The Luna Legacy

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Friends Like These

Atlas grunted in pain, as he got back to his feet, Abyssia had begun walking toward him once more.

"Keep back!" Atlas yelled, Abyssia sighed and charged at him, Atlas raised his sword and blocked Abyssia's attack, his eyes began to turn red. He dove between Abyssia's legs and slid across the white floor of the hangar.

"Not so fast!" Abyssia swung around, but was hit in the palm by a throwing knife.

"Very good, Luna" She remarked, before pulling the knife out and throwing it back at Atlas. He quickly rolled out of the way and dove behind some cargo boxes. Abyssia ran over to the boxes and cut them in half, blue liquid poured out of the cargo boxes, but Atlas was nowhere to be seen.

Abyssia scanned the surrounding room, and noticed someone fleeing out of the hangar doors.

"Get back here!" She shouted as she darted across the giant room toward the doors. She reached the doors and looked outside, there were several Imperial troops nearby but no sign of Atlas.

Several gunshots rang out across the huge room, Abyssia grabbed her stomach in pain and fell to the floor, Atlas stood behind her, with a revolver in his hand, the barrel still smoking.

"Let this be a warning to you" Atlas said as he approached Abyssia.

"No..." She grunted.

A gunshot echoed back, Atlas fell to the floor in pain.

"Let that be a warning to you" She said, dropping a small pistol, before passing out.

Atlas rolled on the floor in pain, holding his chest. Several Imperial Soldiers charged into the hangar and surrounded Atlas.

"Take him into custody!" The leader of the group shouted, the other soldiers grabbed Atlas and handcuffed him as he slowly passed out.

Roisin and the others had reached the marshes of Rynho, a miserable region of the Western Continent, they were all wearing raincoats and wellington boots, as this area endured constant rain.

"God I already hate this place, and we just arrived" Ashe rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, but in that get up, you look cute" Ariel giggled, Ashe smiled at her, modelling the yellow coat and boots sarcastically.

"Hmm, that Praetor guy, he mentioned there was a killer in these marshes, right?" Dex asked, as they made their way past a muddy swamp.

"I think so" Roisin shivered as she looked around. Dex did the same.

Ashe nearly slipped, but was grabbed in time by Roisin. "Ugh, I'm starting to wish we took the road" Ashe grumbled.

"If we did that, it'd add an extra week onto our journey, we don't have that time" Roisin sighed. Ashe reluctantly agreed and they continued on through the swamps.

Atlas awoke in darkness, he grunted as he felt his chest, his wound had been treated.

"Morning, sleepy" A familiar sounding female voice chuckled.

"Huh... who's there, where am I?" Atlas asked, looking around in the darkness.

"I'm hurt that you don't remember me..." The voice sarcastically sighed. Atlas focused, he'd heard that voice somewhere before. "I wonder whose voice you would recall better though, mine... or Ruby's?" The voice laughed.

"Amanda?!" Atlas snarled.

"So you do remember me!" Amanda giggled.

"Fuck you!" Atlas shouted, as he tried to get up, but he realized that his foot was buckled to the wall. "Let me out of here!" He yelled.

"I would, Atlas, honey, but I'm a prisoner here too" Amanda sighed.

"Huh...?" Atlas closed his eyes and tried to recall where he'd been before he woke up in this dark cell.

"Ah... Aranei" Atlas grumbled under his breath.

"How is it out there? How far has Lumina gone?" Amanda asked, earnestly.

"Lumina?" Atlas asked.

"Yeah, you know, the Empress" Amanda replied in an annoyed tone.

"Lumina's... elsewhere I think, new Empress now, Abyssia, she's called" Atlas rested his head on the cold stone floor.

"Never heard of her" Amanda shrugged.

"You won't have, until recently she was known as Andre Spectra" Atlas explained.

"I have so many questions" Amanda replied.

"And I am not giving you any more answers" Atlas grunted as he closed his eyes again.

Amanda sighed, remembering what she had done to Ruby. She felt slight pangs of regret every time she remembered what she did. Especially now her dream of ruling was over, now she had all the time in the world to think about her past crimes.

"Atlas" Amanda sighed, looking up at the ceiling.

"What?" Atlas grumbled.

"I do regret my actions... you know?" Amanda said, quietly.

"Don't care" Atlas grunted and turned to face the wall.

Amanda put her face in her hands and breathed.

Roisin and the group had made it to a drier part of the marsh, and set up camp for the night. Dex had lit a campfire and Ariel was no cooking dinner, Roisin was laid on the rug they had set up near the fire, she stared at the thousands of stars in the sky and smiled.

Ashe walked over and sat beside her.

"Hey Ros" She smiled.

"Hey Ashe, whats up?" Roisin asked, turning her gaze to Ashe.

"Nothing, just thought I'd come and see what you're looking at" Ashe smiled as she laid down and looked up at the stars.

"I was just looking at the constellation over there" Roisin said, pointing at a group of stars that formed a crude 'L'. "I was wondering if, on one of the stars out there, there are people out at us too" Roisin smiled.

"There could be, it's a big universe" Ashe smiled too. "I hope things are going better for them" She added. Roisin nodded and continued to look up at the stars.

"Things aren't going that bad for us all things considered" Roisin replied.

"How'd you figure that one?" Ashe said, chuckling slightly.

"We've got each other" Roisin replied, smiling at Ashe, Ashe smiled back and looked over at Dex and Ariel who were busy cooking.

"That's all we'll ever need" Ashe said as she returned to looking at the stars.

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