The Luna Legacy

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The Rosefall Incident

Atlas was stood on a hill overlooking Rosefall, this city held a lot of memories for him, he looked at the ferry that had just departed, he would have contacted the others, but his comm device was broken apart in the battle with Shien. Atlas sighed and sat down by a tree, he looked up at the blue sky and closed his eyes.

Thirteen years ago...

The city of Rosefall was bustling back then, the red petals of the trees were falling to the ground, where the giant modern dock would stand in current day, stood a few blocks of old red brick buildings, with dozens of bars for sailors and the like.

In one of these bars sat Atlas, who was drunk. Since his sister was murdered, Atlas drank, a lot. He wasn't coping well, he tried his best to look after Roisin, Petyr and Syl, but a lot of them time, he'd leave them with his wife.

He felt guilty of that, he felt guilty that his actions had led to Ruby's death, he felt guilty that he just abandoned his old position, he felt guilty that he hadn't gone back to his wife. Atlas knew he was in no fit state to look after the kids, and his wife knew that what had happened had broken him.

Atlas took a swig from his glass, and put it down on the counter.

"Another" He slurred, suddenly he felt himself fall from his chair.

"Ah" He groaned as he felt his head, he was bleeding. He'd had enough, he thought to himself, he went to get himself up when he saw debris across the bar, there had been an explosion outside.

"Shit!" He cursed as he made his way outside.

When he reached the outside, he saw two armed men, with their guns pointed at civilians, they had long pointed ears, they were Elvman, a non-human race that resembled humans with just a few differences. The two held guns in their hands and had explosives on their belts, which were slightly hidden by their leather jackets, the jackets bore a symbol.

Atlas focused on the symbol, it was that of a group of Elvman Extremists from the western continent. On the western continent, the Elvman had a city and Academy of their own, which bore the Element of Electricity, Thundurum Academy. Unlike the other races, the Elvman saw themselves as superior to all others, and did not allow any outsiders near their city.

"What are you doing here?" Atlas growled, as he drew his Celestial Blade.

"We are here to deliver a message" One of the Elvmen grunted.

"Yeah?" Atlas shrugged "We're not interested in listening."

"Typical Human" The other Elvman grinned. A shot rang out and one of the Elvman's firearms flew out of their hand, a female Hubun jumped down next to Atlas.

"Need a hand?" She smiled.

"Nah, I got it" Atlas chuckled.

"I'm helping anyway, she chuckled as she raised a shotgun at the other Elvman.

"You are foolish if you assume we are the only ones here, Hubun" The Elvman laughed. Several explosions went off around the docks, the ground shook and the floor beneath them began giving away. In the panic, Atlas and the woman lost focus, and the Elvman shot at the woman, Atlas heard the shot and put himself between the bullet and the woman.

"Argh!" Atlas yelled. The woman frown, she threw a smoke bomb at the terrorist's feet and jumped up to a fire escape, whilst carrying Atlas, she made her way to a nearby roof as fast as she could.

"Hang in there" She said, trying to keep Atlas awake.

"I'll... try" Atlas mumbled.

"What were you doing? You have a deathwish or something?" She replied.

"Something like that, yeah" Atlas replied, as the woman reached the roof. "What do they call you?" Atlas asked, groaning from the pain.

"Lotte" The woman replied, she began walking across a wire to the roof across the street, the buildings were slowly beginning to sink as the docks began to give way. Atlas looked down to the street below, feeling dizzy, but Lotte managed to keep her balance. Atlas lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he was in a hospital room in Ishtall, in his room, was Professor Wynd, from the local Academy, and Lotte.

"Wh... where am I?" Atlas asked, trying to sit up.

"In Ishtall City Hospital" Wynd smiled.

"Who are you?" Atlas asked.

"I'm the father of the girl whose life you saved" Wynd smiled, looking at Lotte.

"Oh..." Atlas looked towards Lotte, "Thanks for getting me out of there..." Atlas smiled.

"Thank you, for taking the bullet for me" Lotte smiled.

"Mr. Luna, forgive me if I speak out of turn, but, I think you'd make a fine teacher at the Academy" Wynd smiled.

Atlas thought to himself. He did need something put his life back on track, but he had conditions.

"My family... I would need to move them here, I need them here, they currently live in Rosefall" Atlas gulped, thinking of how much he'd missed them all. Being shot seemed to have awakened a will to live inside his soul, he wanted to change, he needed to.

"Done" Wynd smiled.

"Secondly, I want you to keep me on the straight and narrow path... I've been through some dark times recently, I have to fix myself" Atlas smiled.

"I shall do my utmost to see you restored to your full strength, Mr Luna" Wynd smiled.

Atlas smiled and laid back.

Atlas woke up by the tree, the sun was almost set behind the ocean. He wiped his eyes and yawned.

"Hey sleepy" A familiar female voice chuckled, footsteps approached. Atlas turned to face the woman.

"Lotte?!" Atlas stumbled back in shock, Lotte burst out laughing.

"Don't act that surprised, you knew I lived here" Lotte smiled "I saw that niece of yours in town yesterday, I think they left earlier today on the ferry though" She added. Atlas nodded, he looked at the huge Crystech building.

"Oh yeah, like the new harbour?" Lotte smiled as she leaned against the tree.

"How've you been?" Atlas asked, leaning against the tree.

"Been better to be honest" Lotte sighed, "Father died defending Ishtall, and his powers an experience passed to me." She looked down at the ground, "I don't know where to begin, I know I need to reclaim Ishtall, but I can't do it alone" Lotte sighed.

Atlas looked back out at the sea.

"You need to go after your niece, then?" Lotte smiled slightly.

"I... I'm not sure what to do" Atlas frowned.

"Okay, we'll go to Pyre, and appeal for help to save Ishtall, hopefully we can catch up with her before we get there" Lotte patted Atlas' arm. Atlas nodded.

"We will come back for Ishtall, when we're ready" Atlas hugged Lotte, Lotte hugged him back as the sun settled behind the sea.

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