Life's a Game

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Part 4

I walk out of the arena, exhausted, nearly collapsing to the ground as I entered inside the hallway. The guards had to carry me to my viewing room. It was still the morning, and now I get a good seat to watch the rest of the fights. There will be roughly three battles a day until every one of the Gifted has fought at least once. By the end of the week, there will be 8 of us left—half of what we started with.

Once I was guided to the comfy chair in my room. I took note of the dull walls and space around me. Everything about the magistrate is nothing but boring.

I sat there and noticed that I could hear nothing but the soft, muffled sounds of the people cheering. I had the idea that when I’m in stressful situations, my sense of hearing seems to disappear. It is strange, but it does. Not once did I hear anything after the word start, only my panting and my opponent’s soft breathing.

I wonder if the arena was soundproof. I only heard cheering once I confirmed Aura was dead. Before my mind could wander further, I saw two people enter the field. The crowd went wild and cheered. My large, one-way window gave me all the view I needed to know every aspect of the fight.

The battlefield was perfectly flat again, which was amazing to me. I did a number on that field.

It was two men this time, and I knew they had spiritual abilities. There were more of them, so the magistrate breaks up the fights of different ability groups, so it is more entertaining. The man almost looked the same, but the only difference was the clothes they were wearing and height. They both had dark hair and tan skin.

They stood on the starting line as I heard Elder Kakios speak. He introduced the pair as he did with me. “After our wonderful first fight with the elementals, we have here two fine young men with spiritual affinities. We have Menos, who is a skilled fighter who’s special ability is telekinesis, and the other is Sylo, who has the rare ability called Chakra Impediment.”

With those words, I froze. Alec was right; someone does have that affinity. They can block someone’s ability, and I won’t be able to tell the earth what to do, hand to hand combat is the only way to win.

This fight will last forever, or Menos is going to die quickly. Before I knew it, the Elder yelled ‘start,’ and the men ran at each other, full sprint. Menos try to use his telekinesis early, but it was no use. No matter what he did, nothing was working. I could see the frustration and anger on his face as Sylo ran closer, closing the gap.

Once they reached the middle, Sylo tackled his opponent to the ground and started to pummel him into nothing. He trained hard on hand to hand combat because that was all he had. Block the ability then swiftly kill them.

I watched as Menos never had a chance, losing the will to live with every hit. After a few more punches, Sylo lifted his opponent by his collar and turned him around until Menos’ back was to his chest. He was practically holding him up since Menos looked to be out for the count.

With one swift movement, Sylo snapped Menos’ neck, making his head do a 180-degree turn. The sickening crack heard for miles.

There was silence, then the roar of the crowd was heard. It was amazing what people considered entertainment. For me, this was archaic. Terrible and horrible.

Menos’ body landed with a thud, and Sylo walked out without looking back.

Fear crawled on my skin. I hoped I didn’t have to face him. I didn’t realize I was on my feet until the Elder announced the winner of the second game. I sat back down and relaxed for a moment as the whole arena was quickly cleaned up by a cleaning crew.

Snacks and water were brought to me by some servants as I continued to look out the window. There was nothing else exciting to see. I sat there thinking of strategies. If I were placed in the field with Sylo, it would be an interesting battle, but I was not sure if I would be able to win.

Before long, another couple joined the arena. One was a silver-haired woman, and the other was a dirty blonde man. I watched with bated breath. They were not elementals like me, and I needed to observe my enemies. I needed to figure out their weaknesses and what moves I could do to bring them down.

With Sylo, he would take my ability, and all I need to do was not end up on the floor with him on top because I might not make it after that.

Elder Kakios began his speech again. “Alright! Ladies and gentlemen! What a grand start the games. Two battles are done, and two steps closer to the final battle. Before you are a silver fox, with a dangerous attitude, who can shapeshift, whose name is Muta, her opponent is a fine-haired man, with the will power of a stubborn stallion, his ability is Conjuration. His name is Phanokles.”

It was terrific the abilities that some people possessed. Muta can shapeshift into anything, probably, which is impressive and terrifying. Of course, being able to conjure anything out of thin air is also scary. Both looked deadly standing there, glaring each other down.

“On my mark, we will begin the third battle of the day. Ready...... Set...... Start!” The elder yelled, and the couple was off. In midstride, Muta changed into a giant cat that I have never seen before. Its tan color coat complimented its brown eyes as muscles flexed with every step. A horrible growl escaped the cat’s mouth showing large deadly fangs.

Then Phanokles conjure up a shield and a sword ready to fight to the death with this cat.

He got a few good shots at the shapeshifter. Muta was bleeding, but it didn’t stop her. After the large cat didn’t get the job done, she changed again into a large dog. Her silver hair matched its fur, and she went after the man’s ankles. He beat her with his shield and tried to stab her with the sword, but she was too fast.

She stalked around him like prey, growling the whole time. She changed once again when she jumped into the air. Wings sprouted out of her arms, and she became a large bird with sharp talons and a wicked screech.

She flew up high before diving down, scratching Phanokles’ face, going straight for his eyes. He tried to block and swing his sword to hit her, but he missed. Blood poured down his face, into his eyes, taking away his sight. Before he could conjure something, the bird changed again, and the girl turned into a giant snake.

I jumped back into my chair and hugged my knees because I hate snakes. Muta was a beautiful albino snake but still gross. The snake landed on him, sending Phanokles to the ground. Muta quickly wrapped around him, squeezing the life out of him.

After some precious minutes and some groans later, the snake released Phanokles and changed back into herself. Her silver hair flew lightly in the wind. She was standing over him, breathing heavily.

A voice boomed across the arena announcing her victory. She eventually strode back the way she came. Her shoulders slumped, and she seemed sad. I wonder if I looked like that when I left the arena.

I put my feet back down on the floor, normally sitting once again. That was the last fight for the day. They are going to send me back to my room to rest tomorrow. For the winners today, tomorrow, we can rest. No practice, no fights, just sleep, which I will be looking forward to.

Unfortunately, after my day of rest, another day of fighting will commence. And it will continue to be like that till the end of the week.

At the end of today, the next round consists of me, Sylo the Chakra Impediment, and Muta the shapeshifter. We are all strong to make it this far, and I wonder what the others will be like.

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