The Luna Legacy

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Road to Pyre

Roisin and the others had left the marshlands a few days back and were now making their way across the Tycairn Steppe, in the distance, on a platform above a huge volcano stood Pyre Academy, with the city of Raryst built at the base of the great volcano.

Sebastien was following the group, with his hands still bound. Dex walked close by him to make sure he didn't try anything. Roisin lead the way across the great Steppe. No villages or towns lay ahead on the huge plains. Small islands floated above the Steppe, some of them had waterfalls draining down into rivers that ran across the Steppe, there was a motorway on the far eastern edge of the Steppe, leading to the city.

"What do you think will happen when we get there?" Ashe asked.

"Hmm, no doubt Pyre has a plan for us. Wynd wouldn't have sent us here without a reason" Dex said, keeping a hand on a small blade he had attached to his belt.

"I wouldn't trust Pyre if I was you, the man is power mad. Likely wants to use Roisin" Sebastien replied.

"Quiet" Dex snarled.

"Why specifically me, huh?" Roisin said, turning to face Sebastien.

"I... uh" Sebastien fumbled.

Roisin marched up to Sebastien and grabbed his face.

"What do you know about me?" Roisin growled, her eyes turning red.

"Nothing... I, uh" Sebastien looked into Roisin's eyes. "Okay, I'd heard rumours about, your power, something that happened in a store in Ishtall?" Sebastien sighed. Roisin let go and grunted.

"You best not be lying" She said as her eyes returned to their natural colour. Roisin turned back around and continued walking ahead.

A rumbling echoed overhead, as a single Araneian Airship flew overhead. Aboard sat Lotte, she went to land the airship nearby.

"Be ready" Roisin said, as she drew her Celestial Crossbows, the airship settled down just ahead of them. The team readied their weapons. The airship door slowly opened and Lotte exited with her hands up.

"I come in peace" She chuckled.

"Huh, a Hubun?" Dex smiled.

"Ah, you must be Dex" Lotte grinned. "Atlas told me all about you..." She smiled.

"Uncle Atlas?! He's alive?" Roisin asked, excitedly.

"Indeed he is, I think..." Lotte nodded.

"You think?" Roisin asked.

"Well, I had to leave him in a tight spot, fighting the new Empress..." Lotte admitted, scratching her head. "I'm sure he survived though, you know what Atlas is like" She assured Roisin.

"I hope so..." Roisin sighed.

Lotte scanned the party and noticed Sebastien.

"Hmm, Atlas never mentioned him..." Lotte said, approaching Sebastien.

"He's apparently from Wynd Academy, a final year, who survived the fall of Terrana" Dex said.

"I see... interesting" Lotte nodded.

"I came to assist, but they don't trust me" Sebastien replied. Lotte span back around and headed to the airship.

"Come on, I'll give you all a lift." Lotte smiled.

Abyssia dragged Atlas and Amanda to the Throne Room of Aranei, dozens of guards lined the room. Araneia and Ember stood at the foot of the throne, while Abyssia sat looking down.

"I hereby sentence you both to life imprisonment, for crimes against the Great Empire of Aranei, you shall both be imprisoned in the pits of Abysial, where you shall never see the light of day again." Abyssia commanded.

"Abysial? That is Empire Territory now?" Atlas asked.

"Yes, and Headmistress Ember Flayme shall see to it that you are kept under tight lock and key." Abyssia replied.

"Huh?" Ember gasped. "Thank you, my Empress" Ember knelt before Abyssia.

"Your service has been exemplary, and Abysial needs good guidance I am to remain her" Abyssia nodded.

"Araneia, escort these two to the landing pad and see them safely to Abysial" Abyssia commanded. Araneia nodded and took Amanda and Atlas out of the room. Abyssia relaxed back in her chair. Now she was free to focus on the remaining Luna.

Rychard and Skylar Pyre were stood in the Skyward Hall, the place in Pyre Academy where the school would assemble. A great window sat at the focal point of the room, which looked down into the active volcano below, red banners adorned each side of the room, bearing the symbol of Pyre, a flaming sword.

"Is the project proceeding as planned?" Skylar asked.

"Yes, the project should be ready within a few months." Rychard replied.

"Hmm, scouts have said that she is to arrive at the school today, an Araneian Airship was spotted picking her up, piloted by Wynd's child." Skylar explained.

"Hmm, good, though the project will not be ready when she arrives, we will need a way to keep her here" Rychard nodded.

"Then she and her friends will be accommodated and educated until the project is complete." Skylar smiled.

"Good, I am sure they will appreciate a bit of normality after their journey." Rychard agreed.

"What of the Imperium?" Skylar asked.

"They are still readying for war, our negotiators are trying to explain our situation, but the enemy is having none of it" Rychard sighed.

"I see, I fear war will be unavoidable" Skylar frowned.

"It seems that way, yes" Rychard said, taking a seat.

The Airship landed outside Pyre Academy, the school was currently closed for holidays, so the grounds were silent, a fountain sat in the centre of the courtyard, a mix of magma and water flowed through it. Roisin exited the airship and stretched.

"Finally we're here!" She smiled.

"Journey's end" Dex nodded, smiling too.

"We best not keep Rychard waiting" Ashe said, walking ahead.

"Hopefully this is where the tide will turn in the war against Lumina" Ariel smiled, following Ashe and grabbing her hand.

Roisin kissed Dex on the cheek and giggle, she ran ahead towards the school. Dex smiled, then looked at Sebastien, who looked at him and shrugged.

"Hmm" Dex sighed, he walked alongside Sebastien, keeping an eye on him, as the airship took off and went to dock at the nearby docking facility.

The students had reached Pyre at last, but what was in store for them next?
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