A Skill Whore's Journey

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Ironic Bunny Killing and a Meeting

“Ahhh, finally out of that dingy cellar” Baila breathes out a sigh of relief as she exits the cellar door.

“Come on Baila, it was quite fun…well the first half anyway” I come out and give her a cheeky grin

“Oh ha ha, you hear my sarcastic voice? Good, because that wasn’t fun, in the slightest”
“Right. Let me just delete the memory of you laughing maniacally when you gained the Suicide skill”

“…Shut up”

She turns away red in the face as another pair appears behind us. They too turn away awkwardly at hearing her new skill].

Yes that’s right; Baila gained the suicide skill. Well to be honest I did too, but that’s apart from the point.

While she was bashing her head against the wall, she got herself down to 1 hp an absurd amount of times. After about an hour of bashing and regeneration she finally got the Vitality stat. However she also got the suicide skill.

Since I got it too I’m quite pleased and worried with about it

SKILL: Suicide, beginner [lv1] (0%) (Active)
Suicide is a skill and thus it must be trained to be mastered, for doing it wrong will not cause expected results
Deals 100% damage to self
+1% damage to self
Strength bonus: n/a
Dexterity bonus: n/a
Cost: None, Duration: instantaneous, Cooldown: None

Don’t know why someone would use it buuut a skill’s a skill. And I can never have too many.

Talking about skills…I picked up a decent few; because the rat extermination took another 2 hours (Including hurting myself for the suicide skill).

I got the Unarmed Mastery skill which increases unarmed damage by 1%. The Stomp skill which is similar to the kick but has double the stun chance but not kicking ability (obviously).

I also got the Smell skill…Because I tried to smell out the rats for a good hour or so…Pretty much identical to the hearing but with a different sense…So it’s useful?

Sadly I got nothing else but still, 7 skills] in 4 hours is good time.

Anyways, Baila then started to punch the barrel in the same spot while I continued to kill the rest of the rats over those 2 hours. Thus she got the Strength and Dexterity stats too (as well as unarmed mastery).

Back to the present…The pair behind us consists of a dashing prince charming type human (like proper perfect blond hair, great face and charming smile) and an orc…wait, it’s an orcess.

I mean the only distinction is the large pair of melons which outclasses Baila’s by a size and a half. Apart from that, the grotesque, tusked, pig-like face is as ugly as can be.

I think the prince-charming here is the one who got picked up…

“U-um sorry but how did you-no nevermind” The prince charming speaks in a light voice…wait a second…


...Princess charming, I’m sorry.

“Sorry sorry, hand just slipped”

“I-i-iiit’s ok, just- be careful please”

“Oh, don’t worry, I will be” I look at my now broken right arm…

I found out that you don’t ever annoy an orcess, ever…

“Well at least this way we will figure out if our bodies regenerate” Baila inputs in nicely. Oh you vengeful woman…


Well orcess doesn’t speak; actions speak louder than words eh? Well with you I think they do…

I do have to agree with Baila though, even if my arm does twinge in pain every time I try to move.

“Anyways. I’m Joat and she’s Baila, Nice to get in touch with you…” Hehe

“Nnnice to meet you, I’m Charmine and she’s BoneCracker. I hope we keep in touch”

Well that was hell of a name difference, beauty and the beast much?

Oh how innocent, she didn’t even notice the ironic sentence, oh. BC (I’m calling her that, it’s easier and also she seems archaic like that) gnashes her teeth at my direction…

Maybe I should just leave the hinting here, before my other arm gets BC’d…

“A pleasure, so you’ve finished off the cellars then?”

“Yep, but those rats…” Charmine shivers at the mention along with Baila, come on; they’re just rats.

Seems like BC was the one who did all the killing…

Heading up to Daren I tell him his cellar is clear and he hands me 20 copper coins along with a window that pops up telling me my intimacy has increased by 2 with the village.

The other 3 do the same and we all walk out of the tavern 20 copper richer.
As we head outside I see people milling about (although my vision is quite limited because of the damnable sun), finding quests and talking with NPCs, however everyone seems to be extremely silent with one another. Hell they’re even looking away from eachother? I notice a couple of people, who ran with the red Minotaur earlier, milling about looking as confused as ever but there’s a glint of understanding in their eyes. Seems they’ve gotten a bit of information on how everything works as well.

“Why is no one talking to eachother?” Charmine whispers the words to the air rather than to us.

“Maybe they’ve gotten skills and stats and don’t want to talk about it?” I suggest, I mean that’s kind of obvious and everyone wants to be the best…
As soon as I say that quite a few of the people who overheard looked at me with glaring eyes for a second, confirming my suspicion.

“B-but why doesn’t everyone help eachother?”

Oh Charmine…

“Well that’s bec…well that’s a good question, maybe we should convince everyone to share basic knowledge first”

SKILLS, ALL THOSE SKILLS AND STATS THAT I CAN GET…ooooooh, I really, really want to learn all those skills. Because I’m sure someone would have gained other skills…indeed I like this idea.


I shout at the top of my lungs as I stand on the top stairs of the tavern entrance.
About 30 people look my way, ok, not bad.

“Ok, I propose that in about…an hour, we have an information trade in this square. Because let’s face it, any stat’s you’ve discovered so far will undoubtedly be basic stats so might as well share it to get a bit of knowledge yourself”

Quite a few of them look at me as if I’m stupid but the majority of the 30, after some self-consideration nod their heads thinking that it might be quite a good idea.

“GOOD, now spread the word to whoever you can”

With that everyone goes back to their business, while some go around to spread the word (hopefully).

I send a friend invite to Charmine, BC can go to whatever cave she crawled out from. I’m not befriending the beast!

With her accepting I take a glance at her trap-like body before heading outside the village with Baila.

“So, are we going to do the usual?”

“And just what do you mean by that?”

“You be the damsel of laziness and I do all the work”

“…you…have a point”

"So we’re doing that? Because I mean killing rabbits…” I don’t think I need to finish the sentence for her

“No…I’m fine with killing them actually…”

Say what? You’re scared of rats but you’re fine with killing cute little rabbits (also they are your half-relatives, that’s kind of cruel)?


“Hey, don’t sound so wierded out. I’ve killed some before for dinner back in RL, I got a warren in my house”

…Well that makes sense? I’ll leave it that she knows and is ok with killing rabbits, which is a bit ironic since she’s a rabbit-beastlady....

So we get to the grasslands skirting outside the village and Baila begins to fight the rabbits.

NAME: Rabbit (passive) [lv1]
Hp: 10/10 Attk: 1 Def: 0 Spd: 1.2
Attacks by biting from the ground
A rabbit…nothing special about it

My Monster Identification got to level 4 about 30 rats from finishing and it stopped increasing in proficiency since then. I think it’s because I get all the information on the monster.

Baila walks over to the rabbit non-chalantly and tenderly picks it up…Wait wasn’t she supposed to kill the thing? Not pat it on the head


I blink a couple of times to see that I really did just see that…yep I did…

Baila drops the rabbit, its head 180 from where it should be…

The rabbit’s body disintegrates into nothing, once again giving no loot. However I still feel like this rabbit has given me a fair warning: Don’t let Baila stroke you…

Well it wasn’t an insta-kill like I thought as I saw the rabbit take some damage over time (DOT) as it fell from her grasp. Probably from the twisted neck, I don’t know, I just have a feeling...

Like me, Baila hasn’t wasted any other skill slots yet so her attack only did 2 (it was a Crit), but with the DOT it killed the rabbit within seconds.

The scary thing wasn’t just that…no. the scary thing was that she just walked over to another one and repeated the process of hugging and patting it tenderly before brutally twisting its neck without changing her expression…

Well she did say she’s killed couple of rabbits before, but that’s assassin level!

So the whole rabbit quest lasted about 5 minutes(?) before Baila killed our 10th one.
But while she was doing that I was checking out my character sheet

NAME: Joat

Remaining points (5)
Health Points: 10/10
HP regen (out of combat): 1/sec
Satiety: 60/180 (Very Hungry)
Unused Stats:
Strength, Dexterity, Vitality

Stomp, beginner [lv2]
Suicide, beginner [lv1]
Monster Identification [lv4]

Hearing, beginner [lv3]
Smell, beginner [lv1]
Night Vision, Master [lvMax]

Kick Mastery, beginner [lv4]
Unarmed Mastery, beginner [lv1]

Hmm, so I get 5 stat points per level. Pretty good seeming as though each point is worth a 1% boost to skills (supposedly. I mean I can only base it on my perception right now).

Also completing the cellar quest gave me 5% xp, not bad

I’ll keep the points right now because there isn’t much use at the moment.

Closing up my character sheet my vision is filled with Baila, who is standing above me waiting.

Standing up we go to the village Elder and collect our measly 10 copper reward and 2% xp.

“Ah youngsters. Well done in culling some of that damnable infestation. However that’s not the only infestation we have around here. Squirrels, the little blighters are swarming around the nearby forest and stealing all the berries we cultivate to grow there. A true pain they are for these berries help our alchemist; Nathan create potions beneficial for the village”

“Sure, you can count on us” I respond without hesitation

QUEST: Squirrel extermination
The Village Elder has asked you to kill 30 squirrels for him
+1 intimacy with the village
20 copper coins

Not a bad reward, seeing as though we don’t get rewards really.

However that is not the main reason why I responded without hesitation…

I smell a skill at hand…how? Well because the berries are used for alchemy thus I suspect there will be a linked quest to berry picking giving by Nathan…

Quickly going to the alchemist and saying hello to a graying man with a balding head and wispy beard.

“Nathan, I heard some squirrels have been troubling the forests and have been eating your most precious supplies”

“Ah…those squirrels…yes they’re a pain…And I would certainly like for you to gather some for me…about…20 should do” He spoke slowly and stopped between his words, quite an old man he is.

QUEST: Berry picking
Nathan, the village alchemist, has asked you to collect 20 Forest Berries for him
+1 intimacy in the village
10 copper coins

Oh I’ve noticed that the village is entirely human…not a big deal…I think. Also this reward is pretty lame considering.

“I’d be happy to, but…I don’t really know how to pick berries without damaging them. And you wouldn’t want your goods damaged would you”

He looks at me for a minute or so, in silence, before nodding his head “Hmm…you are right…Watch me as I teach you”

He slowly takes out some potted plants and then quickly (abnormally quick for his usual slow composure) picked the berries from the plants without a hitch…

“Now…you try”

He motions to both me and Baila (I think she’s actively leeching off me that devious woman) to grab a berry plant each.

Slowly I pick the berries from the plant.

Now berry picking sounds hilariously easy, buut…It’s actually got a little difficulty to it: If you don’t cleanly pick it off (as in no stem and no leaf stuck to it/berry left behind) then the quality lowers to the point of it becoming poor quality.

After a good 30 minutes of picking berries with care from the potted plant (Nathan switched it with another twice):

Congratulations! You have learnt a new skill: Herbalism
SKILL: Herbalism, beginner, (passive) [lv1]
Allows the player to pick herbs, quality of herbs dependent on skill level and personal skill. Only herbs of appropriate level can be picked
Cost: None, Duration: None, Cooldown: None
For learning a new skill you gain 5% xp

Yay! Juust what I was looking for.

“Thank you. I promise I will get you your berries”

I’ll pick up that delicious alchemy skill later…timing is of the essence.

Going out the house, Baila is still following me with a happy look on her face

I guess she’s just as happy as me with all these delicious skills and xp.

“Oh, Joat!” Baila looks at me in exclamation


“Your arm”

? Oh my arm…I raise it up and wiggle my fingers…yep it’s ok. Hmm so it takes 30 minutes for bones to repair and thank god they did.

We only have a good 30 minutes before our supposed meeting. So I tell Baila that I’m going to log off for short bit for needs and she supports the idea telling me she needs to go feed her rabbits…I feel truly sorry for those little critters.

The square fills up my view once more but a damn lot less is visible than I’d think. It’s kind of like there’s a thick fog a small distance from where I’m at…

However I don’t need to look far for the meeting place…because I logged into the middle of the chatting crowd.

Checking the time, its 3 minutes from the meeting start. Luckily everyone is sitting down because well that’s natural; no one wants to stand up for a meeting.

Doing a quick headcount I count 99 people. That’s good, that’s almost everyone…oh wait, that’s everyone..

Wow everyone came, just shows how valuable information is to us beta testers.
As I’m making the headcount I notice quite a few of them quieten and stare at me, also telling the others that “he’s here”

Ah so they were waiting for me, how nice.

Walking through the seated mass, I head to the tavern steps and stop at the top step. Now I can see all of them without a problem.

“Hello there, I am Joat and I will be leading this meeting for information”

A small chorus of hellos and names come out, but I don’t really catch any of them.

“First things first, the rules to our meeting: Any knowledge you know, we need, unless if it is determined as hidden or special by the system. Then you can keep silent about that as is your right. That seem fair?”

The crowd nods

“Good, we’ll split the meeting in three parts; Stats, Skills and then other system based knowledge”

Another nod but a small golden bird-beastman raises his hand. I point towards him

“So any game knowledge such as maps and hunting spots we can keep secret about?”

Good point, hmm

As I’m musing a black lion-beastman with quite the majestic mane raises his hand

“I think that we should tell everyone about what we found in the village, since that’d be helpful in moving people forward, hunting spots and the such are more personal

He has a point and I liked how he used ‘we’ but he wasn’t part of the village squad…sneaky

“I think that we should not impart game knowledge, as it then allows everyone to discover things themselves” I give a heartfelt smile to them all. I’m not trading my quest knowledge for nothing you cunning beast (literally)…

Most of the crowd nod and thus it’s a sign to move on

“Ok, so first things first, stats. We will begin with compiling the stats that everyone has found, as let’s face it, the chance of you getting a special stat this early is basically null”

The cute squirrel-beastlady from waay earlier (when we were searching the village) raises her little hand smoothly

“Can you start us off?” Damn, I wasn’t going to get out of this

“Gladly, I’ve discovered the Strength, Perception, Dexterity and Vitality stat”

A lot of people went “ooooh” when I mentioned perception…idiots, do they not even look at their opponent?

Anyways, the red minotaur from earlier puts up his hand (why is everyone so orderly? maybe it's got to do with the information need?)

“Is anyone recording this, because wouldn’t want to forget the information” I’m not sure if he was giving a good idea or insulting himself…

I quickly point to Baila

“She’ll make a note of everything and then after befriending party leaders she’ll send a transcript”

Baila, put on the spotlight has no other choice but to say yes as she gives me a little evil eye…Baila you’re not leeching skills off me for free, oh no.

Everyone nods and we continue with the meeting

“Ok so if you have a stat that I didn’t mention then please mention it”

Slowly 3 people raise their hands

“Agility” Says a white turtle-beastman…the irony?

A couple chuckle at the ironic statement…

“Luck” A pink rabbit-beastlady who looks like a complete rabbit loli (I’m not complaining though)

“OOOOOH” Literally the whole crowd joins in…

“It’s not a special; it wasn’t even hard to get…” She looks away uncomfortably and the big sister (she’s definitely big…) pink rabbit-beastlady gives everyone evil eyes
A chorus of how’s fill the air. Cupping my mouth


Ok everyone’s shut up

“We will talk about how to get the stats in a second, ok?”

They all nod, good.

“I got the wisdom stat” Charmine says next

“ooooh” Quite a bit of the crowd exclaims, must be the mage wannabe’s

“Ok, is that all the normal stats we’ve collected so far?”

Everyone nods and I scan them all to determine whether they’re lying…hmm, seems like that’s it

“So now we will begin with how to get the stats”

After a good 10 minutes we’ve gotten all the information about how to get these stats
Strength, perception, dexterity and vitality I already knew.

Luck is gained through…lucky actions; such as dodging death by an inch or something of the sort.

Agility is gained through agile movements such as running , jumping, flipping, etc etc.
Wisdom is gained through wise thoughts…That was ambiguous but when Charmine explained she used the cellar walls to kill the rats that was a pretty smart move, hence got wisdom (Thought you’d get intelligence but guess not).

“Ok, Baila have you got that all down?”


“Good, everyone, now we can move on to skills. As you should all know, skills will give from 5 to 75% xp to the next level, depending on their grade”

A couple of people look shocked but most don’t. Guess quite a few of us has unlocked at least 1 racial stat

“And we don’t get any xp from monsters, and only a bit from quests. Thus raising our skills will be the best way to level”

Everyone nods, at least they all know this much.

“So therefore it’s vital we share our skills as that’ll level us up to about level 5 thus making all our lives so much easier. I shall once again begin”

Because I have faith you will tell me all your delicious skills

“I have 8 skills; Kick mastery, unarmed mastery, stomp, suicide, monster identification, hearing, smell and night vision”

“ooooh” Most of the crowd go ooh because 8 skills is a decent amount it seems, damn I’m not going to get much am I

“Most are self-explanatory but Monster Identification is just another word for scan and suicide is gained through hurting yourself to 1 hp multiple times…it was for the vitality stat”

They look slightly horrified at how to get the suicide stat but some nod knowingly?

“Ok, so let’s begin from my left shall we?”

A whole 2 hours later, I’m almost in tears…because there are so many skills, so many…

So starting with Active combat skills. Combat skills people have found so far are; Grappling and Throw…that’s it, because well no one has weapons yet. I mean red Minotaur found the Horns skill but that’s racial only so only those with horns could get it…however what about headbutt? I made a personal note about that

Other active skills were: Sprint, Jump, Roll, Climb, Dodge, Lucky roll and Sneak. Ok so a lot of agility based skills, most found by Mr Speedturtle (that white turtle from before, apparently that’s his username). Lucky roll was the pink loli-rabbits skill gained from getting luck.

However there weren’t very many passive skills except: Mana adept, which Charmine got from gaining wisdom. Many oooh’s from the wannabe mages

The only proficiencies people got so far was unarmed mastery and some got kicking mastery (which is apparently different from unarmed, spiked boots maybe?).

So all in all I have a total of 11 new skills to get. I’m so excited!

Sadly there were a couple of racial specific skills such as tail whip and glide, which made me a bit sad because I couldn’t get those no matter what I did…unless I made metal ones…ooh, I need to get blacksmithing!

So that was the end of the skills part and everyone left looking decently happy at the new 10+ skills they learnt about.

“Ok, now that we’ve gotten through the skills, we’re onto the last part; System
knowledge. This part basically consists of anything you know about the system”

A bald goblin (eeugh) raises his hand.

“If you hit monsters in vital spots the rate of critical becomes 100%”

“Ooooh” Most of the village people didn’t know about it, me included. Useful knowledge indeed

“That’s some good information, also, everything is interactive, so there’s no being forced into mazes and the such” I say to the crowd, most of which nod knowingly

A black and gold bear-beastman (it’s a honey bear!) raises his paw

“Death is brutal…”

I notice a couple of people from the crowd are shuffling uncomfortably; hmm so a couple people have died already.

“How bad is the xp loss?” The squirrel-beastlady asks


…That’s not brutal…

“But instead we have to remake our character…”

“WHAAAAT?” The square explodes in shock and everyone starts shouting complaints to the sky

…wow, that’s brutal…remaking characters after death. Well that explains why some are locked, so that you can play another character. Hmm suicide seems quite useful in this case…


Everyone hears my voice (finally) and after another few insults to the sky, sit back down thinking extremely hard

“Honey bear, tell us the details”

“It’s just Honey. When I remade my character I had to do it from scratch, appearance, stats and skills”

“THAT’S BULLS-” The red minotaur stands up shouting

“ENOUGH!” thankfully the end of the word was blotted out by my shout but the red minotaur stays standing

“Then what do we do? Not die? Ever? No PKing? No Guildwars? Everybody’s got to act friendly?”

…I think I’ll never party with this possible PK’er…But he has got a point…


“Honey, you said there was no xp loss, but you had to redo the stats and skills, what do you mean by that?”

“It’s probably as you think; I had to grind to get all my skills back but since I knew how to get them in the first place it was a bit easier. And when I got them back they were at the same level and everything, so I didn’t lose any xp, just a lot of time”

Everyone seemed a little more calm…it may be brutal having to remake your character but seeing as though the skills stay the same that’s good.

“Do you think we’ll have a milestone or something?” Points out the black lion

The crowd looks his way contemplating the idea

“I think probably level 10 if there is one. I mean getting to level 100 and then dying just to restart is just a bit too brutal”

The crowd nods solemnly, none of us wants to restart after getting to level 100.

“Then how about we work together to get to level 10, to see if there really are milestones” Hehe, A free ticket to level 10 means quite a few skills, since we’ll most undoubtedly do more meetings along the way. Oh I can’t wait.

Everyone nods unanimously at that, there’s no way any of us don’t want a ticket to a milestone to possibly save our character.

“Ok, anyone else got anything to share?”

…Nope, seems like we’ve wrung what we could so far

“Good. Now I propose the village group go hunting while the group who followed the red minotaur-”

“Name is Braxel” The red minotaur states gruffly

“-Those who followed Braxel stay and do the starting village quests. That sound alright?”

Everybody nods with that, because it’ll stop places getting overcrowded.
People start to stand up

“Ah before you go, send me a friend request, because why the hell not? It’ll also be useful to communicate meeting times and whatnot to everyone”

Everyone nods

“Ok, so meeting adjourned, have a good day”

A wave of windows rush to my face and I hear quite a few chuckles at the mass of windows that literally encase me.

Sooo many friend requests!!!

…Ok, let’s work through them one by one

Braxel wants to be friends Yes/No

BoneCrusher wants to be friends Yes/No

Zzard wants to be friends Yes/No

Zzand wants to be friends Yes/No

Zzoid wants to be friends Yes/No

Clerissa wants to be friends Yes/No

Nekineki wants to be friends Yes/No

Goldy wants to be friends Yes/No

Blacky wants to be friends Yes/No

Tikari wants to be friends Yes/No

Mr SpeedTurtle wants to be friends Yes/No

Pinky Juniour wants to be friends Yes/No

Pinky Seniour wants to be friends Yes/No

Rakshak wants to be friends Yes/No

Honey wants to be friends Yes/No


After clicking yes on an absolute ton of friend requests (It was a hard choice for BC, but I did so in fear of getting BC’d if I didn’t) the screens lessened to only a couple.

Congratulations through taking control of the situation multiple times you have discovered a new exquisite stat
STAT: Leadership
Points in Leadership will increase number of party member slots in your party (1 per 10 points) and will affect leadership related skill
Do you want to put this stat on one of your stat slots? YES/NO
xp increases by 20%

Omg…that’s freaking awesome…however I’m not much of a party man soo I’m going to leave it as is. I do like the 20% xp increase though, much nicer than the 10% from normal stats.

Congratulations! You have learnt the skill: Commanding shout
SKILL: Commanding shout, intermediate [lv1] (0%) (Active)
Commanding shout allows your voice to be heard over the crowds to gain their attention and to give them the necessary commands

When used:
Voice amplified by 10%
Npc’s are 20% likely to follow the command (+-intimacy bonuses/penalties)
Leadership bonus: n/a
Cost: None, Duration: 1 minute, Cooldown: 5 minutes
xp increases by 20%

Congratulations. Through repeatedly talking and convincing people to give up information you have discovered a new stat
STAT: Communication
Points in communication will affect your communication related skills
xp increases by 10%

Congratulations! You have learnt the skill: Diplomacy

SKILL: Diplomacy, Beginner [lv1], (passive)
Diplomacy is the skill to persuade others for your benefit.
1% chance to convince NPC
Communication bonus:
Cost: None, Duration: instantaneous, Cooldown: None
xp increases by 5%

Congratulations! Through being the first player to have listed 100 or more friends in the game you have gained a title
TITLE: The social butterfly
You have a large number of friends and thus are named the social butterfly.
This title is purely aesthetic and gives no in-game bonuses
For gaining this title your communication and leadership stats will increase by 5 each. If these stats are unused, the additional points will be added once the stat is active.
xp increases by 25%

Wow, that’s quite a lot of things that happened. I got another 2 stats, another 2 skills, a title and a hell of a lot of xp; I got 80% xp. Which brings me up to level 3 at 51%...wow!

Well I am extremely happy about this, even though I pressed no on both of my new stats. I mean yeah they’d both be great buut I’m a hobgoblin, I’m not exactly cut out for either of those two stats.

Also I’m extremely happy that I didn’t need to tell everyone else about them because the meeting was over, wohoo!

So in half a skip I head over to the blacksmith, because I must prepare for some squirrel killing…

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