The Luna Legacy

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As Wynd Academy crashed into the ground below, the large airship flew into Ishtall airspace and directly over the large Crystech tower in the middle of the city. In the streets below, people began to panic as the tremors from the fall of Wynd Academy shook the earth for miles around, scaffold fell from the sides of buildings and windows exploded from the shock wave.

As soon as the Airship was directly over Crystech Tower, Wynd touched the Wind Crystal, and the city was shielded by a huge energy barrier.

"Are you okay?" Ferick asked as he leant against the wall.

"I need to summon the Guardian..." Wynd sighed, looking down.

"How do you do it?" Ferick asked.

"Well, the Guardian requires a lot of lifeforce to be summoned into existence..." Wynd said, as he looked Ferick in the eyes, and down at the floor again.

Ferick understood what Wynd was hinting at.

"How much lifeforce?" Ferick asked.

"Everyone in this room right now... sadly." Wynd frowned, with a tear forming in his eye, as he looked around at the surviving students, there was about twenty-five altogether. "I failed you all, and for that... I am eternally sorry" Wynd apologized, feeling a lump in his throat.

A female student stepped forward and smiled slightly, though her eyes told a much different story, "It's okay, Headmaster, you did your best..." She smiled.

"Yeah, we all joined the Academy for a reason, we wanted to defend our homes, the crystals" A male student added.

Ferick stood up, he looked down at Ishtall, and at the wreckage of Wynd Academy. He took a deep breath and turned around. "For Ishtall" He cheered, the others cheered back at him, Wynd smiled slightly though the tears. He placed both hands on the Crystal and a green light enveloped the hold of the airship.

Moments later, a giant winged female angel, clad in green, wearing a green silk like cloth appeared on the edge of the city, she turned to the ruins of Wynd Academy and blasted them with a gust of wind, destroying most of the Minions of Light.

Victoria stood defiant against the titan sized angel. She stared for a second and made a retreat. The Guardian of Wind, Aeolus stood vigilant over the city.

Earlier that day, at Wynd Academy.

An Imperial Airship flew into Ishtallian airspace, but it was wearing the sigil of the Imperial Envoy. So instead of it being destroyed, it was escorted to the landing bay of Wynd Academy.

As the airship docked into the landing bay, Deux Wynd walked across the huge room towards the airship. Victoria stepped out, wearing the glamour of Ariel.

"Ariel? What are you doing back here? Where is Roisin... and-" Wynd began.

"I come to you to offer you the olive branch" Victoria stated, as she stood as if she was a soldier, at full attention, flanked by her two personal guards.

"Come, we must discuss these matters somewhere more private" Wynd motioned for Victoria to follow him as they headed to Wynd's office. Before Wynd left, he nodded to two nearby airship mechanics.

As they Imperial delegation their way to Wynd's Office, many students stared with disgust at the Imperials, but refrained from causing trouble.

Wynd lead the Envoy and her two guards into his office, where Wynd and Victoria took a seat.

"Headmaster, let me be clear, her Radiance, Empress Lumina Lightheart, first of her name, will accept nothing less than the city of Ishtall's surrender." Victoria smirked.

"Lumina is the Empress? What happened to Amanda?" Wynd asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I must say, Headmaster, I thought you'd take the news worse than that, disappointing" Victoria shrugged, "No matter, do you accept the terms of surrender?"

"I have my own sources, Victoria" Wynd smirked slightly. Wynd looked outside he saw several airships had departed, the evacuation was proceeding as planned. Not all students had been notified yet though, some were still in the grounds, chatting away without a care in the world.

Victoria clicked her fingers and the glamour faded, Wynd swung around and quickly fired two blasts of wind at Victoria's personal guards. Victoria fired a crossbow of light at Wynd, the arrow missed and hit the wall. Wynd turned to look how close the arrow had been, but when he looked back, Victoria had fled.

"No, no, no! Dammit!" Wynd shouted as he threw his desk aside, he gave chase, but found several students blocking his path, they all had snowy white eyes and an arrow of light piercing their hearts.

Wynd yelled in anguish, he drew a Celestial Katana, imbued with wind aether, took a deep breath, and cut the former students down in one. The loss of each student he had to put down as he gave chase through the school grounds added more and more to his heavy heart.

Along the way, Wynd discovered a few unturned students here and there, and told them to follow him. They all headed outside and saw Ferick yelling in pain, Wynd ran over and found himself at the pointy end of Ferick's blade.

"Come, we must escape!" Wynd said as he helped Ferick up, the group fought their way to the landing bay, Wynd noticed the huge hole in the wall from where the two 'mechanics' had blasted their way to the Wind Temple, so they could remove the crystal.

They had about a minute to escape before the floating island would begin its descent to the hills below. The all hurried aboard the airship which departed shortly after.

Victoria stood in the courtyard, surrounded by the Minions of Light, the former students. Victoria herself had been a student just like those around her, just a matter of months ago, but those days are long behind her now. She'd fallen too far to ever dream of seeing the sun once again.

In the Crystech Compound in the desert of light, Atlas received an emergency message from Wynd.


Wynd Academy has fallen, but the city of Ishtall remains safe, under the protection of Aeolus, the Guardian of Wind. Do not return to the city with Roisin and the others, instead take them to Pyre and seek refuge. Protect them at all costs. I'm sorry I failed you all.

Deux Wynd"

Atlas wiped a tear from his eye, he looked over at Roisin and her friends celebrating their victory over Rory. He didn't want to ruin this moment, he would tell them they are to depart in the morning. For now, he would shield them from the truth of the fall of Wynd Academy, they deserve a little time to breathe, he told himself, as he looked at the setting sun in on the white horizon of the crystalline desert.
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