The Luna Legacy

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The Vision

In the desert of light, the area once known as Terrana, a Wynd Airship flew over the many dunes, dunes that used to be a city. The Airship neared the Alliance Base. Atlas was piloting the airship, Logan, Hannah and Yana were sat in hold, Hannah was playing a game on her phone.

"I hope they have something for us to do off duty, since we're gonna be here a while" Logan muttered, before yawning.

"I'm sure they will have something, it's not just us they have on the base" Hannah shrugged.

Yana stood up and looked out of the window, she spotted the walls of the Alliance base nearby.

"We're nearly there now" Yana smiled, she grabbed her case and put on a pair of sunglasses. The Airship touched down in the compound, Pyre was there to greet the team as they left the airship.

"Good to see you up and around again, Atlas" Pyre smiled as he shook Atlas' hand. "It is also good to see some of Wynd's finest students here too! I trust the journey went okay?"

"Yeah, was pretty boring actually, was tempted to drift off" Atlas grinned.

"Good to hear, my assistant here, Amber will show you all to your lodgings, and again, it is good to see you all" Pyre bowed as he headed back to the main office. Atlas looked at Amber.

"You... I've seen you" Atlas studied Amber carefully. Amber nodded.

"Yes, I served as the Envoy of Aranei back in Ishtall, I was recruited after everything went down... I had no idea what the Empire was planning. I'm sorry." Amber apologized.

"It's fine, as long as you don't put a knife in our backs" Atlas smirked "Now, can we see where we will be staying?"

Amber nodded and guided the group away to the lodgings.

Ashe and Ariel were out in the city of Ishtall, shopping. Roisin and Dex were also with them, but had gone to a local coffee shop. Ashe was trying on some new clothes.

"You look great Ashe, don't put yourself down!" Ariel smiled

"If you say so..." Ashe shrugged, Ariel laughed and hugged Ashe.

Ariel suddenly got a splitting headache, she held her head in pain.



"YOU" a voice inside her head spoke, her nose had begun to bleed, Ashe was trying to help her, but she couldn't hear over the voice.

"Get outta my head!" Ariel yelled, a crowd had gathered, one of the crowd said they were a doctor and ran over, they laid Ariel on her back.

Ariel's vision began to go dark, she could make out a face... it was... "Rory?" She gasped, Ashe fell back in shock.

The vision of Rory grinned.

"I am coming for you all, I am unstoppable, I drank of the altar of Light, and I am powerful beyond mortal limits, dear sister" Rory cackled.

Roisin and Dex ran over to Ashe.

"Ashe! What happened?" Roisin asked, panicked.

"S... she said R.r..rory... I think it's Rory" Ashe tried to explain, stumbling on her words.

Roisin recoiled in shocked, she placed her hand on the side of Ariel's face, to try to comfort her. Roisin's vision went black.

Ashe shook Roisin but she wouldn't move.

Roisin looked around in the dark, she spotted Rory taunting Ariel.

"Get away from her!" Roisin shouted, she pulled out a sword of... an unknown element and charged at Rory, Rory fell backwards in shock.

" are you here? The Shaman said..." Rory yelled, he backed away, and summoned his sword of light.

Roisin swung the blade at the sword of light and it disappeared back into Rory's hand. Roisin kicked Rory over and placed her hand on his face, the vision ended for all three of them at once. Roisin fell backward but Dex caught her.

Ariel sat up, she looked at Roisin, confused, almost frightened.

"Roisin... what was that?" She asked, her voice shaking.

Roisin looked at the hand in which she had held the sword, and shook her head.

"I... I'm not sure..." Roisin said, with tears welling up in her eyes, she fainted seconds later.

"Arrrrrgh! It burns!" Rory shouted, holding onto his face where Roisin had placed her hand, the Shaman who was with him poured a liquid on to his face, the pain subsided slowly.

"You lied!" Rory shouted at the Shaman, who had a deep well of fear behind his eyes.

"Please! I did what you asked... please leave the village alone... PLEASE!" The Shaman begged, he got onto his knees.

Rory felt where Roisin had touched his skin, it was severely burnt.

"You told me I could not harm anyone in a vision!" Rory yelled, smashing apart a potion counter. "But that damn bitch burnt me!"

"That is not possible! A vision is a one way form of communication! You shouldn't have been able to be harmed from these magicks!" The Shaman cried.

Rory relented, killing these people would just draw the ire of the Mystic Academy, and he could not suffer any distractions.

"Fine, you live, this time... if we cross paths again, I will burn village to the ground" Rory grunted, he walked outside the town hall he had been in, and went to leave the village.

"Interesting" Lumina grinned.

Lumina walked out of the shadow of a nearby tree.

"Go away" Rory growled.

"Even I never forsaw this" Lumina frowned.

"Foresaw what?" Rory said, he stopped and turned to Lumina.

"The girl... she has a fifteenth element coursing through her veins..." Lumina looked at Rory "If her family shares this trait, my plan is in grave danger."

"I don't care about your plan" Rory grunted as he turned away and carried on walking.

"I can no longer promise you will be a match for her in combat, Prince" Lumina sighed.

"Good, it shall make for a more exciting fight" Rory grinned as he walked off into the woods.

Roisin awoke in her dorm room. Ariel, Ashe and Dex were all sat by her bed.

"Wh...what happened?" Roisin yawned.

"To be honest, we have no idea, we explained everything to Wynd" Dex shrugged.

"He knew how Rory had appeared to Ariel, that part he could clear up... but you interrupting and actually hurting my brother? He has no idea" Ariel explained.

Roisin thought back, she began to remember how she ended up back in her dorm.

"I.. I just touched Ariel's face and the next thing I knew I was there" Roisin explained, she smiled slightly. "I'm glad I was though" she turned to Ariel, Ariel nodded and hugged Roisin.

"Whatever this is... us three will be here for you, we're a team!" Ariel smiled. Roisin nodded, she sat up from her bed, and looked out the window at the full moon.

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