The Luna Legacy

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Into the Light

Syl awoke in the black pit in which he had fallen, he stared up above and saw a tiny dot of light. His body ached as he sat up.

"Ugh" He grunted as he stood to his feet, Syl could hear a faint ringing in his ears, he wasn't sure if it was from the fall or was actually real.

He decided to follow the sound, walking slowly with his hands in front of him, he neared the source of the sound, he felt a smooth crystalline surface.

"The Dark Crystal?" He asked himself aloud. He ran his hands along the crystal, before he knew it, the crystal was drawing something out of him.

"Ah... what?" Syl yelled out in pain, his blood began turning white once more, the crystal was reclaiming the dark aether that the Dark Knight had given him. This time though, he no longer felt the pull of Lumina's power, as if the link between the two had been severed.

Syl heard footsteps quickly approaching, he ran across to the other side of the room, guided by the light coming from his own blood. He had to hide, but his glow made it pretty impossible.

Sebastien walked into the dark room, holding a flash light in his hand, though the light itself didn't travel very far down here. He shone the light at the Dark Crystal, it dimly glistened from the glow of the light.

"Come out Syl, it's for the best" Sebastien shouted.

"No, I don't trust Andre any more than I trust Lumina" Syl replied.

"Andre wants what is best for humanity" Sebastien sighed.

"He wants to control humanity, don't you get it? That's all the Harbinger ever cared about, she made this world her dominion and slew the Gods who called it theirs" Syl growled.

"Humanity needs to be controlled, you know how we were before the Gods blessed us" Sebastien said, still searching around.

"Do we? Or do we only know what the Harbinger told us the world used to be like" Syl was hidden close to Sebastien.

"Don't be stupid, you saw what happened after Terrana, the beasts that appeared" Sebastien stopped.

"I saw how Rory used them to attack Rivenlake, which means they obey someone..." Syl crept over to the Crystal.

"They obeyed Lumina, I guess" Sebastien walked to the center of the room and was illuminated by the light from above, slightly.

Syl placed his hand on the Dark Crystal, he closed his eyes and vanished in a small flash.

"Huh?" Sebastien asked as he ran toward the source, to find no sign of Syl. "Dammit" Sebastien shouted.

Outside Avadey, Syl appeared in a flash not far from the city.

"Huh... it worked" Syl smiled slightly, before making a run of it.

Roisin, Ashe, Ariel, Dex and Atlas were all on the road to the harbour city of Rosefall, unlike Ishtall, Rosefall possessed no elements, no crystals and no Academy. Logan, Yana and Hannah had taken an airship to Pyre Academy, but Rychard suggested a more low-key path for the others.

Roisin was walking ahead of the others, on a small woodland path, the sounds of the nearby wildlife filled the woods with a cacophony of song. Roisin looked up at the summer sun shining down. To be here, it felt as if everything was okay with the world, that everything is how it should be.

Atlas knew different, he still hadn't found the words to tell the others of the fall of Wynd Academy. He looked up at the sun and felt the judgemental heat bearing down on him.

Roisin spotted a man stood on the road ahead, he was wearing a black robe and had a sheathed katana on his belt.

"Who goes there?" Atlas shouted ahead, with his hand ready to summon his Celestial Blade.

"My name is Shien, I am here to take both Atlas Luna and Roisin Luna into the custody of Spectra Enterprises." The man spoke plainly.

"Uh... what for? Who is Spectra Enterprises?" Roisin asked, Atlas walked ahead and stood in front of Roisin. "Wait... Spectra... that name" Roisin gasped.

"The man who spoke to you in your dream, yes" Atlas growled.

"We have your brother, Sylvr Luna, you shall be reunited if you come with us" Shien smiled.

"Syl is alive?!" Roisin backed up.

"Don't listen to his honeyed words, something about this smells off" Atlas said, drawing his Celestial Blade.

"Very well" Shien shrugged, he threw two small metal stars, one of them hit Atlas' arm, but he managed to deflect the other.

"Get out of here kids, I'll deal with this guy" Atlas commanded, Roisin nodded. Atlas lunged at Shien, knocking him to the ground a few yards away, Roisin and the others took this opportunity to run on ahead.

Atlas swung his sword down at Shien, but Shien rolled out of the way, he jumped to his feet and swung his katana at Atlas, who deflected it and jumped backwards and dodged it.

Shien laughed.

"I love a good fight!" He chuckled.

Atlas remained silent and pulled a pistol from his belt, he fired it buy Shien deflected the bullet with his blade.

"Hmph" Atlas grunted.

Roisin and the others ran as fast as the could toward the closest village.

"Some guy appeared in your dream?" Ashe asked, glancing over to Roisin as she ran.

"And it wasn't me?!" Dex joked, Roisin smiled slightly.

"Yeah, long story short he told me to stay in Ishtall" Roisin replied, "He spoke to me in the same way Rory spoke to Ariel" she added.

"Interesting, I've heard of Spectra, he founded the Empire... but he died decades ago" Ariel pondered.

"Well by the sounds of it, he's very much alive, or his son is" Dex replied.

"What does an Undead Emperor want with you?" Ashe smirked as she looked over to Roisin.

Roisin shrugged, the group neared the village up ahead, from here they could catch a bus to Rosefall. The group headed to the bus station and sat down when they arrived to catch their breath, the station itself was pretty quiet.

"Are we waiting for my Uncle?" Roisin asked.

"I dunno, if he doesn't win, we could just be waiting for that Shien guy" Dex said, as he wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Yeah, we need to keep moving Ros, your Uncle knows where we are headed, he can catch up." Ashe comforted Roisin.

Roisin reluctantly nodded as the bus arrived outside, the four hurried out and boarded, the bus departed the station soon after. Roisin stared out of the window, hoping to see her Uncle run into the station after them, but he never did.

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