The Luna Legacy

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Into Darkness

In the depths of Abysial Academy, Syl woke up in his room, having only just arrived the night before. He stared at the dark ceiling, wondering where in the world his sister was no. Syl hoped that she listened to Andre's message and that she stayed in Ishtall, but Syl knew Roisin too well, she was never one to sit back and do nothing.

Syl sat up and gazed around the room, it was a dank mossy room, with green glow emanating from some nearby mushrooms. It was better than where he'd been for months, he told himself, and at least now he had control of himself.

Syl headed outside, where Ember and Sebastien awaited.

"Syl, meet Sebastien, a former student of Wynd Academy" Ember introduced Syl to Sebastien.

"You're from Wynd? Did you ever meet my sister, Roisin Luna?" Syl asked excitedly.

"Hmm, she was the one who informed Headmaster Wynd of the fall of Una, right?" Sebastien asked.

"That's her! She found out from my message I presume, I'm glad it got through" Syl smiled.

"Right, both of you follow me to the meeting room, we have news" Ember commanded the two boys, they followed her to a small door at the far end of the cavernous balcony room. Syl looked straight done from the edge of the balcony, floors upon floors stretched down below, until the darkness consumed them.

Syl stumbled as he felt dizzy.

"Don't fall" Sebastien petted Syl on the back. Syl smiled slightly and looked at Sebastien.

"So how'd you end up here?" Syl asked.

"Well, the final year students of Wynd got sent to the ruins of Terrana... I was the only survivor." Sebastien sighed as he looked at his robotic arm.

"I'm... sorry" Syl sighed.

"We all lost something that day" Sebastien nodded at Syl, knowingly.

Ember reached the door and held it open for them both, as they headed inside a long stone table sat in the middle of the room, with some monitors at the far end of the wall. Below the monitors sat Andre Spectra, at the head of the table.

"Take a seat" Andre smiled. The two boys sat at the table, at opposing sides, Ember walked into the room and closed the doors, locking it behind her, before taking a seat close to the door.

"Okay, to catch you both up on our grand mission. Lumina now commands the Araneian Empire, which is now referred to as the Luminous Empire, the pure white sky now hangs above all Imperial Provinces, including the city of Demi." Andre began, he clicked a button and the monitor showed a picture taken in the Imperial Capital of Aranei, it showed a blinding white sky bearing down upon the city.

"Lumina sent an Envoy, to Wynd Academy, this Envoy is Victoria Iryn, formerly of Pyre Academy, Victoria was captured and her identity was stolen by Ariel Ferras, though Ariel now stands on the opposing side, with Atlas and Roisin Luna" Andre continued.

"Roisin is with her? Is she mad?" Syl shouted.

"Quite the opposite, Ariel provided valuable intel which lead to the successful defence of Ishtall earlier this year. Since then, she has continued to lend assistance to your sister." Andre replied. "Moving on, Victoria Iryn, in the guise of Ariel... I know, its confusing, but please bear with me. She attacked Wynd Academy-" Andre continued his explanation, but was interrupted by Syl standing up.

"You told her she'd be safe if she stayed in Ishtall!" Syl shouted furiously at Andre, his eyes turning black.

"She would have been, the city itself was saved and is now under defence of both the Wind Crystal, and the Wind Guardian herself, Aeolus." Andre finished.

"Oh, sorry" Syl sighed as he sat down.

"However, unbeknownst to me, Roisin and her friends had left the city before my message even reached her, and she remains outside the city to this moment" Andre frowned. Syl put his head in his hands.

"She is currently at the Alliance Compound in the ruins of Terrana, with her Uncle. Together with her friends and Atlas, they managed to take down Rory Ferras for good. Which is a huge bonus for us, as he was something of a wildcard." Andre explained.

"So, lets go pick her up! We're on the same side right?" Syl smiled. Andre looked at Ember and frowned.

"I'm afraid not, young Mr Luna" Andre stood up. Syl looked at Sebastien who gave him the same look as Andre.

"The Luna bloodline is both a gift and a curse from the gods" Andre stated.

"Huh?" Syl slammed his hands on the desk as he stood up, Ember pulled out a Celestial Weapon, which was in the form of a whip, she wrapped it around Syl and he was restrained to the chair.

"Your family line is too dangerous to be left unconstrained, you all have the potential for great good or great evil, and mankind cannot suffer this indecisive prophecy. To this end, the light and the dark Academies worked in unison, representing the two most powerful Elements, it is believed that we have the power needed to contain whatever your bloodline shall bring forth to this world." Andre continued.

"Well that turned out well for you, didn't it, dick" Syl growled.

"Indeed, decades ago, myself and Lumina worked together, to keep the peace in this world, the both of us being two halves of the Celestial Harbinger herself. The dark heart of the Harbinger was to always keep the world on edge, to this end, I forged the nation of Pyre, I crafted it into a warmongering state which would prevent any one nation from growing too powerful." Andre explained.

"Huh... Pyre? But the're the most peaceful nation in Crystalla..." Syl asked, confused.

"Yes, now they are, but for millennia they weren't, but the day came when the people of the city, chose peace over war, as much as I tried, I could no longer inspire the hatred needed. I had to change tactics." Andre sat down, and took a sip of water.

"So, I went to the small state of Aranei, which was under constant attack from both it's neighbours, Demi and Mystalia. In there, I lit the flames of revolution in the people's hearts, and from their sorrow and anguish, I built The Great Empire of Aranei." Andre proudly proclaimed, Syl turned to look at Sebastien.

"How can you be okay with this?" He asked angrily.

"It is how things were always meant to be" Sebastien shrugged.

"Okay then, what about Lumina, since she was the opposite, she must have stood for the good of the world, right?" Syl asked.

"Hmm, yes, she did. Lumina was always a curious soul, carefree and loving. For millennia, she stoked the love in peoples hearts, building the great nations of Ishtall and Disceath" Andre replied.

"Lumina founded Ishtall? Impossible!" Syl laughed.

Andre clicked the button again and a picture of Aeolus appeared on the monitor, he zoomed into the face, Syl didn't see it right away, but he'd seen the face before.

"Aeolus was made in Lumina's image" Andre stated. Syl hung his head low, feeling as if all he knew was a lie.

"I thought the Celestial Harbinger returned to Heavens" Syl uttered.

"I... we did, and we stained the walls of Heaven with the blood of the gods, they tried to punish me... us for saving mankind!" Andre shouted.

This time both Syl and Sebastien looked shocked by the revelation.

"The Gods are dead, and myself and Lumina are the closest thing mankind has to Gods now" Andre frowned. "Unlike me, Lumina was the pure side of the Harbinger. As time passed, the murder of the gods ate away at the good in her soul, it twisted her perception of good and pure... into what she thinks now" Andre sighed.

"Which is?" Sebastien asked.

"She sees mankind as impure, she believes that the slate must be wiped clean as the dead Gods commanded. I cannot abide this, so I dropped my old title of Abyssia, and I took up a human name. In a twist of fate I now find myself fighting for what Lumina once fought for" Andre sighed.

"So how do the Luna's fit into all this?" Sebastien asked.

"Before I slit the throat of Knavnchian, the god of night, he uttered an incantation, that incantation blessed one individual with the Element of Life, a fifteenth element. He told me as he died that the bloodline would have to power to do great good, or great evil. Everyone of this person's descendants carries this Element in their blood. Sly, Atlas, Roisin and... the other." Andre explained.

"Other?!" Syl asked, trying to break his restraints.

"Yes, you have a sibling, who was put into hiding from the day they were born, which was the same day as your sister, Roisin. As much as I tried, I cannot find this child, so I come to you" Andre sighed.

"I'm not going to help you" Syl growled.

"Oh, but you are..." Andre replied, unlike Lumina, Andre took no joy in what he did, to him, it was his role in life.

Syl felt a familiar urge, his veins grew black, and he screamed in pain. Andre was trying to control Syl through the black blood that had been infused into him. Syl resisted, he yelled and broke the Celestial Whip apart.

"I will never help you" Syl yelled, he pushed his way past Ember and headed out onto the balcony, he ran over to the railing, and took one look back at his pursuers, before jumping into the abyss below.

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