The Luna Legacy

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The Tale of the Moon

Roisin and the others had left the tavern early in the morning, and made headed out into the wilderness. Dex was still having trouble hearing, but the pain had begun to subside. Roisin was walking alongside him, studying a map on her phone.

Ashe and Ariel followed behind, holding hands and looking up at the fading stars, as night began to give way to the morning. Roisin hadn't found the time to tell the others she had spoken with her brother yet. "Now seems like the best time" she thought to herself.

"So, last night" She began. The others looked at Roisin as she spoke up. "I was pulled into that void place by someone again" She continued.

"Was it that Andre guy again?!" Dex said, looking worried for her. Roisin shook her head.

"No, this time it was..." She paused and took a breath. "This time it was my brother."

"Syl? Didn't he die back at Terrana?!" Ashe asked.

"It seems not..." Roisin smiled, slightly, before looking down.

"What's up? This is great news!" Dex smiled.

"He had glowing veins, like those that Lumina possessed" Roisin sighed.

"So he's under her control?" Ariel frowned.

"No, that's the weird thing, he was very much still Syl" Roisin explained.

"Lumina's spell can be broken?!" Ariel gasped.

"Maybe, there's more too, he knows stuff about that Andre guy" Roisin began, "It seems he's after people from my bloodline for some reason" She continued.

"Your bloodline?" Dex asked, puzzled.

"Apparently we're destined to either do great good or evil, or some rubbish like that" Roisin shrugged.

"Hmm" Ariel rubbed her chin as she thought.

"What is it?" Ashe asked.

"There is an old legend that mentions something similar to that in the Empire, my brother was obsessed with it" Ariel explained. "It was called 'The Lunar Legacy'" She said, as she stopped walking. "Wanna hear it?" She asked.

"Sure" Roisin nodded, the party rested to hear Ariel tell the legend.

"So, basically this is what I recall of it; In the time of the ancients, there were two sisters, they were both fierce warriors. They travelled the world, helping out those in need, but the day came that they had to return home, they had discovered that the town they grew up in had become filled with thieves and bandits. One day, the Chieftain of the Village beckoned to the sisters for aid in dealing with the bandits."

"He asked the sisters to cleanse the town, not just the bandits and thieves, but everyone. The sisters were of course shocked, but they dared not disobey their Chieftain, and so they set out into the village. When they reached the village proper, they saw the abysmal conditions in which the villagers were forced to live, the Chieftain, it seems, only provided them with mere scraps upon which to live"

"Yet, they could not disobey their Chieftain's orders, and so they headed to the hut, in which the villagers kept their water and food supply, as they were about to destroy the water barrels, a young woman threw herself before them and pleaded for mercy, she told them that the Chieftain was cruel, and that he had cut their food supply and that the people of the village had to turn to banditry to survive."

"The sisters, being pure of heart took pity on the townsfolk, and so they set about righting the many wrongs of the Chieftain. When they had finally fixed up the village, the sisters returned to the Chieftain, to make him pay for his crimes, and to rule the village for themselves. The sisters kicked down the door of the hut and slaughtered those who had wronged the villagers."

"When the sisters reached the Chieftain, he didn't beg for mercy, or for forgiveness, he uttered the words, 'May the blood of the moon live on in those pure of heart, may it guide them not to great evil, but instead to great kindness instead' as he finished, a small wisp of energy left his heart and flew out of the open door of the hut."

"The sisters put the Chieftain to death, and ruled the village in his place, they both made a pact to keep the other in check, to ensure that they would never lose themselves in the power of ruling over others" Ariel explained. "There is more, I think, but I don't remember the rest too well" She added.

"Hmm, interesting" Dex pondered.

"Yeah, I can't help noticing a similarity with our tale of the 'History of the Elementals'" Ashe nodded.

"I didn't pick up on that" Roisin shrugged, smiling slightly.

"That's cause your a doofus, Ros" Ashe chuckled.

"Takes one to know one" Roisin grinned.

"It is similar, but if it follows the same general story; the sisters returning to the Chieftain and slaughtering him and his council..." Dex began.

"Yeah, if it is indeed the same story, then..." Ashe said, looking worried.

"Huh, what is it?" Roisin asked, with a confused look on her face.

"Then the Gods would be dead" Dex stated. Roisin gasped.

"One thing" Ariel interrupted.

"What is it?" Ashe asked.

"Your legend doesn't have sisters in it, only the 'Celestial Harbinger' if I recall correctly?" Ariel pondered.

"Yeah, that's right, maybe they're not connected after all" Roisin reasoned.

"No, maybe one of the versions is incorrect, maybe there were two Harbingers..." Ashe rubbed her forehead. "Then again, our version could be correct and there is just the one" She shrugged.

"Either way, it is quite enlightening, it seems we're finally starting to piece together this whole mess" Dex said, in a cheery tone.

"Yeah, team Raad!" Roisin cheered.

"Uh Rad?" Ariel asked, chuckling.

"Yeah! Roisin, Ariel, Ashe and Dex!" Roisin smiled. The others laughed. Dex smiled and walked over to Roisin.

"I'm glad you have been able to cheer up, Ros" Dex smiled, putting his arm around Roisin.

"It helps to know that I still have my brother alive out there" Roisin smiled, as she rested her head on Dex's arm.

The party soon resumed their path on the long road to Pyre, chatting away like they hadn't been able to do in so long.

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