The Luna Legacy

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A Good Defence

Roisin, Ashe and Dex were in Professor Arke’s class, he was explaining more of Crystalla’s history to the students, Roisin was secretly eating a chocolate bar when he wasn’t looking.

“You all know the tale of the Gods and the Celestial Harbinger, but what is lesser known is that each Crystal has a Celestial Protector, a beast like defender of the crystal. Of course, this is not true of all the crystals now, as the Terrana Crystal is man made. However, these beasts can be summoned by the entrusted Guardian of the Crystal... or ‘Headmaster’ as they are more commonly known.” Arke began explaining, while drawing a large wing on the chalk board.

“These beasts will be fully aspected to each element, and are devastatingly powerful, they are only to be called upon in times of dire need. Our city, Ishtall, has a Celestial Protector too, it has been a great many centuries since she was summoned, but Aeolus is her name. She takes the form of a human like beast, with huge wings, so the records say. She was last called upon when Ishtall, was threatened by an invasion force from Pyre.” He continued.

“Aren’t Pyre our strongest allies?” Ferick Ewen asked, since earlier in the school year, Ferick had grown out of his class clown phase and had begun studying hard. He had been defending the school when the Empire staged their attempted coup.

“Indeed, Master Ewen, but that was not always so, in centuries long past, we were at war with Pyre, who were making an attempt at controlling the elemental crystals across Crystalla. In the attack on Ishtall, they had brought their Celestial Protector, Hephaestus, a huge male like beast with two curved blades of pure fire, it is said, in legend that the two battled it out over the ocean, with Aeolus being victorious." Arke finished, Roisin raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Luna" Arke smiled.

"That kinda seems unfair, a fire god fighting in the water" Roisin pointed out, Arke smiled.

"Remember Ms. Luna, they are not gods, and these are only legends of times long gone." Arke replied. Roisin nodded and took down notes.

"So, do we know if Terrana had time to summon their beast?" Ashe asked, tapping her pencil against her notebook.

"Hmm, as you all know, the city fell in a very short amount of time, so we have no real idea about what took place there in those few minutes, it is possible she was summoned" Arke replied.

"Who was Terrana's Celestial Protector?" Dex asked, he had drawn a sketch of both Aeolus and Hephaestus as he imagined them.

"Ah, very good question, Master Inatalla, Ceres was the Celestial Protector of Terrana. Though we have no record of her ever being summoned, it is thought she is a female like beast, covered in different types of flora, and could attack with poisons and pollen. While that doesn't sound as 'exciting' as flaming swords, her attacks would likely be devastating to her enemies, she could kill them while they were dazed from the pollens." Arke smiled as the bell rang. Arke dismissed the class and Roisin, Ashe and Dex walked out into the hallway.

"What's up next?" Roisin asked Dex, who had memorized the lesson plans.

"Hmm, I believe it is Crysto-physics" Dex laughed, Roisin sighed, she hated Crysto-physics.

The ruins of Terrana had been fully demolished and in their place stood a huge coalition compound, manned by Wynd, Pyre and Crystech soldiers, in the main tower of the base, Skylar Pyre was drawing up plans for new defences for the ruins of Una Academy and the Temple of Earth.

Rychard Pyre walked into the room, it had been many years since he had last seen his mother, to his surprise she didn't look a single year older either, still retaining her youthful looks into her 60s.

"Hi... mum" Rychard smiled.

Skylar walked over to Rychard with a stern look on her face, Rychard sighed, he was about to speak when she suddenly smiled and hugged him.

"I'm so proud of you, Rychie" She grinned, she let go and smiled at Rychard.

"I thought you were still angry with me..." Rychard sighed with relief.

"At first, yes, I was, but then I saw what your company was achieving, you went beyond national borders and managed to unite almost every nation under your banner. You even managed it with the Empire, for a while!" Skylar said proudly.

"Yeah, working with them was a misjudgment on my part" Rychard admitted.

"Not at all! Thanks to their co-operation we stand here today in the ruins of Terrana, without Crystech and the Empire, this would still be a great sea of light." Skylar patted her son on the arm and walked back over to the table, Rychard followed.

"So, we now need to ensure it never falls again" Skylar said looking down at the plans, Rychard nodded.

In Ishtall, in a cheap diner, on the rougher side of town, a hooded figure was sat in the corner by a window. They were wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of jeans. The waitress came over to the table the figure was sat at.

"More coffee, Sir?" She asked, the man motioned no. The waitress nodded and walked away, the man took his hoodie down. He had white eyes, and his veins were bright white, it was Syl Luna, Roisin's brother.

He clenched his hands in pain, somehow, he had been able to resist Lumina's enforced will, well, most of the time. There were times when Syl wasn't in control, like when he watched Roisin and her friends at the fairground. A tear dropped from Syl's eye, he missed his sister, but he knew he had to stay away from her. He couldn't risk the other side of him taking over near her.

Syl put his head in his hands, taking deep breaths, the light faded slightly. Syl knew that if he changed near Roisin, Lumina would kill her, he could feel Lumina's hatred for her, and for her friends. Syl sat back, and closed his eyes. He heard the bell over the diner door ring, someone walked into the diner, someone who was dressed just as suspiciously as he was. Syl quickly pulled his hood up as he was them approach.

The stranger walked over to Syl's booth and sat across from him.
"Can I help you?" Syl groaned weakly.
The stranger lowered his own hood, he had a scar across his face, and his long hair was greying, he smirked.
"I have been looking for you for a long time, Syl Luna" He smiled.
"Uh... how do yo-" Syl began.
"My name is Andre Spectra, and I can reverse what she did to you" Andre cut Syl off. Syl gasped, if this man spoke the truth, maybe he could see Roisin again, and if he didn't speak the truth, what is the worst that could happen?
"Please... help me" Syl lowered his hood and smiled slightly, Andre nodded understandingly.
"Come with me, we have much work to do" Andre said, Syl put his hood back up as the two left the diner, Andre left some money on the counter as they both walked outside.

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