The Luna Legacy

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Dawn broke over the shining deserts of tiny shards of white. Atlas was fast asleep on a chair on his balcony, with his head resting on the railing.

Roisin stepped outside her cabin, and stretched while yawning. The camp was still pretty quiet as it was still only about 5am. Roisin looked up at her Uncle and smiled, she stepped back into her slightly cramped cabin for a moment and grabbed a spare bedsheet from a shelf nearby. Roisin headed back outside and up to Atlas' balcony, she draped the bedsheet over him and put a pillow between his head and the railing.

Despite Atlas shouting at her the night before, she knew that he wasn't really angry, just worried, she placed a light kiss on his forehead, then headed back downstairs. The sun began to light up the whole camp, Roisin headed back to the door of her cabin and sat down.

She pulled out her comm device, she had some old photos of herself, Atlas and Syl on the beach in North Ishtall. That day out was only around a year ago, but to Roisin it felt like a lifetime ago. Roisin sighed, she pulled her headphones out and put them in, she played her favourite band's album, 'Pressure Point' by 'Disceath Ice Dance'. It was a pop group, but Roisin had never been afraid to like something because it was popular.

Roisin slowly drifted off to sleep. Though her dreams were anything but restful. She began to dream.

In her dream, she woke up in a dark space, like where she had last seen Rory. This time though, she was completely alone, if not for being able to see her own arms and feet, she'd be in complete darkness.

"HELLO?!" Roisin shouted.

Someone was approaching, Roisin couldn't see them completely, it seemed to be a man, with grey or silver hair. Roisin took to a battle stance, she might not have her bow, and she might not be great at hand-to-hand combat, but it was better than nothing.

"Relax" The man said, as he came into focus. He did indeed have greying hair, and a scar across his face, he wore a long grey coat with specs of snow on the shoulders.

"Who are you? Is this a dream?" Roisin demanded answers from the man, who just smiled slightly.

"No, Roisin, I am communicating to you using a shard of the Mystic Crystal, I don't have much time, my name is Andre Spectra, I know you and I have your-" The man began speaking, but his voice became muffled, and his image began fading.

"You have my what?!" Roisin shouted, stamping her foot on the ground.

Andre's figure came back into focus. "Roisin, I need to say this, you are in grave danger if you leave Ishtall, remain where you are-" Andre faded and then disappeared, leaving Roisin stood in the pitch black darkness.

Roisin shot awake, the camp was now full of activity, Roisin had been asleep against something soft, she looked up and Atlas had been letting her sleep on his shoulder.

"Morning, sleepyhead" He smiled.

"I... uh... morning" Roisin smiled back.

"Look, I'm sorry about yesterday, I was out of line..." Atlas sighed.

Roisin smiled, then she recalled what she'd just been 'dreaming' about.

"Uncle Atlas, have you ever heard of anyone called 'Andre Spectra'?" Roisin asked.

Atlas' face turned to shock.

"Where did you hear that name?" Atlas asked, looking worried.

"He appeared in my dream, he said he had something of mine, and that I need to stay in Ishtall" Roisin explained.

"Hmm, Andre... Andre was the first Emperor of Aranei, over 150 years ago" Atlas tried to explain "He died 47 years ago... what did this man look like?" he asked.

"Hmm, he had a scar across his face, and grey hair, he also walked strangely, like not with a limp, but... weirdly" Roisin replied.

"Yeah, that sounds like him, and well, he lost his leg in a fight with a power hungry Praetor, so he had a wooden one in its place" Atlas sat back and thought. "But why would a long dead Emperor speak to you" He pondered.

"It really could all have been just a dream" Roisin shrugged, "Maybe I just saw his face in a text book?"

"Yeah, maybe it was... but still keep an eye out, just in case" Atlas smiled, he hugged his niece and stood up.

"Okay, I'm gonna go get breakfast, coming?" Atlas smiled, Roisin nodded and stood up. They both headed off to the canteen, talking about things between themselves.

"So, why did you come all the way here?" Atlas asked.

"Ariel was contacted in a similar way to how I was contacted, in the dream" Roisin began.

"I see, who by?" Atlas asked, scratching his back.

"By Rory..." Roisin sighed, Atlas' clenched his fist.

"Is she okay?" He asked.

"Well that's the thing, I... touched her while it happened and was dragged in there too" Roisin explained.

Atlas stopped and looked at Roisin with a raised eyebrow. "But how? That's just not possible, the mystic arts... they don't just let others barge into the connection between two people" Atlas reasoned.

"But I did... and not only that... I scarred Rory, I think, I had a blade... of so many colours, like a Celestial Weapon, but different" Roisin tried to explain what had happened, but the more she thought about it the more panicked she became.

"I dunno what happened... I'm scared, this power... I don't want it!" Roisin shouted, people nearby turned their heads for a moment, but then looked away.

Atlas looked up at the blue skies for a few moments, before turning his gaze back to Roisin.

"Ruby... she used to say similar things, growing up, she said people came to her in her dreams, and gave her a sword much like the one you just told me about" Atlas looked down and kicked at the sand.

"Mum... she was like me?" Roisin said, with a half smile on her face, Atlas looked up and smiled softly.

"She was, in so many ways. You remind me so much of her, especially when you get that determined look in your eye, and... if I'm honest, she was always the stronger one" Atlas hugged Roisin.

Atlas thought back for a moment. Suddenly, the base alarm went off.

"Enemies approaching!" A soldier on the steel walls around the camp shouted.

Atlas looked at Roisin, he drew his Celestial Weapon and jumped up onto the wall.

Roisin headed to a nearby ladder and followed Atlas up, she walked over to the wall and looked out over the desert to see a lone figure approaching.

Rory had found her.

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