Mythwield: Fairytale of lore

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Vampires, witches, werewolves and a lot more weird but fantasy exists in this place. Humans are the lowest status beings and are slaved by the society, though they are given homes to live but are not given justice to live. In one such place, lives Isabelle, a sweet and kind girl but what if she was suddenly in the middle of the chaos. What if she loses everything she once had and was purched in between the wars of human, vampires and witches. On top of that being called Beloved by the vampire lord. Will she be able to live in all this and most importantly Love?

Fantasy / Romance
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People talking, laughing and enjoying the brightest and warmest day of Mythwield, where it’s always ice cold but today is different, it’s like Mythwield is celebrating, even trees and birds are enjoying while something is happening in the west, the forest is getting more darker and something is walking at an abnormal pace, a girl running away from the abnormal creature, falling down and crawling to hide but her fear is making her slow, more mistakes and the creature stood quite far and watching her with a predatory gaze, enjoying every part of her crumbling down on his feats. His need of fear is making him wait more to devour this bird a little later.

Dressed in black shirt and black trousers with a long coat, having a face of an angel, all dark and dangerous, eyes so red that the blood lust can be seen so easily. He then finally thought of ending the game when suddenly, other creatures came in front of him and stopped him from attacking and suddenly the forest froze, the warmth of the day disappeared and the creatures ran towards the depth of forest. Upon reaching they all saw the witches in circle, a red-head saw and shouted and suddenly every witch looked at them and cornered them.

“we are here in peace. No attack.” Niklaus spoke. He was so in mood of snatching a life but these witches can’t even bloody handle their own offspring. The vampires are the highest society in and breed right now, yet they have to worry about a bloody offspring of these dammed witches, who they can’t lose, reason is simple, the whole Mythwield will die if something happens to that bastard child.

“You bitches, can’t even handle a little child, the matter will be sent to lord Alexander and believe us, this time I’ll make sure you all die in the hands of lord Alexander. We council members are going to find the child.” The man next to Niklaus spoke. Also dressed in black clothes but much older, a sired vampire. While Nicklaus a pureblooded one.

Niklaus looked at the witches and left from there leaving bitchy witches with terror of the lord.

Lord Alexander was anything but reliant, if he knew that they lost the offspring, he would seriously lose his shit and their lives will seriously be at stakes, and lord Alexander doesn’t mind killing witches even for fun, why would he stop now.


Niklaus reached the palace where the lord of Mythwield, lord alexander resides. He entered and the maids took him inside and showed him to living room and went to call lord Alexander who when entered looked angry, too angry. Lord Alexander Sinclair, the third lord of Mythwield.

Lord was dressed in a night blue shirt and black pants with few buttons unbuttoned, he looked at Niklaus, his man of work. Niklaus Michelle, a man of few words, perfectionist in his work, Alexander’s best hidden weapon. The council thinks Nicklaus works for them but reality is always different and cruel, Nicklaus has always been at his side.

“lord Alexander” Nicklaus spoke his greeting while smirking at the man who looks like he wanted to tear everything, including him.

“Michelle” Lord Alexander spoke his greeting too and asked with threats at the edge of his tongue “Michelle, is the child found?”

“No.” Nicklaus spoke with no expression but a coldness was present in him. Alexander looked at him and sighed with agitation ordered his butler “send a maid to my room.”

Sargent stone, Alexander’s butler went to complete the orders of his lord while Alexander looked at the council man and waved his hand at him with his eyes speaking orders. Nicklaus took his coat and left to find his prey and also the lost child.


Somewhere under the broken roof, a child suddenly appeared and cried out loud and the people of house took the baby in, seeing it as a blessing, the pregnant lady who lost her baby a month ago believed it was her baby who died and the lost baby is now called Isabelle Diamond.

Suddenly the gist of aura which was formed around the house suddenly disappeared as if the aura excluded by the person hid itself. The new beginning to where it all started…

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