The Luna Legacy

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Long Live The Empress

Roisin was in the airship landing bay, she was staring out over Ishtall, she looked at her hands and sighed.

"What am I?" She thought to herself. What did her Uncle Atlas know? She had to find out. Roisin headed over to an unused airship and hopped aboard. She was going to find out for herself who she really was.

Footsteps echoed from the hold, then on the ladder leading to the pilots cabin, Roisin turned to see who had boarded, expecting it to be a mechanic.

"I know where you're headed and I'm coming with you" Ariel smiled. Roisin sighed and nodded.

"What about Ashe?" Roisin asked.

"Her and Dex have made themselves comfortable in the hold" Ariel giggled.

"I can't endanger you guys like this" Roisin looked down at the control panel, Ariel put her hand on Roisin's shoulder.

"We've chosen to come along, you aren't endangering us" Ariel smiled.

Roisin nodded in acceptance and fired up the engines.

"Um, you do know how to fly one of these, right?" Ariel said, looking worried.

"My Uncle is Atlas Luna... what do you think?" Roisin chuckled.

The airship flew gently out of the landing bay, then roared off over the city. Headmaster Wynd stood watching the airship leaving, and grinned slightly.

"Kids" He chuckled to himself.

On the streets of Aranei, riots had broken out after a hooded figure had taken out most of the city guard. Amanda stared down at the city below.

"Lumina..." She growled.

"Not me" Lumina smiled as she stepped out of the shadows. "No, this one is a monster of your own making, one of your own sins. That won't will help, I imagine, you have so, so many sins" Lumina smirked.

"I'm getting real tired of you, Lumina, thinking you can come and go, taunt us and nothing will happen..." Amanda shouted, turning to face Lumina.

"Go on then, Empress, take your best shot, I won't move, I promise" Lumina laughed as she held her arms in the air.

Amanda relented, instead she swung her sword at a nearby statue, slicing it in half.

"Coward" Lumina teased, before walking back into the shadows.

Amanda turned her gaze back down to the city below, but was thrown to the edge of the balcony as the Throne Room went up in flames. Amanda struggled back to her feet and headed back inside, flames roared all around the throne room, burning the flags of the Empire.

A figure stood by the door, it was Victoria, wearing the glamour of Ariel.

"Ariel... You did this?" Amanda gasped, before coughing from the smoke.

"I'm sorry Mother" Victoria smirked.

"You will be!" Amanda shouted, drawing her blade, but before it fully left the sheath, several Imperial Guards ran in and surrounded her. "What is the meaning of this?" She shouted, coughing from the smoke inhalation.

"Guards, escort the prisoner to the dungeons, and throw away the key... literally" Victoria smirked, giving Amanda a knowing look.

Amanda's eyes widened as she came to the realization of who was stood before her. Seconds later, the flames suddenly blew out.

"Long Live the Empress" The Guards and Victoria shouted, saluting in the Imperial manner.

Lumina walked into the room, dressed in the Emperor's royal garb.

"Long Live Empress Lightheart!" Victoria cheered, the Guards followed suit, Lumina walked ahead, and glanced down to Amanda.

"You should have taken a shot, coward" Lumina smirked, she kicked Amanda to the floor, the Guards picked Amanda up and dragged her toward the elevator. Lumina ascended to the throne, and sat down.

Victoria knelt at the foot of the stairs leading to the throne.

"How many I serve, your Radiance?" She asked.

"You shall be my envoy to Ishtall" Lumina smiled "tell them, there has been a change in the Empire, and the Luminescent Empire demands their surrender." Lumina grinned.

"What of my glamour?" Victoria asked.

"Keep it, it will serve to confuse them" Lumina smiled, Victoria nodded and left the throne room. Lumina stood and walked over to the balcony where she had spoken with Amanda mere minutes before. The city which had been in uproar for days had fallen silent, and the black and yellow banners of the Araneian Empire had now changed to white and blue. The new colours of the Luminescent Empire.

Roisin landed the airship in the ruins of Rivenlake. The team made their way outside.

"We'll camp here for the night, then head to the Alliance Base in the morning" Ashe said, pointing over to the ruined mall, Dex shivered, remembering the scar that he gained in that building.

Roisin also was recalling her memories of this town, she felt her stomach, where the scorpion's tail had impaled her, she still had the scar from the attack. Dex put his arm around Roisin as the walked across the road.

"Stop!" A voice called out from nearby.

Several troops closed in on the group, they were from Pyre, the leader took his helmet off, he was a Lacerman, another non-human species, he was akin to a lizard, with a large tail and forked tongue. The team all put their hands in the air.

"Who are you and where are you from?" The Lacerman asked.

"We're students from Wynd Academy" Dex motioned his raised hand toward the logo on the airship. The Lacerman pulled out a communications device and began talking to someone. Ariel looked around at the Pyre Troops, they had the firey emblem emblazoned on their shoulders, and were carrying spears on their backs, but spears with a gun barrel attached.

"Like our gunlances, ey?" A trooper smiled. Ariel nodded.

The Lacerman finished speaking on the radio. "So it appears you are on a legitimate mission, I'm sorry for assuming the worst" he apologized. Roisin looked surprised, she hadn't made any official plans before she took the airship.

"The name is Corporal Manners, we've been sent to guard the ruins of Rivenlake and retrieve various items of interest... and the remains of the dragon" Manners smiled.

"How come Pyre are out here? Forgive me for asking, but Pyre Academy is all the way across the ocean, it seems strange to see you have a presence all the way over here" Ashe asked.

"Yes, I thought the same when I got my orders, but, the Admiral was clear, he wants to strengthen ties with Ishtall." Manners replied. "I assume you are here to rest for the night, you can stop over at our base camp until morning if you like" Manners offered.

"I much prefer that to the original plan" Dex sighed in relief, Manners nodded and radioed for a car to come and pick up the team.

Roisin and the others climbed aboard the military car when it arrived and sat in the back, Roisin smiled as she began to drift off, staring at the moon in the skies above.

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