The Luna Legacy

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[Book 2] With the Crystal of Earth restored, and Ishtall saved from disaster, Roisin and her friends near the end of their first year. The Empress defends her Kingdom from the doom that awaits and Rory plots his revenge.

Fantasy / Scifi
Scarlett Dunn
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Roisin was sat in her dorm, it had been several weeks since the Earth Element had been restored, and she was enjoying finally getting back to studying, well, maybe, she hadn't missed the piles of homework she had to do, though her Uncle Atlas, the new combat teacher had helped her hone her skills, she could now hit a target from 300 m with her bow.

Ashe and Ariel were sat on Ashe's bed across the room, Ariel had found it difficult settling into the different culture of Ishtall, but Dex had helped her settle, the two had grown closer since she revealed her identity, with Dex explaining more of Hubun culture.

Logan and Atlas were in the dining hall, Atlas had taken Logan, Hannah and Yana under his wing since they fought together over Rivenlake. He often trained them in air combat, with the aim of giving Wynd Academy a specialized arial defence squadron.

Sebastien meanwhile had been training hard with Ember in Abysial Academy, he had learned some new skills that would help him in the wars to come, Andre kept a watchful eye on his development.

Amanda Ferras, The Empress of Aranei had grown more and more paranoid as the months went by, some say she'd gone mad after her son went missing and her daughter betrayed her, those same people were publicly executed, as was anyone she suspected of double-crossing her.

Her son, Rory was taking shelter in an old run down Hubun settlement, he'd spent the last few months training himself, more and more every day, for the day he will finally return to Wynd Academy, and have his vengance.
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