A Skill Whore's Journey

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End of a day and start of another

(Joat’s POV)

Congratualtions! Through being Taught by an NPC, Jenna, you have learnt a new crafting skill: Leathworking
CRAFTING SKILL: Leatherworking, beginner [lv1]
This skill allows you to create leather armor with less faults and with higher quality
Can only create Basic level armor.
Cost: time, Duration: none, Cooldown: none
xp increases by 100%


My god…100%? That’s insane!

Well it does look like it’s a special skill of sorts…and it did take around 18 in-game hours to learn…

My god that took long.


I bow gratefully to Jenna and she actually smiles for once.

“Now that I’ve passed on these skills, I hope you use them to clothe your fellow Orphans. Whether you teach them, is up to you”

“Thank you” We all say in unison with a last bow/curtsy.

With that, she gives us a gentle push out the door.

“Finally we’re done!” PJ gives a loud yawn and we all chuckle.

“Yeah, but totally worth it” I chorus

“Mhm” Everyone nods their heads at that. It’s not easy leveling up and that was a whole level. At beginner level too!

“So what’s everyone’s plans?”

“We’re going to sleep” Sharpy says fiercely, brooking no debate on the matter.

He had woken up a couple of minutes before the end and we had Miss Nameless fill him in.

“Ok, I’m pretty tired too” Miss Nameless daintily covers up both her yawn and want to stay playing.

“Me and Pinky are going to get a good sleep too” PJ says stifling her own yawn

“I think that I must rest, is that ok with you Lancel?” The raven-beastlady asks Lancel, the muscular human, ah that’s his name.

“Of course Mistress, you may do as you please” He bows slightly to her “And I shall go to sleep too”

“I’m going to sleep, cause I got RL going on in the morning” Baila says with a bit of a huff…RL is still important ok!

“I’ve got RL too in the morning so I’ve got to get a kip” And that’s everyone

“Thrash?” I look around…nope he’s not anywhere to be seen

“He logged off as we left the door” Baila helpfully informs me

“Well, whatever, he must have been tired, especially after his little explosion incident”

“Still don’t know how we didn’t hear any of it” PJ muses

“Game systems, just leave it at that and it’ll put our minds at ease Junior”

“Ok, so when are you guys logging in tomorrow?” Baila asks us

“I can log in about 12 in-game hours. So it should be a bit past midday” I answer thoughtfully

“We’ll be busy until much later, probably won’t be on for a day” PinkyS says with a slight frown…
Guess she didn’t have her dose of Joat today…hehe…Baila will kill me if she ever found out I just thought that…better erase the memory.

“Same for us” Sharpy points out before watching Miss Nameless log off

“Goodbye Ya’ll I’ll see you tomorrow” She logs off looking decently sad and a bit worn out. It’s been a fascinating day for her I guess.

“Lancel, I won’t be on for 1 day, so strengthen yourself while you’re at it. We’ll meet by the well exactly then”

“Yes Mistress”

She types something in a window and then logs off


You have a message from Ravena

I’m guessing…

I open the message. Yup i'm correct....hopefully

I’ll meet you in 14 in-game hours, just add me to your party and I'll find you ok

Right…so she lied to her follower and now she wants to meet me…and I thought I was going to have alone time with Baila…damn.

She didn't even give me the choice of declining...well i'm in two minds about it but the more women the merrier...

“Alright, see you all in the near future” I give a wave to everyone before I log off…they wave back but they don’t go in for a goodbye hug…guess they’re still a bit annoyed about earlier.

(PinkyS’ POV)

“Jinnie, go to sleep”

“But Auntie!”

Man I want to stay up and play some more, but I’ve got school tomorrow, ugh.

“No buts, I’d love to play some more but we all know how my sister is”


“Ok, good point Auntie, I’ll go to sleep”

I head into my bed and dig into the covers.

Damn, I really wanted to play with Joat today, but all I ended up doing was talk with Baila, which is fun but I had to watch him play with another girl…I don’t like it.

“Stop thinking about Joat and go to sleep”

I dig myself deeper in my covers, Auntie knows what I’m thinking sometimes which is kind of annoying sometimes…aagh, I just want to play!

“Look, if you get an A* in your next math exam, I’ll create another solo session for you two”

“Auntie! An A* in math is way too hard!” Come on, at least make it a B, that’s difficult enough as it is

“Not one grade lower”

“No fair”

“Yep, but I’m the adult so haha!” No fair Auntie…

“I’ll try my best”

“Good girl, now get your rest, you’ll need it”

I will, because I won’t be sleeping in Math class anymore…

(PJ’s/Auntie’s POV)

Now that Jinnie’s asleep, time for a cig!

God, it’s been a whole day, I don’t know how I cope.

Ah, the more I think about it the more I need it.


I rush outside and with a hurry snap open my carton of cigarettes and flick the lighter on.


Nothing like a cigarette on a chilly night…

Having the cigarette in silence, I let the smoke fill my mind.

But too soon, the smoke stops and the cigarette is gone…

Don’t go for a second…don’t

I resist for today, I just needed one to calm the nerves. Just one, and this other one too…


Dammit, couldn’t resist.

Might as well finish it then...

That one quickly goes and since I like the outside, I stay for another.

This one, I make sure to take my time…only this one, no more.

While I’m taking a small puff, I have a think about this ‘Joat’.

It’s obvious he’s a niceish guy but a bit…loose? I mean he talks to Baila, Jinnie, me, that she-zombie and indirectly to the raven-beastlady.

Hmm, no bother though; as long as he doesn’t try to hurt Jinnie, I’m cool with him. But really, I have to watch out for what Jinnie does.

Don’t know what chord he struck but apparently the right one...She rarely becomes possessive over things...and right now she's only slightly possessive .

And when she becomes possessive, the results are scary.

I can’t believe I promised her that I’d give her a solo session if she got that A*…well at least that sorts out her going to school problems…

Though, I fear she’ll just skip school and learn it all at home or something.

Well as long as she gets that A*, my sister will shut up and I can continue living happily with my little Jinnie.

I fish for another cigarette in my packet. Damn, I’m almost out again. Should’ve come out with a full one…

I place the final cigarette back into the packet, for emergencies, and then walk into the house.
Making my way to the bathroom, I make sure to wash my teeth and use some mouthwash, to remove most of the smoke smell that Jinnie hates so much.

Having two parents who chain-smoke isn’t good for her at all…

Also, moving around in my own body actually feels a little weird for the first time in my life. The bouncing up and down of my breasts really does put a strain on my back and I have to look down at things again.

I don’t know why, but having a smaller body definitely gave me a lot more freedom, and I could act like I’m a child again…ahh how those days have gone.

Though it seems the Uni days are slowly coming back; thanks to Joat’s promise to allow me to help him make the She-zombie a cowgirl showgirl…I could teach her some personal tricks too…
I’ve always wanted to see what they look like from someone else’s point of view.

Smelling my breath, it’s smokeless, I head upstairs and stop by Jinnie’s room.

All I see is a large mound of duvets. Guess no kiss goodnight then.

I quietly chuckle to myself as I go to my room and head to my bed.

But first, let me check how my finances are.

Flipping open an old laptop of mine, I check the stocks and see that if I play around for a couple of hours, I could make a couple of hundred grand here and there.

Nah, not bothered, it’s a bit too late and I’ve got a couple of million sitting in the banks anyway.
That money should last us for another couple of months…unless something happens at the hospital.

Jeez, family can be such a pain sometimes...but I love them all the same.

I head to bed for a good sleep.

(Baila’s/Clara’s POV)

Ah it’s still dark, guess winter is coming soon.

Taking off my thick duvet blankets, I slowly wiggle my way out of the mass of cute rabbits that cuddled me in my sleep. Oh they are so cute!

I go up to my desk and check the timetable...yep, lecture starts at 8.

Seriously, what kind of lecture starts that early?

At least it’s the only one today.

I look back at my small pile of cute rabbits.

Hmm, should I go?

I mean first year doesn’t count so I could go right back to sleep with no worries.

Ah, but depends on the lecturer.

I stumble in the dark for my phone and quickly find it after my toe finds the table.

Resisting the stinging pain, I start messaging

Danny, wakey wakey

No replies for about 30 seconds…hmm he must be sleeping.

I call him.

“WHAT oh, sorry it’s you, hello there, what can I do for my favourite mascot?” He’s still a bit disorientated, probably from just waking up

“I’m not your mascot, and can you tell me more about my professor?”

“Professor…oh which course are you taking?”

“Theoretical Art?”


“I heard it’s a ‘lazy’ course”

“Somehow I think it suits you perfectly”

“I’m not lazy, I’m just busy with other things”

“Right! You’re making that mascot costume aren’t you?”

“Go die”


“But I think his name was Mr Spencer”

“Oh, that guy! Yeah, you can skip his lectures all you want, he doesn’t give If people come or not. Though that’s the only thing I’ve gotten from some St Andrews Buddies”

“He’s new to the uni?”

“Yep, this is his first year”

“Cool. And how did you-”

“It’s the only question people ask about their professors these days”

“Ok, well thanks and have a good sleep”

“You ruined it”

“Just go to sleep”


I roll my eyes as I cut the call.

Well no need to go for my first lecture…

Slowly placing myself in the warm blanket by my cute rabbits, I cuddle them and fall back to sleep

(Mr Spencer’s POV)

“OK CLASS, quiet and let’s begin our very first lecture”

“Nevermind, there’s no one in here but me”

My words echo around the large room.


Ah, well if people don’t want to learn then, I will not force myself to teach them!

Though I would like at least one of my two students to come…

Clara Winters and Josephine Dyle…I wonder what those two ladies are going at this hour.

Probably sleeping…I did make the lectures at 8 in the morning.

I would prefer to do the lectures later, but the committee decides the times not me.

At least I was able to convince them to delay the lectures till around a month after the start of Fresher’s week.

Ah well, since nobody is here, might as well record it for them. I did hear the pre-Halloween party last night when I was getting to sleep. These kids, making noise at 4 in the morning? Must have been quite the party…

I’ll catch the real party and dress up as a professor, no one will suspect that!

One bonus with not having students, is that no one really knows who I am. So I do and have gotten to go to the occasional party. Freshers week was awesome I must say.

Also, no suit and tie.

I feel so much better wearing my t-shirt and jeans. Though if someone actually came to my lecture…that wouldn’t be the greatest first impression.

Well not like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Ok, the video camera is set up and let’s get down to business

Done! A perfect 1 hour and 40 minutes as usual. Now 20 minutes of questions that I don’t have to have. Haha!

Well really there should only be questions in a seminar, but if I have only 2 students, every lecture is basically a seminar.

Just wish one of them would come. It does get a bit lonely in here.

Anyways, back to my house to have a nice kip…

Leaving the lecture room I walk across the mostly empty halls. Lazy buggers, it’s almost 10! Well they did have that party last night…

Walking round the corner, I stop myself from bumping into a lady there.

Damn, I should have bumped into her. But I also did the right thing…why must morals be so difficult?

The lady in question, is quite tall with her long heels and some very nice calves. She wears a tight black dress with a turtleneck top and a modest length bottom. Added with some square spectacles and long straight black hair…My god, she’s a hot librarian!

The dress, although being modest in nature, does emphasize those decently large twins. I really should have bumped into her.

“I’m sorry madam, I almost bumped into you there”

“That you did, but don’t worry we’re did not stumble and tumble together, so all is good" She gives a nice smile from her well maturing face. Only a few wrinkles and good laughlines. Also her face is quite angular and her eyes are chocolate brown.

Ah I do wish i stumbled and tumbled with her, but damn my English gentlemaness

They do say no relationships between professor and students but professor and professor; I’m all up for that!

Though I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

“I’m Jack, a pleasure to almost bump into you” I offer my hand

“Rienna” She takes my hand and I smoothly turn hers palm down and give a light kiss on the knuckles.

She blushes slightly, good. I let go and start walking

“I must be going now, so please excuse me” I give her a smile and walk past her. Always finish first and leave them thinking about the mysterious guy they just met.

“What course are you studying” She calls out after me


“I’m doing Art, and what do you have?”

“Biology” Woah! I’d love to do biology with her. She looks a bit sad when she says that.

“Well have fun in your lecture”

“Yes, I don’t have a lack of boys in my class, but I would like a gentleman in mine”

“Heh, sorry but I’m the passionate type, not into calm and collected thinking you see” I was talking about my art, but double meanings are always a thing

I continue walking and soon hear her clack of her high heels.

I sneak a peek and by god, that’s a good ass. I think I may have to attend her biology lesson…

Anyways, time to go home; before I meet other smoking hot women…Actually maybe I should slow down some.

Sadly that doesn’t happen. Only a couple of students are awake at this time and they say “Hi” or “yo” or try to speak but then just groan, probably from headaches, as I walk past them.

I recognize quite a few of the guys, mostly rugby boys like Trent and Derek. They give me a high-five before they go to whatever class they’re doing…

“Oh Derek”

“What is it Jacky boy?”

“What’s subject you studying”


Damn his luck.


“Can’t wait to see Rienna again…Trent slow down!” Derek runs off to catch up to Trent, waving me goodbye in the process.

Lucky buggers.

I huff a little as I get back to my house, just a small two-storey apartment.

Home sweet home.

Got 5 minutes left, so might as well have some breakfast.

I pour some cereals and wolf them down. Mmm, deli *COUGH cough cough*. Dammit shouldn’t have eaten so fast.

Coughing a couple more times, it dies down and I’m still alive. Phew, that was not a good way to eat breakfast.

But I’m famished.

After cereals, I grab a banana and eat it in two bites before drinking a whole bunch of pinapple juice from the carton.

Ahhh, much better.

I grab some bread and eat that too for good measure.

After not eating for about 12 hours, I was extremely hungry.

Hmm, 2 minutes left, enough time for a shower?

I hop into my shower and douse myself and scrub with some shampoo and body lotion.

Nice and easy. A good 5 minutes later, well have to wash properly, I finish, dry off and head in my towel to my bed.

Time for another fantastic day…in ARIA!

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