The Luna Legacy

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Kindled Flames

Roisin and Rory had been walking for what felt like days, the misty forest seemed to go on for eternity, luckily it seemed the need for sleep and food didn't exist here. Roisin looked over at Rory and sighed.

"Why are you like you are?" She asked. Rory looked over and looked down at the ground.

"It's how I was raised, having a high ranking military Legate as a mother isn't fun" Rory began.

"Ariel is nothing like you though. She's kind and friendly" Roisin said.

"She is, yeah, always was too soft for the Empire really. She did try to put up a front around me and mother, but I always saw through it." Rory smiled at the ground. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry about getting you into this mess" He admitted.

"You say you have barely any hatred for me left, but back when you cornered us in The Temple, I saw that look in your eye. You wanted to kill me" Roisin said as she kicked a small stone ahead.

"I did, I wanted to feel something, I wanted to feel that intense hatred I once felt, any emotion. I thought by killing you, that I would finally be free of this empty feeling." Rory explained.

"How do you feel now?" Roisin asked.

"Strangely calm..." Rory sighed. "Though that could be this place, it felt like I existed in this realm for decades."

"This place, what is it? Did the Gods once live here?" Roisin asked as she looked into the sky.

"Not all of them, this realm belonged to a singular god, from what I gathered during my time here." Rory began. "That Temple back in the forest must have been constructed by his followers."

"Hmm, but the Temple didn't look that old, in relation to the Celestial Harbinger stuff, I mean" Roisin said, thinking back to the story that Ariel had told her. "Araneian's believe that the Gods were slaughtered, no?" She asked. Rory nodded.

"Yeah, nearly all the Gods were slaughtered at the hands of the Celestial Harbinger, it seems." Rory explained.

"Nearly all?" Roisin asked.

"Yeah, one or two are believed to have slipped through the cracks, into realms beyond, like this one" Rory motioned around them.

"So there might be a living god here?" Roisin asked.

"Possibly, but not likely. It's more likely the Harbinger tracked them down and finished the job." Rory replied.

"You seem sure that this is the doing of the Harbinger" Roisin wondered.

"I believe it was, I think she wants to rule our world without the interference of the gods. The Celestial Harbinger is most likely Lumina" Rory theorized.

"I guess that would make a lot of sense." Roisin nodded.

A cool gust of wind approached the two from behind.

"Watch out!" Rory shouted, he pushed Roisin out of the way and drew his sword. Approaching him was a hooded spectre, with skeletal hands coming from its sleeves. Roisin stood up and called upon her Celestial Crossbows, but they didn't appear.

Rory charged at the spectre and swifty put it down, by driving his sword through its hood. He caught his breath and turned to Roisin.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Uh... I think so, what was that?" Roisin asked.

"No time to explain, if there is a Reaper here, it means there is also likely to be a Judge nearby, we gotta move, and fast" Rory said, grabbing Roisin's hand and running off in a random direction.

The two ran for what felt like an hour, they finally stopped in a clearing, in the middle of the clearing was a run-down village. Roisin recalled a seeing similar looking village before.

"This place..." She began.

"Yeah, stuff from our reality gets mirrored here for some reason." Rory explained. He realized he still had hold of Roisin's hand and let go. "This is the village you were at recently, and it's where I caught up with you" Rory sighed. "I think we're getting closer."

"You caught up with us here?" Rosin frowned.

"Yes, I killed the old man you met when approaching the town too" Rory said, looking in the direction in which the murder took place.

"Why?" Roisin growled.

"Again, so I could feel something... anything" Rory walked on toward the village. "I'll climb the watchtower, see if I can find this temple we're searching for" He said.

"Fine" Roisin shrugged.

Rory walked alone towards the tower, he glanced back to see Roisin sat outside the ghostly looking tavern, then looked ahead. Why had he begun to feel like this. He asked himself, he at last had begun to feel again, but this time it wasn't hatred.

"Dammit" Rory muttered to himself, angry with what he felt in his heart. He climbed the stairs of the watchtower, and looked off into the distance. Far, far away, he saw a larger version of the temple that had brought the pair to this realm. He looked down at Roisin who had a small twig in her hand and was drawing in the mud. He sighed and began to walk back down the stairs of the watchtower.

"Roisin" He shouted over.

"Hmm?" She asked looking up.

"It's far to the North" He smiled slightly.

"Good, let's get out of here" Roisin smiled back, Rory nodded and the two set off walking at pace.

Roisin looked over at Rory.

"Rory, look, we had our reasons for killing you, I can never forgive you for what you did. But, thank you, for helping me out here" Roisin smiled slightly. Rory smiled back and looked ahead.

"We'll get out of here, don't worry" Rory said.

"When we do, promise you won't kill me" Roisin joked. Rory smirked slightly and nodded.

The two continued walking in the dark misty woods. In the far distance, a skeletal dragon landed on the roof of the temple, and awaited its prey.

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