Life's a Game

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Part 6

My rest day came and went too quickly. I wish it lasted forever, but sadly I am now being lead to my viewing room for the games. Alec and I strategized for hours, basically agreeing with what I thought the night before.

The guards that guided me are the same guards that have watched over me all my life. I don’t know their names, and we have never spoken. I have tried, but they never reply.

They sit me down in the comfy chair while a servant brings me some water and snacks. Let the fun begin.

I sat waiting for figures to appear from either side of the arena. Finally, another two men start walking to the starting lines. One wasn’t wearing a battle uniform, just a black shirt that hung loosely on him, his hair was black, long enough to cover his eyes, and his skin was white. His face was devoid of all emotion. No hatred, no glaring. He seems to be bored.

His opponent was standing on the start line, stretching his limbs. He seems cocky, which is deadly in this kind of work. Never underestimate your opponent. Maybe this moron thinks it will be a quick win for him. He has blonde hair and light eyes and dressed for battle like the rest of us. Strange how they were complete opposites. It was like light and dark were about to face each other in a battle of death.

“Welcome everyone to the second day of games. Today we have Lux, who is the light of the games. He’s ability is Electrokinesis. His opponent, who is the darkness of the games, Daimon and he calls his ability, Phobia. Where your nightmares come to life.”

Seeing these two intrigued me. Maybe the pairings are not that random. How can a person with dark abilities be pair with a person with light capabilities? Perhaps it was the luck of the draw, but so far, it seems suspicious.

The booming voice echoed again, drawing me from my thoughts. “We will begin on my mark. Ready... Set...... Start!”

Lux bolted towards his opponent at full speed, raising his hand as electricity dances around it. He means to strike Daimon down soon. Quick kill. He was careless in showing his power to early before striking. Just because Daimon was not wearing armor or battle gear doesn’t mean it is an easy win.

Daimon, on the other hand, only walks from the starting line. He took a few steps before stopping. One hand behind his back and the other one slowly raised in front of his face. I could just barely see a smirk form on his face. Lux was getting closer slowing down about to strike a bolt of lightning when I hear a snap like someone snapped their fingers.

I look at Daimon again as he lowers his hand. I watch in horror as his opponent slowly loses his mind.

With just a snap of his fingers, Daimon took his opponent down, without much of a fight. Lux clamored to his knees, clawing at his face, screaming bloody murder. All the lightening he had in his hand disappeared as the man crumbled in front of everyone.

“Get them off me! Get them off me!” Lux cried repeatedly. It seemed to go on forever, but all I could see was Daimons expression. It was wicked and sinister. As a creepy, small smile plagued his lips, he tilted his head to the side. He was enjoying it.

My heart sank. Such evil should not exist with the Gifted. Sure we kill each other, but we understood that we didn’t want to do it, but Daimon seemed to love torturing his victims.

Lux began to peel his face off, still screaming. He was curled in the fetal position, shaking as strips of skin was left in his hand. Then silence. Lux laid in a pile of blood and flesh, face gone entirely. Daimon walked towards him to confirm his kill. Then turned and walked out of the arena.

Surprisingly there were no cheers for Daimon’s victory. Stunned silence might be the best way to describe the stillness.

Soon there were claps then loud cheers from the crowd. The elders announced who won and then moved on. Not even giving Lux a minute of silence for the way he died. It was graphic, horrific, and wicked.

My eyes never left Daimon. The man held my stare longer than anyone that entered the arena. I wanted to know why he enjoyed this. I thought it was a common knowledge that the Gifted didn’t want to kill each other, but here I am proven wrong. There was something about him that I couldn’t put my finger on. I felt like I should know him that we knew each other, but that couldn’t be. I have never met anyone else, especially someone for the games.

Before Daimon left the arena, he stopped and slowly turned his head to look behind him. He wasn’t looking at Lux’s body. No, his line of sight was more to the left. I stared at him to finally realize he was looking at me.

I gasped as we made eye contact. His brow furrowed and he shook his head before he turned to leave. I was shocked. His eyes.....

His eyes were... Different. They were pitch, black and beautiful. Those eyes were burning their image into the back of my eyelids, and every time I closed them its all I saw.

How strange.

I shook my head, trying to concentrate on the next fight, but I couldn’t. I kept thinking about Daimon. Why? What makes him so unique?

It must be part of his powers, but the arena is warded against abilities. I wouldn’t be able to crumble the stands like I wanted to because it’s protected. While thinking, I watched as he left the arena, much to my disappointment.

The rest of the fights today went in a blur. I mostly pay attention until the battle was over. The other two winners whose names I barely remember were Galene and Metis. Luckily, Galene could control water, and watching her go against someone that could conjure fire was interesting. At least the parts I paid attention too. She will be a fun fight in the future.

She was tall, lean with caramel-colored skin and dark black hair. She was graceful in her movement, even with her long limbs. The way the water bent to her will was incredible. Reminded me of the way I controlled the earth around me. She used it as a whip then made her opponent drown by encasing only their head in a bubble of water. She confirmed the kill before briskly walking out of the arena. She never looked back at him

Then Metis was another one with a spiritual ability. He could read minds and knew what the next move would be. It was an easy win for them. Seeing him block a move a split second before the opponent was fascinating. To defeat him, I would have to rely only on my instincts, no thinking, just actions. Metis will only hear crickets. I would need to meditate before each game now before going the arena if I were to fight him next round. He was a dirty blond fellow, and very handsome. He was on the shorter side; at least it looked like it compared to the opponent that towered over him.

After the games, the Gifted were excused from our lonely, boring watching rooms to relax in our bedrooms. I was hoping not to get another visit from the elders again. That would be most unfortunate.

Once there is see my trainer and mentor sitting on my bed deep in thought. He was alone with no elders this time. “Hello, Alec. What are you doing here?” I said, a little confused.

On battle days, the Gifted got to rest with no one coming to see us, so Alec being here made me worry. The elders do not take kindly to those that break the rules.

“I can’t stay long, or they will suspect something, but I don’t want you to wear that necklace and to watch your back. The elders are acting strange. They have never done this before, but they are giving privileges or advantages to the other winners except you. I want you to trust nothing they give you. Trust no one, not even me. We will meet tomorrow to discuss strategies against the new winners. Goodbye, Gaia.” With that, Alec stormed off without much of a second glance back at me.

He made me worry that the Elders were trying to get me killed in the games instead of having a fair fight. If that is how they want to play it, then so be it.

Tomorrow I will train harder than before. This new information and the immense possibilities frightened me. Tonight I will sleep early just to wake up earlier to stretch and do a small workout.

I will win, and I will bring them down to their knees.

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