minutes…the leather still isn’t hardened.

I took my time when sewing because I really do not want to prick Miss Nameless…that’d be bad, very bad.

Since I’ve got time left, I do a couple of adjustments to the shorts.

Firstly I roll it up twice and sew that together so that it looks nicer (I’ve always preferred rolled up shorts for some reason).

Then I cut off a strip from the top and curve it down the left side of her shorts...because it looks a little less plain?

Hmm, doesn’t look that great by itself.

I cut off another strip from the top and create a cross weave down the left side of her shorts…
that looks pretty nice. I lather some oil onto the cross weave to make it a little darker than the rest of the shorts.

Hmm, still looks a bit off…

Ah! I take my knife and quickly cut off the right side of the shorts, leaving the cut edge on the upper thigh. I indent it slightly and make the cut rougher to make it seem like it’s been ripped off…
With a decent amount of leather left, I wrap it around the 1st layer and then indent side pockets and belt hoops. The remaining strips from earlier I use to layer the remaining short leg…but I don’t use the head or tail.

I also make back pockets, because I’ve resigned to my fate, might as well make some proper shorts.

Satisfied…I wait for another minute or so until it finally hardens.

Ok so it takes about 15 minutes to harden, nice.

Though the satisfied feeling is quickly taken over by the feeling of ‘oh god what have I done’…

I look away from the 1-legged shorts with a cross weave that are way above the knee and way below the midriff…Oh god!

By this point, I notice that the place is oddly quiet, for a place that everyone is supposed to be working and such, even Jenna is quiet…

I look up from my shorts to see everyone look at me:

Sharpy: Swiping his fingers across his neck non-stop…I don’t know how many times I’m going to die.

Thrash: Smiling, oh god.

The 3 men: Smiling, well that’s good? I’m not quite sure

Baila, PinkyS: Giving me the evil eye and I clearly feel the killing intent off of Baila

PJ: A curious look, but I can feel some killing intent behind it

Raven-beastlady: She looks…amused?

Miss Nameless: She’s red as a tomato…guess me fiddling around that area wasn’t a good idea…

“I like it” Miss Nameless blurts out after finally calming down a bit.

And lastly, Jenna: Apparently she is smiling faintly.

“Seems like you have an eye for clothes…even though you are a monster” I think(?) that was a compliment…Though I’m sure it was an insult too.


I think I can safely say, Sharpy will hunt me down to the edge of the earth…

“Thank you, I aim to please”

For impressing Jenna, intimacy with her has raised by 1

Well that was unexpected…Wohoo?!

I guess I’m finally at 0 with her now…hopefully she won’t be shouting at me anymore



I look away slightly embarrassed and then look back at the shorts.

The shorts themselves are great, albeit a boring colour. But the problem is the legs and stomach that come with them.

“Is there any way to colour them?”

Jenna turns to me and I see the shout welling up inside her. I prepare to cringe

“We will get to colours later”

No LATER? Ok…that’s good?

“now It’s my turn” Damn, I’m not looking but I can hear him smiling…

Well I cannot stop this…

I take off my shorts, leaving grey boxers and let Thrash work his leather around my legs and my waist.

Ok? He’s being a bit too normal? I expected something?

He quickly creates my shorts, leaving it quite a bit below, pretty much where I had Miss Nameless’
However the leg is longer, reaching just above the knee…

So they’re normal shorts? I think I’m more worried about this than if he’d done something weird with them.

I just don’t know.

Leaving it at that, I watch Miss Nameless doing Thrash’s shorts, rolling them up like I did, but keeping both legs and not daring to do a cross weave design.

Thrash acts non-chalantly, maybe he’s confused if it’s a she-zombie or not? I mean he does seem to have problems with who is what…

They finish relatively quickly and within 50 minutes, everyone has completed their shorts.

Now we all stand there in our own shorts…oddly enough, Miss Nameless is the only one with pockets…That must be because I could double layer mine, due to making mini mini shorts...

Anyways, the shorts are really classified into 2: Minishorts and long-shorts. Although I see the odd head in front and tail in the back here and there.

To no surprise, the women have all been made minishorts (or made them for eachother) while the men were made long-shorts.

Although, all the girl’s shorts had some sort of pattern; made with the strips of leather that were cut off.

I must say Baila looks quite stunning with those shorts…never knew she had quite the nice ass.
I’m not even going to look at the Pinky’s nor the raven-beastlady…

And I’m not going to look at Miss Nameless’ ass, because that won’t help me and when I was making those back pockets I determined she didn’t really have much there…

But it’d all be rotting anyways, so not a good thought, eugh.

“OK, good! That is the first piece of armor done for all of you”


ARMOR: Basic Leather Shorts (Trouser slot), (Basic)
Made by Thrash
3 defense

Ok, so that’s useful? The whole class got their information and I’m guessing we all got 3 defense on our shorts. That’s amazing!

“4 defense, wow” Miss Nameless looks quite amazed

Is it because I double layered it? I would’ve thought that I lost defense because I took some of it off. Maybe both are true?

Everyone goes “ooh” at Miss Nameless’ exclamation. Well guess everyone is going to try double layer their pieces of leather next time.

“OK, so that’s 1 piece done. However there is more to do. A full set of armor is 5 pieces on 5 areas; Feet, Leg, Chest, Arm and Head. Although, there are miscellaneous parts such as gloves, shin guards, leg guards, arm guards, neck guards, belts, cloaks and shields. So in reality, to make a full set of armor you need to make 13 pieces of armor”

Oh god, this is going to take a long time…

She starts placing 2 wolf pelts on our workbenches

“The bigger pieces will take 2 pieces of leather, but may take more if making designs. I want you to make a chest piece with these”

She’s being so kind and explaining everything now? How strange…maybe it’s because we’ve reached a checkpoint, or she’s finally decided to properly teach us?

But if we want to make pieces of leather with 2 pieces; how are we supposed to place them on the rack”

“When you are properly making leather, you will usually have about 3 racks to work with, however here you only have 1. So you can choose to create leather for one person or use 2 pieces each”

Aha…she didn’t shout at me…thank god. And so detailed too.

Also, I’m extremely happy, because I know my group has a slight advantage; because we have 1 pelt for use of layering and details…

“Ok you two, we’re making leather for Princess, and we’ll use all 3 pieces ok?”

“Ok” Both agree without hesitation. I hope they noticed our advantage because the other people have.

And so begins the long lathering again.

We’ve got an hour doing nothing but maintaining the leather…So Miss Nameless starts up a conversation with me.

“So Joat”

“So Princess”

“Keep up the good work”


Well that was a great conversation…we look away awkwardly from eachother

Thrash leans over to me after a while

“You can’t deny you’re a girl”

Yep, he’s still hell bent on proving to myself that I’m a girl

“Because I looked away awkwardly?”

“Because you looked cute when you did so”

Well people see what they want to see, I really can’t deny that fact…

“Let’s get back to work shall we?”

Damn, no one to talk to…

Guess I should get back to lathering

Dammit, why do I have to do this?

“Princess…I need you to remove your shirt”


Most people around the room twitch, including me. But Miss Nameless does not and neither does Jenna…I guess it’s normal for both of them?

She of course takes off her shirt without the slightest bit of hesitation, revealing a grey bra, holding small breasts…

I’m almost drowning in the killing intent coming from Sharpy.

It’s not my fault ok? I thought she would have at least asked for a changing room or some privacy!

This girl has no sense of shame, just what kind of upbringing has she had?

Anyways, not the time to dwell, because I’m getting some dodgy looks from people!

I quickly place the soft leather around her left shoulder. Quite slender.

Ok so I close it off around her small arm and then take the other piece of leather and put it around her right shoulder.

Doing the same with that piece, I start to stitch the two together at her back.

Ok, so that works.

I do the same at the front, and I think about it, but I only stop once I’ve stitched up to the neck

Hmm, that looks pretty terrible.

Ok, so first, I have to do that…


I cut the top down slightly till it’s about shoulder height, allowing to see some prominent collar bones.

Better, but the bottom still sucks.

I cut about ¾ of the t-shirt off leaving a large midriff, but still decently below the chest…

Hmm looks like a crop top now…not bad actually. Except for the fact that I can see the stitching.

Ok time for the second layer.

I weave the thin layer around the top to make it look a lot smoother.

Finishing off I check how she looks: She looks pretty good…if you forget the fact that her midriff and neck area is rotting…

“Wow, I’ve never worn something like this before, all I’ve ever worn are dresses”

Really? She’s never worn a crop top? What century does she live in?

I’ll ignore the death stare from Sharpy and start with the next batch.

Although I’ve double layered it, it still isn’t bulky so it looks nice.

I go to Thatch, who is busy keeping track of 3 pelts

I sit down in my place and take over lathering mine.

I look at Miss Nameless and she looks at me…

I really should be the one to start but…

I’m worried whether she’ll understand anything I say…and she doesn’t have any conversation starters…so we’re at a bit of an awkward situation.

Thrash, I’m not even bothering to talk with you



I look to where Thrash is…


Well, can’t deny he looks pretty good when doing a 1 hand handstand push up…

But still…seriously? And he just gave me a grin…is he showing off?

I’m going to ignore him and go back to work

“Ok done” Thatch tells me with a grin

Sweet! I do like what he’s done for me

My chest piece, is a full body piece, because I asked him to do it. My entire chest and stomach is covered and I’ve got sleeves to my elbows too.

But what makes it sweet is the fact that I’ve got a wolf head on each shoulder. Sweet!

ARMOR: Wolf Killer Chest Piece (Chest) (Intermediate)
10 defense, +2 brutality


Brutality bonus?

My god that’s awesome!

Also that defense!

Guess Thatch is seriously making my armor, which I am truly grateful for.

Everyone looks a bit jealous, because they can’t really put those on, unless they shorten the arms and chest piece somewhat.

Having that extra piece is so useful.

Ok, back to work!

Lunch Break!

Well I say that…but it’s really just me eating a piece of bread while lathering a pelt with some oil.

My satiety is extremely low, because I haven’t eaten for almost 5 hours in-game…

Sadly, the lunch doesn’t come with conversation…

Miss Nameless is humming a tune while playing the air piano.

She actually looks pretty good at it...but she’s even using her feet. She knows her stuff it seems.

But I’m musically retarded so that’s that conversation out the window…

Oh wait!

“So what is your favourite type of music?” I ask her. Aha, I’ve got something to speak about

“There’s types?”

I feel like I died a little on the inside…just a little.

“Yes there is, a whole ton…You probably only know classical music though; like Chopin and Beethoven”

“Yes, those guys are extremely good with their sonatas”

“Like I said…you only know them. The music you listen to is classical”

“Classical? Oh, Father said it was top of the range though”

Do you even use the internet? Wait, she probably doesn’t even know what that is

“Not really…some of the newer songs are rap or pop, although there’s the odd rock song that is released”

“What are those?” Oh poor child, to never have heard rock or pop


I glance at Sharpy and oddly enough, he’s not completely killing intenting me…so I’m guessing I’m doing ok here?

“I’ll introduce you to them someday”

No sharp fingers across throat…so he’s fine with that? Cool

“Really? Thank you Joat”

“no need to, seriously…you need to listen to some modern music”

“Ok, let’s get back to work”

We turn back to our respective leather

“I like Dark wave”

Oh…thanks for the information Thrash…

I honestly thought you were going to say Heavy metal or Screamer but Dark wave isn’t dissimilar.

“What’s dark wave?” Oh she heard

“Awesome music”

“it hurts your ears” I rebuttle

“Hmm, that doesn’t seem good?”

“some people like feeling deaf”

Thrash nods at that…I was being sarcastic but guess not…

Moving the awkward conversation to a stop, we go back to our leather maintaining.

“Princess, pass me an arm”

Ignoring the fact that it’s rotting nastily, it’s actually a verrry nice arm.

Oh, the killing intent is back. Better stop examining…

I try my best to ignore the needlelike look from Sharpy while I wrap the leather around her arms.

Hmm, how long should I make them?

Guess I’ll make them small, about half the lower arm.

I’ve got enough leather to double layer it and then do a cross weave to make it look a little less plain.

That looks pretty good.

She looks pretty happy with it. I mean it’s not special or anything but its defense, which everyone has been severely lacking in.

Ok my turn.

Thrash gives me a full arm piece of leather, damn, that looks good.

Thrash really knows how to make me look pretty badass…But maybe I should make my shorts trousers…

Anyways, I start scraping off the fur on my new pelt

*Spit Spit*

God dammit. I really should be putting it the right way…Ah whatever, I can work *Spit* with it.

I finish it up and then turn to where Miss Nameless is creating Thrash’s arm guards

Well…I should say arm guard.

She’s apparently only made 1 arm guard. But on Thrash, it looks pretty awesome: his armor only has 1 wolf head on his right shoulder and thus she fully armored his right arm too.

Pretty good. She also makes a tiny leather bracer for the left arm to complete it.

Anyways, back to work!

“So Princess…did you stay on for the night?”

“No, I was busy, but I did log on this morning to hug the cute rabbits”

Oh, so innocent…she knows nothing of those rabbits…

“Yes they are cute”

“I spent all night on; I found prey” Thrash comes into the conversation once more

I see…so that may explain why you looked and smelt bloody this morning.

“Prey? What was it?” Miss Nameless seems quite excited at the thought…maybe she’s fantasizing about it being something magical…I reckon she’s the type to think such. But all I think about is how bloody that hunt must have been

“I don’t remember its name, or maybe they never told me”

“Did you hunt it?” She asks excitedly


“Did you lose it?” she asks a little less excitedly


“Did you even fight?” I ask...

“Not really”

“What did you do then?”

“I ran after it…but it keeps running away”

Maybe it was his own shadow? Or his own tail?

Well I don’t know, and both Miss Nameless and I leave the conversation as is…

I think she’s as confused as I

“How romantic” Miss Nameless blushes slightly as she works on her leather

Just what is she thinking about? I raise my eyebrow at Thrash…he’s not confused…so she’s speaking sense?

I’m confused…I’ll just go back to my leather

Time for the boots. Oh we really should have done that a while ago. My god my feet hurt.
I’ll make them highish boots.

I make the boots go up to her knee, with a v shape in the front and back of the boots.

Then I cover her rotting toes with some leather and create some thick soles by triple layering them.

Hmm, should I do it?

Yeah, girls need a bit of heel.

I create a wedge at the back of the boots, and I make them decently thick…I think that she hasn’t worn heels before.

I finish the both pairs…they look alright, maybe need to sharpen the toe a bit. At least the stitching on the side of the boot looks pretty good.

“How are they?” I ask Miss Nameless

“They feel a bit weird, I’m used to thinner heels you see”

Thinner you say? Well…I guess that’s to be expected?

“Ok, give me a minute”

I take the knife and whittle down the heel, until its finger thick. Then I increase the heel till it’s a nasty 6 inches…I mean that’s nasty for me.

One thing I learnt when dancing with ladies…don’t ever stop moving your feet, or you really feel what a 6 inch heel can do…

She looks relatively happy with the shoes and I feel an extremely intense gaze, full of the desire to kill me…all I did was make her some shoes.

Although, I quickly correct myself when I look at her in full…

Damn she looks good, ignoring the rotting body of course.

With those boots and mini shorts, she already looks pretty alluring. Add on the crop top and she’s positively cute.

However she’s only cute because she has neither ass nor bust…so sexy is out of the question.

But I still get an intense gaze from Sharpy, completely fullof malice and hatred…Why? I’m just clothing her…what are you, her dad?

You’re not...right?

...This may be even worse than I first thought.

Let’s ignore the dad/bodyguard(?) person who is sending me death threats with his eyes and gaze at the cute Miss Nameless…and now back to work.

“Joat, why do you make my clothes so strangely?”

“Ah, it fits you” Not exactly but you've got a small and cute body type so it works in a way

“So you create clothes for a living, like a tailor?”

“Not exactly…” She will never know how I have such good fashion sense…

“Oh, but I think you’ve done it quite well…Although it’s a bit tight on my chest and butt”


Don’t say that while blushing…it’s creepy yet cute at the same time…

“Thank you for letting me know…but is there anything else about your clothing you’d like to say”

Might as well have her tell me everything…it’s always good to know how the stuff you make is

“It feels a bit strange having so much skin exposed…is this strange?”

“depends on who you are…”For you…it must be bizarre

“That seems logical…I usually only have a little bit of my upper arm and maybe my neck
exposed…so it’s a bit….revealing? Is that the word?”

“Yes it is, but you don’t mind it?”

“No, I quite like it actually”

If it weren’t for the rot, I think I’d definitely make multiple costumes for her to wear in the name of modernism…

Anyways…I better get back to work…because Sharpy is drawing multiple sharp fingers across his bony throat.

“My clothes are quite good too”

Thanks Thrash…good to know…but don’t be looking for me to compliment you verbally

I nod towards him…shouldn’t have done that


God dammit, I wasn’t acting embarrassed! Argh, you annoy me.

I angrily get back to my leather

Ok, final piece. Although I’ve got 3 pelts left in my stock (Jenna ended up giving us back our pelts that we gave her.

Squeaking slightly in my new army boots, I feel extremely comfortable. My god, Thrash knows how to make good shoes.

Nothing strange, just some good old army boots reaching till about half my lower leg. However it only gives 4 defense…which is still pretty awesome.

Anyways, I make my way to Miss Nameless, who is sitting on my workbench, cross legged, looking quite cute…if not for the rot on her visible areas.

Damn, it’s both a blessing and a curse to look at her…

I start wrapping the leather around her head, sew it and then remove it. She looks at me funny while I place it on the workbench next to her and start working on it.

Well we’ve been making the pieces on the person itself up till now so she’s right to look at me funny.

So I have this longish cylinder right now. Sharpening one side I make an almost triangular shape on the hat; then I indent it slightly on the top creating a small bulge in the middle.

After that, I grab a second piece of leather and wrap it around the hat, but flat so that it takes up a large area.

Making the outer shape a bit more oval, I turn up the sides somewhat.

Good, it sort of looks like a cowboy hat now.

I take a strip of leather and tie it around the middle of the cowboy hat covering the stitching to link the parts.

Not bad, not bad at all. Although, it is a little bit plain.

Plopping it onto Miss Nameless’ head, she takes it off, and looks at it in wonder

“What is this strange design of hat?”


Never seen a cowboy movie before?

No wait, I actually expected this

“It’s a cowgirl hat”


“Watch a Wild West movie and you’ll figure it out”

“A movie…”

I am in the 21st century right? Because I’m not sure she’s in that century…

Anyways, problems with upbringing later…I have to get back to work. I’ve got 1 more pelt and nothing to do with it.

Well actually, I’ve got some changes to make here and there.

As I start lathering my last pelt, I watch Miss Nameless create a wolf head hat, which looks stupid since he’s already got a wolf head…so she changes it to a strange football hat?

By football, I mean American football.

She’s taken out the visor part and the front, due to Thrash’s muzzle, but apart from that, the helmet is pretty much the same to one you’d find in American football.

So she’s seen something from this century before, great! But why is that one of the only things she seems to know about this century?

Ok, back to work

“Two hundred and forty three *Clap*…two hundred and forty four *Clap*…”

Sadly, Thrash isn’t kidding with those numbers…

This time round, he’s decided to do clap push ups…

He’s got some godly muscles there…sadly his brain is mostly made of that as well…

Seriously, stop grinning at me trying to look impressive, because you do but I won’t ever verbally acknowledge that!

Miss Nameless on the other hand, is whispering a list of movies that I recommended her to watch…

I confirmed that she’s never watched a movie before…Unbelievable. At least she’s read books…
although when I asked for her favorite book she said it was Jane Eyre. SO nothing close to the 21st century then. The Hunger Games? What is that she said…The Lord Of The Rings? Lord of what she said…

I’m terribly worried for Miss Nameless’ upbringing. She’s definitely sheltered; like seriously
sheltered, but as to her status in society…I’m still a little bit unsure.

Anyways, back to work.

This helmet is great and all, but its teeth get a little in the way of my sight…

I’ll take it off for now.

I remove the wolf head that is my new helmet and put it down on my workbench.

That helmet is great, giving 2 defense but an extra +1 to brutality.

Miss Namless is once again sitting on my workbench; I think she got used to it? Or she’s just tired…I mean we have been doing this for pretty much 10 hours now…

Jeez, has it been that long?

I cut my last piece of leather up into a couple of strips.

Firstly, I wrap the largest piece of leather around the left leg, from the boots to the lower thigh.
Then, I wrap 1 strip between the leather sock(?) and the shorts leaving a bit of rotting skin either side.

That looks pretty good.

Next, I take off the shoulders and cut away most of the crop top till I’m left with a leather bra with a thick leather strap, so a tank top.

Then, with my still soft pieces of leather, I increase the length of the arm guards and add gloves to them…making a large leather glove that reaches a bit past the elbow.

I do take Thrash’s last piece of leather because he told me he wasn’t going to use it.

Using Thrash’s leather, I’m able to finish the long leather gloves on both arms and then make a thick belt, with a holster.

Guns won’t be a thing in this game, but it still adds to the cowgirl look.

Damn she looks good.

Also, I cut off the cross weave on her gloves…looks a bit out of place.

Double layering it and then adding my slightly darker leather (thanks to some more oil) to the end of the gloves/arm guards, they look good.

Hmm, it’s almost done.

I cut some of the tank top in the middle to make it almost look like two separate things.

Then I do a rough cut along the shorts, strip and socks to make it look like its torn trousers rather than a single thing.

To help that fact, I link it up with some leather on the inner thigh.

OH the death glare…ignore it, ignore it!

Finishing up…that looks pretty damn good.

Now only if she wasn’t rotting, she’d be one cute cowgirl

“Ok Princess we’re almost done”

She’s been extremely patient, and extremely quiet through the whole process...Might be because i'm repeatedly working on her thighs...
I'm seriously going to be murdered repeatedly by Sharpy...

“What else do you have to do, I can’t see anything else that needs to be done?”

“Just one last thing; Say Yeehaw” I mean she has to...If only there was a recording feature in this game


“Yes, but with a little more enthusiasm”


“Perfect, now we’re done”


She’s quite confused…but I feel and all the guys in the room (minus Sharpy) feel like she’s extremely cute when saying that…We’ll all forget the fact that she’s rotting…

With her finished…everyone is finally finished.

Having 3 people was the best; because then we could do some more stuff like I did with Miss Nameless.

Everyone else is wearing pretty cool pieces of this and that, but I don’t have time to look as Jenna commands for attention


She nods towards our direction

“Now, let’s do the colouring”


Everyone twitches slightly…I don’t blame them; we’ve been at this for a good 10 hours…

But we don’t voice our complaints, because a skill is a skill and I’m so looking forward to finally get it!

Also, how hard can this colouring business be?

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