The Luna Legacy

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The Myre Murderer

Rory was sat on a high up lookout spot that he had made in the dense canopy of the swamp. He was watching an elderly man, who had come from a nearby small village, the man had come to collect some fruits from the swamp plants, that he could make into potions.

Rory slowly began to climb down the tree as the man set about picking the fruit. Just then, footsteps approached, and voices could be heard, Rory swiftly hid behind a tree before the man had a chance to turn around.

"All I'm saying is, airships are a much smoother ride, boats just make me seasick" Roisin explained, as the group neared a bend in the path between the trees, Roisin jumped back as she spotted the old man picking fruits. The man rose to his feet.

"Oh, sorry Missy, didn't think there'd be anyone else out here in the marsh" He chuckled.

"No, I'm sorry, this place just puts me on edge" Roisin smiled as she bowed in apology.

"Yeah, not the friendliest of places" The man smiled kindly. "Say, you four look like you could go for a proper nights sleep in a bed" He chuckled.

"Yeah, we've been sleeping in our tents for the past few days, I don't mind camping out, but nothing beats a bed" Dex agreed.

"Well, I come from a village over yonder" The man pointed down the path. "We have a small inn that should be able to accommodate you all" He smiled.

"Thank you so much, Sir" Ashe said, excitedly.

"It's no trouble, youngsters, now you get on down there" The man said as he went back to picking the fruit.

"Would you like some assistance?" Ariel asked the man.

"I'll be fine, been doing this since before you all were born" The man chuckled to himself.

"Thank you again!" Roisin waved as she and the others headed toward the village.

The man waved back and then went back to picking the fruit.

"What a friendly bunch of youngsters" The man said to himself, he finished picking the rest of the fruit, then stood up.

"Ah, that should be enough" He yawned. The man turned around to find himself face to face with Rory. "Um, can I help you?" The man asked, his voice shaking.

"No, I'm sorry" Rory said, with no expression on his face.

"What fo..." The man began, but was cut off by Rory driving a dagger through the man's heard, the aether from the man's body was drawn into the blade.

"For that" Rory said to the man, the man gasped his last breath and fell to the ground. Rory took one look down the path that the group had walked.

"I'll get you, soon" He growled, before climbing back into the canopy.

Meanwhile, in the village, the group had already got their rooms at the inn, and were now sat in the small lounge. Roisin was leant against Dex, with her eyes closed. Ashe and Ariel were sat close to the fireplace.

"When we get to Pyre, what do you think will be there?" Roisin asked Dex.

"Hmm, they must have something prepared, to send us all this way, I just hope Logan and the others arrived safely" Dex said, as he ran his fingers through Roisin's hair.

"I'm sure he and the others are living it up right now in Pyre Academy" Roisin chuckled "That being said, I think it's the summer holidays now, so maybe they're in the city?" She smiled.

"Probably waiting for us slowcoaches to catch them up" Dex chuckled, Roisin nodded and smiled.

Ariel put her hand on Ashe's and looked into the fire.

"What will you do first, when we reach Pyre?" Ashe asked.

"Take you to dinner, somewhere nice, somewhere expensive" Ariel dreamed.

"Do we have the money for that?" Ashe chuckled.

"No, but maybe we'll slay a dragon on the way, and earn millions!" Ariel laughed.

"Yeah, and maybe Roisin will manage to stop snoring too" Dex added.

"Hey!" Roisin laughed.

The four of them laughed with each other into the late hours of the night.

Amanda and Atlas were still sat in the dark cell, it had been four or five days since Atlas was captured, and they had only seen light when being fed by the prison keeper. Atlas had reluctantly begun to pass the time by talking with Amanda.

"Did you ever really think you had a chance at beating Lumina?" Atlas asked Amanda, smirking.

"Did you ever think you had a chance beating this so called 'Abyssia'?" Amanda retorted.

"No, not really, no, but I delayed her, so that a friend could catch up with my niece in Pyre" Atlas sighed, thinking of the danger that Roisin was now facing alone.

"Hmm, your niece, she's Roisin, right?" Amanda asked.

"That's the one, yeah" Atlas replied.

"Her and her friends did a real number on my son." Amanda said, as she adjusted her sitting position.

"Well, one of her friends is also your daughter, so..." Atlas shrugged.

"True, but that's the daughter who hates me" Amanda sighed.

"Your son, also killed mine, in cold blood" Atlas grunted.

"I had heard, I am sorry for that" Amanda apologized.

"You seem to be sorry for a lot of things, the murder of my sister and my son, to start with" Atlas' voice seethed with hatred.

"I... regret killing Ruby..." Amanda added.

"Don't even say her name" Atlas grunted as he turned away from Amanda, even though she couldn't see him in the pitch darkness.

Abyssia was sat on the throne, with Sebastien knelt at the bottom of the stairs.

"Ma'am, Scouts have made reports of the Luna girl being spotted on the Western Continent" Sebastien reported.

"I see..." Abyssia pondered for a second, before standing up and walking down to Sebastien.

"You were a student at Wynd, before I met you in Terrana, correct?" Abyssia asked, as she finished her descent from the throne.

"Yes" Sebastien nodded.

"I want you to make contact with the Luna girl, and if you can, infiltrate her circle of friends, try to steer her back to Avadey if you can" Abyssia commanded.

"Not here?" Sebastien asked.

"You may have been a final year student, but you're not bright are you?" Abyssia smirked. Sebastien looked at the ground. "She'd never come to the Imperial Capital, but I doubt she knows what Avadey is" Abyssia added.

"As you command" Sebastien bowed and exited the throne room, and Abyssia ascended the stairs back to her throne.
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