The Witch Hunt

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Nashira and merlin must work together to change the life of all magic users

Fantasy / Adventure
Austin Watson
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The Witch Hunt

there once was a time when witches and warlocks were used to help kingdoms in wars and they were once known as heroes but years went by and soon witches and warlocks were seen as evil and the were hunted the hunt went on and the people thought it was over but then a young child was born and this child was not just a child he was born with magic when he was a baby his parents were killed and he was taken in by a farmer who found him in a cabin near a river the farmer made the cabin his farm and he took care of the child. the farmer named the child merlin. while merlin was unaware of his powers but as he grew older he started to feel something inside him, one day while merlin was wondering the woods he started to notice that certain plants and animals were reacting strangely to merlins presence they would walk up to him and just look at him as if they were trying to communicate and at times merlin even thought he heard their voices in his head. one day merlin came back from a walk by the river and found his father dead in the house with a note tied to the blade that was embedded in the chest of the farmer the note read ” we know what you are warlock we will give you a chance to run but if we catch you we will kill you.” after reading the note merlin buried his father and then he left. the first-night merlin had found an alcove where he could sleep and he was trying to start a fire and when he was about to give up all of a sudden the logs came alive with fire. completely amused by the event merlin jumped back and then calmed and he made some fish he had caught early that day finally he fell asleep and awoke early the next morning and continue to walk north that after walking for about half the day he came across a river where there was a young woman about his age who seemed to be controlling water at first merlin was scared but he went up to her anyways when the girl notices him she looked at him with fear in eyes and in a soft voice the girl asked if merlin was going to kill her, shocked by the question he responded in a calm tone “no I’m not going to kill you we are the same we both have certain powers others fear. I’m only just coming into my powers.” the girl looked up at him and replied ” Oh so your just like me. do you have a place to go or are you just wondering hoping to find sanctuary if so you can come with me I have a place that is safe for us just follow me.” merlin followed the young girl and asked “what is your name?” the girl took a second to reply ” my name is Nashira I’m an elemental sorcerer like you but people don’t know the difference anymore they believe that anyone who possesses magic of any kind is evil and they call us all witches and warlocks my family was killed by hunters I was lucky to be walking through the forest at the time had I been home I would’ve most certainly been killed.” merlin taking in the information realized one fact that made him wonder “how did you know I was an elemental sorcerer when I don’t even know that much?” Nashira replied, “when two sources of the same power meet they instantly know that the other is the same as them it is some sort of connection between all of us.” as they continued to travel to the safe place Nashira had mentioned before they continued to talk soon merlin understood what it was he could do and how that power should be used. after about 40mins of walking the two finally arrived, at first glance, it just looked like a river with a waterfall that was bigger than anything he had ever seen in his life the water was a beautiful shade of blue and in some areas the water was crystal clear as they got closer merlin felt as if he had walked into a different world completely and suddenly the area changed and he was at the entrance to a huge village that based around the waterfall and it looked as if there was more behind the waterfall. Nashira noticed merlins bewilderment she told him the town is protected by a magical barrier that makes it impossible for those who do not possess any kind of magic from entering and by the fact that you were able to walk through it tell me that the feeling wasn’t mistaken and that you are truly a sorcerer your safe so long as you stay in this town you are free to come and go as you please. Nashira than took merlin to who she said was the best person to train with for people who are just coming into there power. after about 3 years of training merlin finally had mastered his elemental powers and he even was taught some other magic for healing. one day merlin was summoned along with Nashira to the head of the town they were told that they have been chosen by the prophecy to go on a quest that if the succeeded that they would restore magic in the world and all those who have magic would be able to come out of hiding but if they failed these times would never end and soon magic will cease to exist. they immediately set out on there quest knowing fulled well they would be hunted the whole time they were on the quest. after 3 days of travelling, Nashira and Merlin started noticing the evidence of them being followed they started to pick up the pace and were ambushed by a group of armed witch hunters who were out for blood. Nashira and merlin saw an opening and ran for it they ran for what seemed like forever but the second they looked back the men were right behind them aiming crossbows right at them. they heard the first of the bolts wiz by there heads barely missing their heads. merlin and Nashira ran right into a cave and immediately raised a wall using the earth element and summoned up some fire to light the cave up as they wander through the cave as they approached an exit they were scanning their surroundings cautious of the fact that they were still be tracked by the hunters they were walking for an hour before they thought they saw a shadow in the woods that disappeared behind a tree acting as if they hadn’t seen the shadow they continued walking after a while they saw the same shadow except there were more shadows this time. Nashira and Merlin knew that men had surrounded them than the men came out with weapons drawn and crossbows aimed at Nashira and Merlins heads seeing no clearing to run for it Nashira and merlin altered the air around them to create a sphere of high winds around them than they used the air to float up and over the men. crossbow bolts whizzed past Nashira and merlin when they were far enough away they came back to the ground and continued no sooner had they touched the ground more men let loose crossbow bolts that narrowly missed Nashira and merlin they once again were running altering the air to make it push them so they could run faster. than a crossbow bolt caught Nashira in the leg knocking her down merlin stopped dead as a bolt hit him in the side both merlin and Nashira blacked out. merlin woke up next Nashira in a cell soon after, Nashira woke up and looked down at her leg to see it bandaged, bewildered by the fact that they had bandaged her wound and not just let her bleed out she looked over to merlin and saw his side was bandaged as well. after twenty minutes three soldiers came to there cell and opened it then let the two walked out. after merlin and Nashira were out of the cell the soldiers apologized for putting them in the cell and told them that they were full in the medic quarter than they told them that the king has summoned them to his throne. merlin and Nashira followed the soldiers to the throne room where the king was awaiting their arrival. when they walked into the throne room the king looked at them with sadness and worry in his eyes when they reached the throne they bowed but the king told them there was no need for that and he said to them that he needs there help to cure his queen of a sickness. Nashira and merlin went without question to the queens quarters when they walked in the air was heavy with the scent of sickness, merlin walked up to the queen’s bed and simply laid his hand on the queen and chanted an incantation in Latin merlin kept doing this until he felt the sickness leave the queen and the colour returned to the queen face. Nashira saw a look of instant relief in the king’s eyes. the king thanked merlin and Nashira and told them that he was changing the law to allow those with magic to live in the kingdom and he said that he feels that in a short while the rest of the kingdoms will lift the law that makes magic users illegal.
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