The Luna Legacy

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Stolen Identities

Lumina was walking through the remains of Mystallia, the element of light had almost wiped the city clean. Walking a few paces behind her Spymaster, an Elvman male, with short white hair.

"They've silenced many of our operatives in Aranei, your Radiance" The spymaster reported.

"It's fine, we learnt what we needed to anyway, let Abyssia have her little playground" Lumina shrugged.

"Of course, your Radiance!" The spymaster nodded in agreement. Lumina sighed.

"Are you afraid, Arteas?" She said, turning to face the spymaster.

"I... uh, I am just in awe of your blinding... light, your Radiance" Arteas said, shuffling his feet. Lumina shook her head.

"Being a yes-man won't get you anywhere" Lumina said, in a calm, but threatening tone. Arteas gulped. Lumina turned back and continued walking. "Onto the next part of our plan" Lumina smirked.

"Of course" Arteas nodded.

"Did you intercept the transport without a hitch?" Lumina asked.

"Indeed, the prisoner is secure, we placed the cell in the Mystic Temple, he won't escape, those things down there make staying locked up a more enticing prospect" Arteas explained, Lumina nodded, with a slight smile.

"Well, I guess it's time to take a leaf out of my sister's book" Lumina chuckled, she clicked her fingers and was covered by a blinding light, Arteas shielded his eyes.

When the light faded, he looked back.

"How do I look?" Lumina asked.

"You look just like the prisoner, your Radiance" Arteas nodded. Lumina looked at a nearby piece of broken glass, in her reflection, a male face stared back, it was Sebastien. She smirked and turned to Arteas.

"Ready the airship, we will leave for the Western Continent immediately, we must intercept those students before they reach Raryst and make contact with Pyre" Lumina commanded, Arteas nodded and headed off to see to the preparations.

Victoria had fled out of Aranei, without much trouble, as the city guard had been distracted by the explosion, when she reached a safe distance, she headed to a refuelling station, and hijacked a car.

As she set out on the road, she took deep breaths, she was finally going home. She wondered if anyone back in Raryst would remember her, if they thought she had died? It had been around a year by now, since she was taken prisoner by Amanda.

Around a year ago, the outskirts of Raryst, near Pyre Academy.

Victoria was in her fathers car, the family driver was taking her to the Iryn Mining Concern head office, today was the day that she would be leaving to Wynd Academy as a transfer student. She had waited so long for a chance to study at the prestigious Academy in Ishtall. Before she left, she wanted to bid farewell to her father.

"I will miss you, Miss Iryn" The driver smiled.

"Thank you Eydward" Victoria smiled softly, before looking out of the passenger window.

"When you reach the Academy, be sure to send us all a postcard or two, with some pictures of you and the friends you are sure to make. It would help settle your fathers fears" Eydward said, as he focused on the road.

"Of course I will, he has nothing to worry about, I'll be fine" Victoria laughed.

"I'm sure you will, Miss" Eydward smiled back. In a split second, the car swerved off the road as the sound of the tyres bursting echoed through the small rocky valley road.

"Hmm?" Victoria looked toward Eydward, who looked worried.

"This isn't good" Eydward took a deep breath, grabbing a pistol from the glove compartment. "Wait here" He said, Eydward stepped out of the car, Victoria watched him anxiously as he scanned the surrounding roads.

A shot echoed throughout the valley, as Eydward fell lifelessly onto the road, Victoria screamed, but the road was far too isolated for anyone to hear. Three people slid down the nearby rocks in front of the car, a white haired woman, and a man and woman with jet black hair. Lumina, Rory and Ariel, all of them in Imperial garb.

Rory was carrying the rifle that had shot Eydward, with smoke still pouring from the barrel. Ariel looked despondent, walking quietly behind the other two. Lumina however had a grin plastered across her face.

"Victoria Iryn, please exit your vehicle, you will not be harmed" Rory shouted. Victoria shook with fear, Rory fired a warning shot, which missed her by centimetres. Victoria panicked and exited the car.

"Good, now come here" Rory commanded, Victoria slowly walked over to the three. When she reached them, Rory placed cuffs on her hands, and turned to Lumina. "She's all yours" Rory smiled.

Lumina motioned for Ariel to approach. Ariel reluctantly walked over to Lumina, who grabbed her hand, she did the same to Victoria and closed her eyes, Rory watched as his sister transformed into Victoria.

"Amazing!" Rory cheered.

"It is but a glamour, beneath it, your sister remains, unchanged." Lumina explained, Rory nodded and looked at Ariel.

"Do not let the family down, Ariel" Rory warned, Ariel nodded and sighed. Rory looked at the driver.

"Do not worry about him" Lumina walked over to the dead body of Eydward, and placed her hand on him. Eydward became dust in seconds, and Lumina changed her form into his.

Victoria watched in horror as Ariel and Lumina took hers and Eydward's places, and drove on ahead to the head office. Leaving her with Rory.

"Come, my mother is most excited to have a guest" Rory smiled.

"Who are you people?" Victoria asked, terrified.

"We are your new family, and you are so very lucky to be part of the new Imperial family!" Rory smiled sarcastically, he grabbed her by the arm and marched her into the rocky hills to an airship.

Current day

Victoria took deep breaths as she recalled that day, for so many months, she felt as if she was in an unending nightmare, now it finally felt as if she had awoken at last.

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