A Skill Whore's Journey

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People Problems

You know rabbits that stand on their feet? Cute right? Well imagine they have black blade-like fur, red eyes and 5 inch claws. Oh, and don’t forget they’re the size of a large] human..
I repeat once again…what the hell are those?


Rabbit, Night Variant [lv1]
Hp 100/100, Attk 8-10, Defense 2, no resistances, spd 0.5
Attacks by pouncing and clawing their enemies to pieces
A normal rabbit, however it has been strengthened by the moon

Strengthened? I think Mr Moon has been giving the rabbit steroids!!

100 HP? 8-10 Attack? EVEN DEFENSE! Not to mention its crazy height (for a rabbit!).

Although there is the one tiny tiny saving grace of a 0.5 speed.

I wonder why the wolves and squirrels didn’t have those? I mean my Monster Identification is only level 4…so that means I need 3 levels above the monster level to fully identify it?

Nice to know that.

Anyways, back to the large, nasty looking rabbit.

Guess walking to the forest is noooot going to happen for a while…


I quickly turn the origin of the scream to see a red human shaped jellyish thing (A slime I’m guessing) getting ripped to pieces…

I guess that’s why there’s 23 dead on my friends-24 now…

I’m guessing a couple of them came back a bit later than the rest of us and said hi to the rabbits and then death.

I don’t think I should be going out alone.

Opening my friends list, I scroll down till I find…Zzoid? I mean there’s Zzard and Zzand too so I’m guessing they play together…

That sounds like I can get a full party easily, sweet. But how do I convince them…I’ll think of that when the time comes.

Hey, Zzoid. This is Joat.


He doesn’t sound like he likes me…I wonder why?

Yes it is me, I’m looking for 3 people to come and do a bit of farming with me

I’m listening

Yep money runs the world

Come meet me at the village gate and I’ll take you to the place. We’ve only got 2 hours so be quick

Ok, I’ll talk to my brothers

RL brothers or just in game? It doesn’t really matter but a brother would usually leave their brothers for dead in games rather than cooperate…I know that so well.

We’ll be there in 2


I send the party invite and I see their healthbar pop up under mine…

Damn, Zzard’s got 110 hp, nice.

I chill at the gate for 2 minutes, watching the rabbits stomp around the field looking mean.

“Hey Joat”

I turn towards the village

Ah…I see.

The person who called me out was one of the blue lizard trio…Well at least I know who the Zz trio are now...and that they’re complete losers in picking up women, unlike muah (I might truly be killed tonight If I even mention the girls to them).

“Hey, Zzoid?”

“Correct. Although that was just pure luck right?”

“No, of course not. I can tell you apart from the others with that identical face of yours”

Badum tss? No? ok, be grumpy you lot.

Zzoid is the only one who looks like he’s trying to be nice. The others are just giving me evil eyes…

“So where we headed?”

Zzoid puts himself beautifully in between me and his ‘brothers’. Now that he’s closer I get a better look at his face:

It’s as lizard-like as I thought, with the only human feature being his eyes.

Also his hands aren’t scaly, just blue and clawed.

“We’re headed through that”

I point my thumb behind me and perfectly a rabbit lumbers into view.

Ah, the look of fear. I assume this will not be the only time tonight.

"A-are you serious?” the left lizard speaks up with a decently high-pitched voice

“Don’t worry Zzard, its stats can’t be that bad, I mean they’re only level 1 rabbits. They just look scary” The right lizard says (I’m sorry but you’re wrong), Zzand?

I’m not sure whether to tell them, or let it be…

“Joat, you’ve got pretty high level monster Identification right? So what are their stats?” Zzoid peers at me

Damn, he’s actually decently sharp…

“100 hp, and 8-10 attack…and 2 defense…”

“…” their mouths hang open quite a bit.

It’s common knowledge for a gamer that at night the monsters get buffed somewhat, like 1.5 times the normal strength? But in this game, it’s like the stats got buffed about 10 times…

Although when you think about it one of our guys has 110 hp and that’s probably just natural (with the Vit stat)…

So really they are only hard for people who don’t have stats.

“So what’s everybody’s stats?”

Zzoid is the first to recover (he’s definitely the older one)

“I’ve got Vit and Agility”

Zzand is next

“Agility and Strength”

Zzard finally recovers, with the help of Zzand.

“umm…Perception and Agility”

“I see”

Ok they seem like a pretty good party; they’ve got a tank, a dps and the other is a support which always helps with this and that. However that means the total fighting force is only 2 people.

“So what stats do you have?”

Dammit Zzoid! Stop being perceptive!


“I see” Zzoid, dammit.

“That’s kind of why I need you guys”

“Ok, but we’ll only join you if you promise us something”

Hmm, I reckon he can only ask something small since he knows I can just call someone else if he pushes too far.

“As long as it’s reasonable”

“Give the pink loli rabbit to us for the night”

“Eh?” I thought something along the lines, but the LOLI rabbit? Seems like I’m dealing with a fledgling lolicon, although I’m not sure I should help his passion grow…

I’m just going to forget the terribly worded sentence because I know he’s got mostly pure intentions…mostly.

“Brother!” Zzand and Zzard start to complain

“Now now, since I’m in charge, I get the benefits no? Also I’m sure he’d be unwilling to let either of his two voluptuous rabbit friends to grind with us all night”

Please just stop speaking…it sounds completely wrong

“I know that but she’s just a young girl” Zzard puts on a whiney voice

“Zzard, that was no child…trust me, your brother is an expert on loli’s” Zzoid stands proudly...

I don’t doubt it and the brothers don’t either…Oh god, I’m thinking of just calling someone else…buuut I do remember PJ being the one who mentioned I’d be good bait…

I’m not a vengeful person, I just like to enact revenge.

“Ok, you can have her, if she is ok with it”

The two brothers stop complaining and look at me funny. I mean I am sort of doing human trafficking here, maybe even child trafficking…

“As long as we get to ask her ourselves we’re fine”

Damn, Zzoid is way too perceptive for his own good. Guess that’s plan talk to PJ and then ‘tell the bad news’ to them afterwards.

With our deal(?) struck we head off into the meadow.



One pissed off human-sized rabbit coming our way. Man spitful taunt is great!

The 3 look at me funny before getting into battle formation. I of course stand back and watch (possibly 1 hit to kill me? I’m not risking that).

Zzoid takes the front smacking the rabbit and causing it…to ignore him. Oh I forgot it has 100% agro if not in combat. Whoops!

Running back to the village, I have 1 pissed off human-sized rabbit with nasty looking claws bounding after me…quite slowly.

Actually I am still faster than it with a light jog. Haha!

I curve and begin to run in a large circle around the Zz trio, who beat at the rabbit furiously.

Sadly, only 1 can actually do any damage (And it’s 8 so not bad). Luckily, because of that the agro stays pretty firm on me, and I continue to spit on the rabbit to keep it that way.

And so after about 2 minutes of combat…the rabbit is dead.

Slowing down to a stop I walk next to the trio and we all look down at the dead rabbit, still pretty terrifying

“So…who’s skinning?” I give them a grin

“Zzard” The other two say together

“Oh, cmon”

Being the youngest does suck.

So while Zzard starts to skin the rabbit with his claws, the rest of us start to head towards the forest.

Another rabbit, another circling around the brothers, who after a short while, kill it.

Luckily rabbits are still dumb even though they’ve grown.

We do this another time and as I’m running around I spot a rabbit and a black gorilla beastman facing off in the distance.

What? Who is crazy enough to solo these guys?

The gorilla-beastman punches the rabbit and I swear some teeth come flying out.

The rabbit claws the gorilla’s chest but the gorilla retaliates with grabbing its arm and twisting it with a crack.

Roaring, the rabbit swipes with its other claw and the gorilla holds it once it’s embedded into his side.

With his free hand he grabs the rabbits neck and rips it with its spine

Well I guess that rabbit was crazy to try solo that Gorrila –beastman…

We finish off our third rabbit and continue to move towards the forest.

However the gorilla-beastman spots us and literally plows his way through the rabbits, massacring one every couple of seconds.

Within another 3 minutes, he’s crossed about 400 metres from the distance killing about 30 rabbits on the way.

He’s got some crazy strength and Vitality there…

He doesn’t talk to us though once he reaches us; he just watches us fight our rabbit while chuckling.

Of course. There’s got to be that one annoying guy who looks down at others who are weaker than him with disdain…and I just had to meet him. At least the ladies aren’t here.

We finish off our rabbit but Zzard doesn’t skin this one.

“Wahahahahaha. Oh, you weaklings are quite the show. Hahahaha”

Zzoid walks over to the Gorilla

“Please don’t laugh at us, we have our own methods”

“True…But I didn’t know that you did a circus act. Hahahah”

He is getting slightly on my nerve

“Zzoid, don’t bother with the brute” I walk up and put a hand on his quite scaly shoulder. We really shouldn’t mess with this guy, however insulting to our masculinity he is

“Brute? Hah, quite a good word indeed. Strong, tough and rough. Enough to get the women wet and willing”


“You lot on the other hand, are weaklings. And any women you ever somehow pick up will be as dry as the Saharan desert”


I’ma Pk this Gorilla. No one insults my lady handling skills. And no one calls me weak.

I rush past Zzoid and slam my fist into quite a surprised Gorilla’s face knocking him to the floor slightly dazed.


“Get ‘im” Someone shouts behind me.

I quickly feel the trio rush towards me and then stomp on the gorilla as he recovers.

“You puny weaklings!”

He smacks Zzard or Zzand, I don’t know which is which, and he goes flying to the grass, flat as a pancake

“ZZAND!” ok Zzand’s death confirmed by the others.

We all jump back as Gorilla stands up, decently pissed, as he’s got quite a few foot marks on his face.

“I will hunt you down”

“No need, we’ll kill you here and now”

Zzoid, thanks.

He swings a meaty fist and Zzard who dodges it. Zzoid and I rush to the gorilla and smack it for a beautiful 1 point of damage each.

He turns round hitting Zzoid square on the chest.

“Only 35 damage”


Ok, seeing as though he was literally ripping of rabbit’s heads, his actual strength is a lot lower than my estimate.

Kick him, punch him.

Zzand gets back-handed into a pancake 5 seconds later and it’s just me and Zzoid left.

Flanking him, we attack and Gorilla comes at me with his fist.

Kiss the ground!


Phew, almost died there.


A foot stomps where I was a second ago and I roll back narrowly missing another stomp.


Roll the right.


Roll further to the right because he’s lying.

Indeed he was.

I roll for another 3 seconds sensing his feet trying to stamp me, but it ends when he decides to do
a foot sweep.

-35…you are dead

Sure enough, I'm dying with a foot crushing my stomach. Eeejh.

“Who are you” I manage as my final breath


With that my world goes black



(Baila’s POV)

“Ahhhh” Nothing like a nice warm cup of strawberry flavoured tea.

I stroke the small, white, fluffy furball that is curled up on my lap.

“Choppy 42, you’re always so sleepy. Is Jacky 13 bothering you?”

My cute little Choppy looks up at me with his sparkly red eyes as if to say yes. He then snuggles deeper into my lap.

Oh, he’s so cute! I definitely don’t want to have him for Christmas dinner this year.

Although I need to choose another one…

I look at the small mass of bunnies that are crowded around me; 2 by my left thigh while 3 on the right.

Choppy of course gets the special seat on my lap because he has the most beautiful fur.

The rest are all black and brown mixes while Choppy is a pure white rabbit. So cute!

Sipping my tea, I softly stroke Choppy and also give a little love to the snuggling rabbits either side.

I love rabbits so much.

Hmm I think Roderick 4 can go…but his brother will be sad then. Maybe William 14? Hmm, no, he’s been especially kind to the others lately and they all cuddle up to him at night.

Betty is the grumpy one, but she always gives me those big beautiful eyes. Ahh so cute!

Jacky I can get rid of but I know that even though Choppy is bullied by her, he still loves her the same. I don’t want to hurt my Choppy.

Aaah, why do I have to choose one?

I hate having to choose which one of my cutesy rabbits has to go to the dinner table. Usually it isn’t as hard, because there’s always the one that doesn’t quite fit.

However this lot are all thick as thieves…I don’t want to hurt them all.


Let’s forget about choosing right now…I’ve had enough killing for the moment.

Back to stroking my cute little rabbits soft fur. Ahhh so nice…

*Ring ring*

The small mound of rabbits perk up their ears and simultaneously look towards my ringing iphone on the coffee table.

Lucky I had put the phone there or I’d have to disturb these cuties some more.

Grabbing my phone I answer the caller, my mum, ugh, while stroking the soft rabbits back to sleep.

“Honey! How are you doing”

“Hey mum, I’m doing juuust great”

“that’s great! Hey, how’s the new game going? Met any cute boys yet?”

“No mum, don’t start with that, but the game is going just fine, although a little weird”

“You really haven’t met a single cute boy at all? You didn’t even give your father the usual call so he dropped a worried message to me. You must have been really busy then”

I can swear the woman is winking

“Mother…There was no guy”

“Ok ok” She doesn’t believe me, great.

“I just did a bit of questing and hunting”

“Hunting? Ooh, like killing goblins and such?” That’s probably the only monster she knows about…

“Nah, just some rabbits, some squirrels and some wolves”

“Oh. That seems a bit horrible”

“No, it was fun, especially with my party”

“Party? Who’d you group up with”

“Just a couple of girls”

“Just girls?”


“Honey, you have to start looking while you’re young. And I heard that men on the internet are absolutely perfect, exactly what you ask for”

“That’s just dating sites, and even then”

She really needs to lay off the dating sites

“Well the last man I met, Antonio, was quite, exquisite. And very good with his tongue, If you know what I-”


“What? It’s natural. Nothing to freak out about. Look, sex is a normal thing between two people. Of course it can be spiced up with a bit of this and-”

“I’m not having this sex talk with you again mum. Stop it now!”

“Ok ok, but you really should be trying these things. A woman your age shouldn’t be living in a house caring for rabbits”

“But rabbits are cute. And delicious too” I feel all my cuties shiver in their sleep. Sleep tight you

“Men are delicious too, especially the b-”

“I told you to stop. I don’t want to know about your Sexcapades”

“Ah, really. You ought to try these things. Maybe you should ask your new male friend”


“Kisses honey, have fun!”

She cuts off.

Ah that woman! What nerve! Seriously she always tries to push these sex talks onto me. I get it; Sex is great, big deal.

I mean I don’t think it’s that big of a deal…All the rugby boys keep always laugh about the great nights with this girl or that other one, but I don’t see what the whole deal is. Does it really feel that good?

Hmm…I’m just happy stroking this soft fur because it feels so good!

However that was a short lived satisfaction as Choppy and Co. wake up and hop off the sofa.

“Time for walksies I guess”

Opening the backgarden door, the rabbits hop around the grass. I say backgarden, but it’s really the balcony filled with grass.

I tap a quick apology message to my dad, saying I was busy with a guy. At least he doesn’t pester me about those sorts of things. Good old trustworthy dad.

A line of rabbits hops back inside and I shut the door, leaving the cold air outside.

I always forget how cold late October is over here.

However with 6 lovely furballs and my hand-made fur covers I’m more than fine in this weather.
Finishing my tea, I wash it and put it upside down beside the sink. Heading to my bedroom I snuggle under my soft rabbit fur duvet.

My cutsies jump in with me, quite uncaring of my mattress. Mmm so nice and warm.

Grabbing my AR headset I place it on my head. Time to get back to ARIA.

What is that?


Someone is throwing stones at my window…

Pain in the ass.

Taking off the headset, I wiggle out of the bed, much to my cutsies discomfort which they show with their huddling together. How cute!

Anyways, to this annoying stone thrower.

I walk to my window and open up the curtains


The stone bounces off my window.

Grrr, who dare disturb me?

I look down towards the street.
“Heeeey Claraaaa”

Ugh just leave me alone already

I open the window

“What is it Johnson?”

“Well Halloween is soon so we’re having a Halloween Pre-party yo”

“Halloween is in 4 days”

“So? We’ll have 4 pre-parties then! You wanna come tonight?”

“Let me think about it…no way in hell”

“Aw come on Clara, don’t be all emo on us. Come have some drinks with the guys and party till we drop. It’s uni, that’s how we roll!”

“When you drop, could you try do so down a well?”

“You’re no fun. Gah, I’ll catch you later board. I just saw sexy little Sandra walk out. Now she’s fun”

You mean she’s a whore

“Get out of here Johnson, and try not to break my window the next time you want to tell me something”

“Ok, later board”

He quickly runs off in chase of Sandra.

God I hate it when they use that nickname

Closing the window, I shut the curtains causing no light and no other disturbances to get to me.
Uni, the place where boys will drink till they drop and girls will ‘try to find their inner selves’ while giving treats to the boys.

I should get online quickly, or I might have to face another sex-raving, drink loving boy who thinks he’s awesome.

There’s a surprising amount of them here. Must just be a uni thing.

But, 4 days till Halloween huh. Maybe I should just make the ugliest zombie possible…but that definitely won’t stop the drunk boys; which will be pretty much everyone…

I should call Danny

I find his number pretty quickly

“Heey board”

“Danny, don’t call me that please”

“Sorry, just a habit. Most of the boys have forgotten your actual name, because you NEVER come out”

“Well I do go out for my lectures”

“Not what I mean girl and you know it”

“Do I really have to?”

“Yes, it’ll be a bit of harmless fun dancing and drinking on Halloween and no you’re not allowed to skip this. Or I will personally raid your house with the team in tow”

He’s not letting me get out of this

“Are parties really that fun?”

“Hell yeah, it’s just that you’ve not had a good experience of them yet”

“Don’t need to tell me about that…” Freshers week was truly a week of hell

“How about this; Triton, Derek and I will be your bodyguards for the night”

“Aw thanks Danny, so gentlemanly”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. We just want to see our little girl outside, hanging with the adults”

“Seriously, you’re playing the college dad now? Also may I add, why am I the only one with 3 college dads?”

“Because you’re cute and the team mascot”

“I told you, I’m not dressing up as a vampires cheerleader for you guys”

“Well it is Halloween; you can get away with it saying it’s just your costume wink wink”

“Never again. Also don’t wink me over the phone, that’s weird”

“Yeah yeah, just get yourself in a cute vampire costume and come to the Halloween party, or I’ll come to your place bring our official mascot costume, which is perfectly designed for you, along with the team”
“I’ll come I’ll come!! jeez”

“Knew you’d see the right way”

“Yeah yeah. Just go get tackled already”

“Heh, I’ll try my best. See you at the party”

He cuts off.

Ah Danny is always somewhat helpful. Though he really doesn’t need to push this whole team mascot thing.

Ever since we had blood night in fresher’s week…Never should have worn that dress.

Well freshers week was a week of hell for me and it pretty much spelled out my Uni life, so not much I can do about it now.

All I can do is spend some time with Joat; who seems cheery, albeit a bit vengeful? He also hasn’t actively gone for me, just joked around with some good repertoire.

Ah...hitting him where it hurts really did make me feel much better. Maybe I just mistook him for Johnson at that moment?

Well whatever, he’s already had his revenge making me skin the wolves, so we’re even.

I wonder what he’s been up to in the past hour, I hope he hasn’t died.

With that thought, I log back into ARIA.

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