The Luna Legacy

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Not The End Of The World

Lumina stood in the ruins of the Mystic Academy, have conquered the city in seconds, her army of Imperial Puppets, all with glowing eyes stood in the surrounding watching her silently as she entered the Temple of Mysticism.

She entered the dark ancient temple and saw the glowing yellow crystal in the centre of the room. Lumina slowly approached, and put her hand on it, she absorbed the power of the crystal, taking in all the Elemental Energy, until all that remained was a shell, which tumbled to the ground and broke apart.

Lumina grinned as she walked away from the Crystal.

A Pyre Airship flew over a mountain, on board was Logan, Hannah and Yana. The ship was finally nearing its destination.

"I can't wait to actually sleep in a proper bed, these military ones have been uncomfortable" Hannah chuckled.

"And be able to eat proper food too" Yana added.

"Hey the meals haven't been that bad" Logan shrugged.

Suddenly the airship shook, and the sound of something bursting came from behind the hold.

"What's going on?" Logan panicked, struggling to stay on his feet as the airship continued shaking.

"We're under attack" The pilot shouted over the intercomm.

Logan prepared the weapons, each of the three took a turret and looked behind the ship. A huge ship was following them, it would be far too big to take down.

"Fire everything!" Logan shouted, as the small Pyre airship unloaded all its firepower on the Behemoth Ship. Barely any damage was done.

"Dammit!" Logan bashed his fist against the cannon.

The Behemoth Ship began powering up its main cannon.

"Hold on tight!" The pilot shouted, diving the ship toward the ground, but it was too late, the huge energy beam hit the ship and it went hurtling towards the ground.

Logan woke up, he was in immense pain, he tried to stand up, but when he looked down, he saw a huge chunk of metal going through his chest.

"Argh!" Logan moaned as he laid back down, he looked around and saw both Hannah and Yana laid motionless on the ground.

"No..." Logan sighed, as his eyes welled up. Footsteps approached, loud ones.

Logan looked in the direction the footsteps were coming from, he saw two Elvman soldiers approaching in silver armour. They had come from the Imperium, the Imperial guard of the Elvman nation.

"Human scum" One of the grinned. He looked at Logan. "Praetor, I believe this one is still alive."

"Deal with him" The Praetor nodded.

The other Elvman grinned, he pulled out a small device, similar to a gun, but it fired small long silver spears. He pointed it at Logan's head. "Any last words, Human?" The Elvman asked sarcastically.

"Not even you will escape what is coming, Lumina will kill us all" Logan said, plainly.

"Lumina?" The Elvman asked.

"Herald" The Praetor growled. The Elvman nodded, without hesitation he shot Logan in the head, killing him instantly.

"Good" The Praetor smiled.

"What do you think he meant?" The Herald asked. "Who is Lumina?"

"Probably something he made up, Humans will try anything to squirm their way out of any situation." The Praetor replied. "Come, we must return to the Behemoth."

Ariel was stood on the deck of the boat with Ashe, as it glided across the ocean, Ashe leaned against the railings and looked out across the waves.

"It kind of feels as if we're abandoning everyone back home" Ashe sighed.

"Wynd wanted us to go to Pyre, there must be a reason for it..." Ariel smiled, as she put her arm around Ashe.

"What about the other cities? Lumina basically has no opposition now, she will probably take the remaining crystals" Ashe looked worried as she looked down at the water.

"I can't lie, she probably will. But hopefully there is something at Pyre to turn the tide" Ariel said, as she too looked down at the water.

Roisin and Dex were sat on the top deck, Dex had bought them both a sandwich and a juice. The both began eating as they looked out across the vast ocean.

"Being here you almost forget what is going on out there, it's peaceful" Roisin smiled.

"Yeah, it feels like the world is ending, but here you can't see it, here it feels normal" Dex replied.

"I guess despite what is going on out there, it's not really the end of the world. Sure we're going through a tough time right now, and it's hard to see the light, but it is there. Good times will return, we just have to face a bit of hardship first." Roisin smiled.

"Yeah, when all of this is over, we should have a big party in the middle of Ishtall, where everyone is invited!" Dex said, as he finished his sandwich.

"That sounds nice" Roisin agreed.

"We've just gotta be here for one another, me, you, Ashe and Ariel, if we stick together, we can make it out of the other side of this." Dex grinned.

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