The Luna Legacy

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Roisin was stood in the dark void once more, she looked around, panicking about how had contacted her this time.

"Hello?" She shouted, as she summoned her Celestial Crossbows.

Footsteps rang out across the void. Roisin spotted a figure approaching.

"Ros" Syl smiled, as he opened his arms wide.

"Sylver? But... you?" Roisin backed away as she noticed the light aspected aether flowing through his veins.

Syl looked at his arms, then back to Roisin.

"Don't worry, I broke free of her spell, and of his too... I missed you" Syl frowned slightly.

"I missed you too..." Roisin said, wiping tears from her eyes, she ran toward her brother and embraced him, Syl was taken aback, but placed his arms around Roisin.

The two stood in silence for a minute or so.

"Where are you?" Syl asked, breaking the silence.

"On the western continent, headed to Pyre" Roisin replied.

"I see, I can try to make my way there, but I'm afraid he will then find you" Syl sighed.

"This Andre Spectra guy?" Roisin asked, Syl nodded.

"He believes our bloodline either needs to be controlled or... eliminated" Syl explained.

"What's special about our bloodline?" Roisin shrugged.

"Something about the powers we have, that may be used for 'either great good or great evil', whatever that means" Syl explained.

"I haven't noticed any special powers though, apart from the one time I attacked Rory in... well, this place" Roisin motioned around her.

"I'm amazed you fought him, you've come so far... I'm proud of you" Syl smiled, putting his hand on Roisin's shoulder. "I guess there is more to our blood than we realize" He continued.

"He sent someone to get us, but Uncle Atlas held them back while we escaped, in Rosefall" Roisin explained. "We haven't heard back from him since."

"Hmm, I could try calling him into here" Syl smiled, as he focused, but it was to no avail.

Roisin frowned.

"He's probably just lying low, I wouldn't be surprised if he is following you" Syl smiled.

"I hope so" Roisin smiled back.

"I have to go now, but... I love you, sis" Syl said as he fought back his tears.

"I love you too" Roisin smiled gently. The surrounding void began disappearing, as Syl faded to dust, smiling as he did. Roisin was stood at the window of the tavern, it was still the dead of night. She wiped tears from her eyes, then laid down on the bed, and closed her eyes.

The doors to the Imperial Palace flung open, Abyssia was sat on her throne, in a relaxed position, she looked towards the doors to see Lumina storming toward her.

"That is my throne..." Lumina growled.

"I think you will find, it was mine first, though, I guess you could argue, it's OUR throne" Abyssia grinned, as she remained in her comfortable position.

Lumina shot a bolt of light at Abyssia but Abyssia effortlessly deflected it with a flick of her wrist. Lumina ascended the stairs to the throne and stood before Abyssia.

"I see you dropped your glamour at last, sister" Lumina said as she sat beside the throne.

"Yes, Andre served his purpose" Abyssia nodded, as she sat forward to see Lumina. "Why are you doing all of this, Lumina? You were always the better half of us." She sighed.

"They slaughtered my city, they razed my Academy, they murdered... and did worse things to my friends. All because they feared me. ME, who had never been anything but good to the peoples of this world" Lumina frowned, clenching her fists.

"Not all people of this world are like those few, sister" Abyssia said, placing her hand on Lumina's shoulder. "They don't all deserve to die" She added.

"I never said I wanted all life to end on this world" Lumina said, turning to look at Abyssia, who backed away in surprise.

"Then what are you doing?" Abyssia asked.

"In a manner of speaking... your job. The peoples of this world need something to unite for, they all say they want peace, but in times of peace they always focus on war..." Lumina explained.

Abyssia nodded. "I sowed the seeds of discord, it is because of me they turn to war" Abyssia said, looking down, "It is likely because of me, that they turned on you" She sighed.

"Not so, it is in their nature" Lumina said, placing her hand on Abyssia's hand. "Look at the Imperium, you never interfered with the Elvmen, but they took it upon themselves to turn on everybody else" She continued.

"My deeds lead to that stance though" Abyssia replied.

"No, they had a century of peace with their neighbours before they even began with the Imperium, they conquered because they felt might made them right" Lumina explained.

"Ironic isn't it, that the dark side of us holds more hope for man, than the light side of us?" Abyssia smiled.

"Yes" She nodded. "My plan is to wipe clean this continent, to force those on the Western Continent to unite, I suppose in a way, to half wipe the slate clean" Lumina shrugged.

"You know that I have to fight you... right? I cannot sit and let you kill half the world to unite the other" Abyssia sighed as she stood up.

Lumina nodded, sadly, and rose to her feet.

"I love you sister..." Lumina sighed deeply.

"I love you too..." Abyssia sighed as she embraced Lumina.

Lumina turned to dust, as she smiled. Abyssia grinned slightly.

"Of course you wouldn't have actually come here" She chuckled slightly as she back down on her throne. She drifted off to sleep as she relaxed.

When Abyssia awoke, she realized that Ember, Sebastien and Araneia were stood at the foot of the throne.

"My lord" Sebastien said as he knelt before Abyssia.

"It's lady now, and you don't have to address me as royalty, I am still the person you knew as Andre." Abyssia smiled slightly.

"Sorry... my lady, I mean... Andre" Sebastien fumbled.

"Abyssia" Ember whispered to Sebastien, who covered his face with his palm from embarrassment. Abyssia chuckled.

"Any news from Shien, Ember?" Abyssia asked.

"Scouts found him dead outside Rosefall yesterday" Ember replied "I believe it was the work of Atlas" She added.

Abyssia nodded. She sighed deeply, regretting the loss of Shien. Every loss mattered to Abyssia, it weighed heavily on her heart. Abyssia did not revel in war or battle, to her it was her task.

"Okay, dismissed" Abyssia motioned to the three of them to leave.

As they exited, Abyssia descended from the throne and headed out to the balcony.

Abyssia looked out over the booming city, to which she had restored life, and smiled gently.

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