The Luna Legacy

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The Underworld

Roisin and the others were still making their way through the marshlands, they felt relieved that they had passed the halfway mark two days ago.

"I can't wait to wear my normal shoes again" Roisin sighed as she looked down at her pair of red wellington boots.

"I can't wait to have a proper shower" Dex laughed.

"I'm with you on that one" Ashe added. She looked over at Ariel who had stopped in her tracks and was staring into the distance.

"What is it?" Ashe asked, Roisin and Dex looked into the distance to try to see what she was looking at.

"Over there" Ariel pointed, Ashe looked at where Ariel was pointing, she saw a stone structure in the distance, covered in vines.

"Wanna investigate?" Roisin asked, "We can have a quick look around before leaving."

Ariel nodded, and the group headed over to the structure. Following closely behind them was Rory, he had a dagger in his hands. He still hadn't been able to muster the hatred he had felt before his death, all he felt now was a deep emptiness in his soul.

Roisin and the others entered the structure, it was dark inside, so Dex pulled out a flash light from Roisin's bag, and shone it ahead. The structure appeared to be an ancient temple, though who it belonged to was outside any of the student's area of expertise.

"I hope there are no spiders in here" Ashe shivered. Ariel quietly ran her fingers along the back of Ashe's neck, Ashe screamed and jumped and Ariel burst out into laughter.

"Not funny!" Ashe shouted as she slapped the back of her neck, just in case. Dex and Roisin joined in with the laughter, Ashe looked at the three of them and smirked slightly. She put her arms around Ariel and hugged her.

"I hate you" She joked.

"Hate you too" Ariel laughed.

Roisin looked back toward the archway that stood over the entrance, she saw the silhouette of a man with a dagger in his hands, she jumped back and gasped, the other three looked around and did the same.

"H... hello?" Ariel shouted.

"Hello sister" Rory replied.

"What?!" Roisin gasped in shock.

"Rory?!" Dex growled, "We killed you!"

"Yes, you did, you sent me to that... cold, dark, empty place" Rory said, running his finger down the blade of his knife. "You didn't just kill me, you damned me" He turned his gaze toward Roisin. "Yet, I can't find it within myself to hate you now, funny, isn't it?"

"Nothing about this is funny" Roisin replied.

"I quite agree. I was brought back for one reason" Rory raised his knife and pointed it toward Roisin. "To kill you" He laughed. Roisin quickly ran off into the pitch blackness of the Temple.

"Roisin!" Dex shouted, running after her, Ashe and Ariel followed.

"Let the hunt begin!" Rory roared in laughter.

Roisin ran deeper and deeper into the Temple, unable to see ahead of herself. She could hear footsteps following her but had no idea if they belonged to her friends, or to Rory.

"Roisin!" Ariel yelled ahead, her voice didn't reach Roisin, the three of them came to a halt, they couldn't hear Roisin's footsteps ahead of them, or Rory's behind them.

"Where'd they go?" Ashe asked, Dex shone the torch up and down the corridor on full beam, neither Rory nor Roisin were to be seen. Dex and the others ran ahead to see where the tunnel lead but it eventually it just led to an exit on the other side.

Roisin and Rory woke up in a misty forest, they were bathed in a deep blue glow, and the smell of something rotting, Rory's dagger was sat between then, both Rory and Roisin lunged for it, but a huge tree branch burst up from the forest floor between them, and the blade was swallowed up into the ground.

"Let me out of here!" Roisin shouted at Rory, as she stood up.

"You think this is my doing?" Rory shrugged as he too stood up, they both looked around. The surrounding forest looked similar to the marshlands, but devoid of any water.

"Where exactly are we?" Roisin asked.

"If I had to guess, based on my experience, this is part of The Underworld" Rory replied. "The air... it smells like it did back there"

"Is that what you meant back there, the 'cold, dark, empty place'?" Roisin asked looking over at Rory. Rory nodded and sighed.

"We need to find the exit, you don't want to stay here too long..." Rory said as he climbed a nearby tree.

"Well, obviously" Roisin sighed.

"No, I mean it, if we're found down there... the Judges will..." Rory stopped, he had a look of pure dread on his face, he ran down and grabbed Roisin's hand. "We need to leave" He said, shaking. Roisin pulled her hand back.

"Yeah, but how? I don't see an exit" Roisin replied.

"The Temple, it should have some kind of mirrored version here, if we can find something like that, we should be able to get out of here." Rory explained. He sighed and looked away.

"I know you hate me, and I am not too keen on you either, but I don't wish this fate on myself or you." Roisin nodded, and both of them began walking deeper into the forests.

Ashe, Dex and Ariel had scoured every inch of The Temple, it had been hours since Rory and Roisin had last been seen. Dex was sat by the archway, waiting for Roisin to return, Ashe and Ariel had set up a small camp nearby.

"What do we do now?" Ashe asked Ariel quietly.

"We wait... I guess, Roisin is part of the reason we're headed to Pyre, we can't go without her" Ariel replied, and looked over at Dex. "I don't think we could convince him to carry on anyway" She sighed.

A tear dripped from Dex's eye, he feared he'd lost Roisin for good.

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